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Domestic and foreign experts consensus: network security has risen to the national level – Beijing, Wu Jianping Shen Xiangyang Ding Lieyun, Li Jiancheng Aidehuahan Chaikefusiji yangchai?? Humphreys Bruce Watson? Lemmy? This situation? Engfer lime > > > > > > situation; the network space cannot do well, say security is the empty talk of China Engineering Institute of Tsinghua University professor Wu Jianping: the Internet is the fifth Internet territory after land sea and air space is becoming the network space, it is after land, sea and air space of human fifth territory. If you can not put the network space to speak, security is empty talk. Many countries have a series of actions on the security of Cyberspace Security, such as the United States has a network security education program. Our country also has some foundation in Cyberspace Security, but there are also some problems, before 2013, the relevant professional 96 universities involved in information security across the country, the overall situation is the lack of talents of high level talents, the most urgent. In this situation, the state of the establishment of a class of subjects were repeatedly demonstrated, in 2015, June formally approved the establishment of a network of space security disciplines. We have studied the theoretical system, the disciplinary system, and the core curriculum, as well as the relationship with the corresponding disciplines, which are closely related to the computer, communications, mathematics, control, software engineering. Strengthen the research of space technology and the core technology is the key to solve the network security problem, if we can get network space to speak, security is empty talk. In addition, the security of the online space competition is a high-level competition, we can have a lot of hackers, but the need for high-level personnel to study the system. We are moving forward to the next generation of Internet, also facing new security issues, we should seize this opportunity to make our country in cyberspace and network security go further. (reporter Jia Xuemei) Microsoft’s executive vice president Shen Xiangyang: towards the fourth industrial revolution to technology and security can be trusted now every second there are more than 6 kinds of new malware, companies spend to prevent network attacks in the past year increase of 20%. Trusted technology and security are the basis of our fourth industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution, which is being ushered in, is mainly about the development of the three kind of technology. The first type of technology is the development of the material field, including new materials, automatic driving cars, robots, 3D printing, etc.. The second type of technology continues to advance in the field of biology. The third type of technology is the development of the digital field, including the Internet of things, the digital economy and the new business model, etc.. With the increasing use of information technology in business, government and society as a whole, the number of cyber attacks will continue to increase. Over the years, we will be the network, network infrastructure and grid as in life, I think today through the network safety awareness week opportunity to tell you that the Internet has become the new infrastructure in our life, they.相关的主题文章: