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[three] Wuzhen Internet Conference of experts on the significance of the China – Beijing Third World Internet Conference will be held in Wuzhen in November 16, 2016 to 18, the theme of the conference is "innovation driven, the benefit of mankind — to build a community of destiny in cyberspace". Guests attending the summit, foreign guests accounted for about half, from five continents around the world in more than and 120 countries and regions, including 8 foreign leaders, nearly 50 foreign ministers. For China, the host, the convening of the Wuzhen conference has three major significance: first, is conducive to China’s Internet companies to go abroad. According to the "new fortune" reported that as of the end of 2015, China’s economy has entered a new normal. In this process, science and technology, lifestyle and consumer attitudes change the impact on consumer trends, and thus the birth of new industries, new formats, new business model to release a huge vitality. The new wealth in 2009 is "the most potential business model, there are 4 Internet companies to 10 companies selected, and Internet companies in the last three years accounted for more than 90%. Overall, 8 years to get the most potential business model, the title of the enterprise, accounting for up to 65% of the Internet industry, which undoubtedly represents a certain direction of development. Driven by the Internet technology, in 2015 the national online retail sales 38773 yuan, an increase of 33.3% over the previous year. Among them, the physical goods online retail sales of 32424 yuan, an increase of 31.6%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods amounted to 10.8%. One of the most prominent example, Alibaba since 2009, organized by the double 11 Shopping Festival, turnover showed explosive growth. In the world economy over the past 15 years and China economy transforms to surge high and sweep forward, Ali, Baidu, millet, Tencent, Jingdong as the representative of the China Internet companies become a chapter of A new force suddenly rises., the most vivid, the most prominent, fully enjoy the China as the largest Internet market and the biggest mobile Internet market dividend. Secondly, China is conducive to the field of the Internet has its own right to speak. In the field of Internet, and the United States Chinese formed hutch hegemony pattern. This power contrast, not only in China’s access to the Internet 20 years ago can not be foreseen in the new millennium before the advent of the Internet bubble is equally unimaginable. Horizontal comparison, and the first step in the sea of other industries compared to Chinese enterprises, China’s Internet companies seem to have a good sense of the landscape here, the market has become the most watched wave of new money". They are filled with the acceleration of the rampage in the Internet world, it took the "old money" all glory, momentary limelight without the two. Here the "new" represents not only the new industry trends, new business models, but also the new economic structure. However, as a rising third world country, China’s right to speak in the field of the Internet is not enough, with its own strength and status disproportionate. The convening of the Internet Conference is conducive to their own voice in the field, to express their wishes. This is also a manifestation of soft power. Finally, prompting)相关的主题文章: