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Explore China’s secret nuclear base on the map of the 404 cities can not find the exact location – Sohu military channel data figure: leading to the traffic police in Huashan, five". The birth of the 404 is closely related to the development of China’s nuclear industry, so its existence has long been strictly confidential. In the mysterious 404, built the first military nuclear reactor in China, but also the atomic bomb. 1996, the government of People’s Republic of China solemnly declared: suspended from the year of July 30th nuclear test. This code 404, almost completely closed semi militarization of the small town, only to maintain a high degree of order, as if the solidification time, Faded Glory after the silence. But until today, still can not find the exact location of the public release of the map. Like a link that is not found on the network, "404, ERROR, I’m sorry, the page you visit does not exist". The station is in the city environment has always the most chaotic place, but in 404, here is clean and orderly, or people sitting on the bench, or standing in the door of the shop, a bronze statue, and as the monitoring probe, still at the mobile objects may exist in their field of vision in the body, until it disappears, then look for the target of the next". You Zhirong is in the nose stand of last century popular gold rimmed glasses. Especially the master is the local old driver, 46 years old, second generations of nuclear city residents, Shumenshulu traveling in 404 places. In the street from main roads, clay brick and the construction of the low house was synthesized through a picture of the sand; lying on the ground, a peacock photographs, wipe the dust on it, is a picture of the little boy and the peacock. "There are more of these houses in rows". In particular, the direction of the master finger is about 60 km away from the depths of the Huashan in the first 404 of the living area of five. According to public information, the autumn of 1965, due to the need to state the cause of uranium geology strategy, a just Northwest Bureau of geological prospecting nuclear industrial countries the first atomic bomb explosion success made illustrious military exploits of the 224 Brigade (formerly 182 team), the secret from the northwest border of the motherland Xinjiang moved to Gansu Willow Park and Shaanxi Danfeng mountain work with families and children scattered in the 40 Quad base — five Huashan area heavily-guarded. These buildings were built in the last century, 60, 70s, when the country’s economic backwardness, the unit in order to improve the lives of workers, but also engaged in a large farm, planting food, production self-help. "In the five Huashan life is poor, but the memory of that day is the happiest in life." Residents who have lived here on the Internet to leave such a text. However, the situation will soon change. Because of more than 50 kilometers away from the location of at least the original life of nuclear production base, a lot of inconvenience, just from all over the country builders rooted in this wasteland farming and built their homes on the occasion, almost overnight, all the troops received orders of superiors, moved to the low barracks, left alone a short-lived ghost town. "There are a lot of tombstone that tombstone, the workers can not bring back after the death of their hometown, buried there". You teacher.相关的主题文章: