F -20 Zhuhai airshow debut 1 minutes to show superb ability to maneuver performance-running man 20130908

F -20 Zhuhai airshow 1 minutes high mobility show performance of the original title: F -20 -20 a new generation of large eye-catching stealth fighter f -20 debut. A new generation of stealth fighter -20 debut. The audience is watching the show. China military aviation into the 20 era of high-end equipment shock debut Zhuhai airshow astronauts through the big screen for the audience to send blessings from Tiangong two, with a roar, two fighters -20 roared across the sky. In November 1st, the eleventh session of the Chinese Aerospace Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhuhai airshow") in the long-awaited officially kicked off. Military enterprises ready to debut, Almighty missile, anti stealth radar "handsome"…… Many international fans in new equipment called "airshow star" officially unveiled. In the exhibition area of about 400000 square meters, more than 700 exhibitors worldwide, not only an unprecedented scale, more colorful. Shocking debut one minute annihilates -20 annihilates -20 stealth fighter roaring conceal ground audience thunderous applause, -20 large transport to unbelievable light and nimble hover sword -20 cruise missile ready in detonation -6K iron under the wing…… By November 1st, a new generation of aviation weapon equipment China developed in China airshow detonated a another hot spot. The audience exclaimed: "Chinese military aviation into the" 20 "era!" The air force pilots driving a new generation of stealth fighter – F -20 aircraft airshow debut. 2 fighters -20 aircraft to arrive punctually at 10:22 exhibition over the single low pass, to turn up. Although the entire flight showed only 1 minutes, but has detonated the audience as thunder cheers. F -20 "odd" shape with its superb mobility to complement each other, but on the other side, -20 is a huge body of light and nimble in the air makes it seem unbelievable. On the show, -20 became the largest public appearance, when the hot. And it is this air show, in July officially installed the air force after the first public demonstration of flight. Large slope turn turn, low speed low pass…… The 200 ton -20 dancing lightly in the air, free and easy. "With such a small speed to do such a large maneuver, demonstrating the good performance of the aircraft." -20 chief designer Tang Changhong evaluation. "The superior performance of the low altitude, great significance for airdrop." Air Force Command College Professor Wang Mingliang said, can not only ensure that the exact location of the launch, but also to make people scattered material concentration area is conducive to rapid aggregation, the formation of combat capability." The air was wonderful, the ground shook. At the show the static display area, multiple wings of East China Sea and South China Sea and the Western Pacific Air Force bombers -6K aircraft such as deep stops Yue Zhi, in its wings, quietly placed huge volume sword -20 cruise missile. In September this year, the air force aircraft flew to China West Pacific to carry out offshore training, from the publication of the photos clearly visible, boom -6K wing mounted, it is the sword -20 training bomb. Two相关的主题文章: