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Over 20 million euros a year Chinese exposure team hit Benzema Euro 60 million worth of foreign media. Sina sports news Beijing on November 15th news, according to Spanish media reports, "Sport" is now playing for Real Madrid’s French star Benzema recently received a China Club bid, the China Club offers more than 20 million euros the annual salary of Benzema, this is the top of world football annual salary. However, Benzema is likely to contract with real madrid. Benzema’s pursuit of the name of the Chinese club is not exposed. Mentioned in the relevant reports, Benzema may be completed with Real Madrid to renew the contract, the French star wants to be like Baer, C Ronaldo, with Real Madrid to complete the contract. Benzema’s current contract with Real Madrid to 2019. Although Benzema’s health problems, but Florentino Peres and Benzema to complete the contract. A few weeks ago, Benzema received an offer from China, the Chinese club for Benzema out of more than 20 million euros annual salary. Real Madrid want Benzema to remain calm, although a deal may not be completed before the end of the season. Recently, a number of players in Barcelona, Real Madrid and other European giants of the world cup and the Chinese club came out of the scandal. Barcelona and Mascherano Turan rejected the super team offer, Real Madrid midfielder Modric also rejected the China club provided 20 million euros salary offer, and now, a Real Madrid star received a Chinese offer, that is Benzema. In the recent British media Daily Mail announced the world’s annual ranking of football players TOP10, there are 3 players from the super league. In the world’s top 14 players in the annual salary, there are now more than 5 players in the Super League play. The Chinese club can open the world’s top salaries for foreign aid, but want to Barcelona, Real Madrid, such as the European giants difficult to dig big players. Benzema is 28 years old, 1.87 meters tall, a midfielder or winger this season, Real Madrid played 13 times and scored 5 goals and two assists. As the French international, Benzema has played for the French national team scored 27 goals in 81. Currently, the German football data online media transfer market to mark the assessment of Benzema worth 60 million euros. (Li Zhe)相关的主题文章: