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Exposure to Hong Kong has contact with Scolari did not make it clear that Scolari (Figure) from the beginning of August, Italy media will continue to burst into the Chinese will return to China, and even some people say it is a return to rival. Scolari apparently also heard these rumors that he was in the super game conference, the face with displeasure to respond to the return of Lippi. Rumors are that Lippi, have said that he will return to the constant, so if the fox really back to the constant, Scolari went to where? According to reliable sources, the port in more than a month ago to contact Scolari, looking for him to coach the possibility of Hong kong. Erickson had just led the port in AFC Champions League 0-5 defeat to the north, they missed the semi-finals, in the league is currently ranked only in fourth, distance third Shenhua 2 points, if you can’t get over the third, Hong Kong will miss the next season AFC Champions League League, for such a large investment in them, this is a heavy blow. Swede Erickson and Hong Kong’s contract expires this year, but it is reported that he signed the 2+1 contract, the provisions of the contract if AFC Champions League into the 8 strong automatic renewal for a year, so this before Erickson has been on the Hong Kong and renewal message. But whether it is superior or AFC Champions League stadium, Hong Kong for the Swedish people are not satisfied, especially a 0-5 defeat to Erickson on pins and needles, so even if has started the automatic renewal provisions still exist, but a large class may. Hong Kong is a state-owned enterprise, stability is the first choice of the club, so whether it is the introduction of foreign aid or foreign teachers, they all adhere to the "doctrine", has been proved in the Super League and AFC Champions League on players and coaches, they are more popular. Scolari and the Hengda contract is expired at the end of the season, so far the two sides have not signed, basically can determine, regardless of whether Lippi back Evergrande, but the Brazilian is sure to leave. In fact, Scolari Hengda performance is not bad, the first year to get AFC Champions League champion and Super League champions, but were injured in the case of Hengda half the team coach, halfway complete, enough to see the Scolari ability is very good, after all, is the World Cup winning coach. From the perspective of taking the doctrine, Scolari is undoubtedly the most suitable for Hong kong. From the people around Scolari learned that the port is indeed exposed to Scolari, to seek the possibility of his teaching on Hong kong. Brazilians did not promise, did not refuse, after all, the league is still in progress, and he and Hengda also about the body. Judging from the current situation, the possibility of Scolari to Hong Kong gradually increased. Scolari left Hengda almost a foregone conclusion, the Hong Kong team in El Eriksson and Hulk are Brazilians love, but the Hulk is Scolari had let Hengda introduced unsuccessful players, it’s all for Scolari to Shanghai increased the possibility of. Scolari has more than once said he was very happy in Chinese, he is willing to continue coaching in Chinese, since Hengda does not keep people, while Hong Kong investment and Hengda is not in, but also can give the treatment must be better, so he chose to Hong Kong is a normal thing. Scolari and Hengda biggest differences, in fact, the results of the second, as long as he was able to finally get a double crown, from the results to see foot.相关的主题文章: