Evolution Of R4 Revolution-onavo protect

Hardware With the evolution of R4 Revolution, you can play all existing games for the console without facing any problem. This happens because the R4 Team supports upgrading the firmware frequently. This classic device can expand its storage capacity to operate the R4 is necessary to place a Micro SD memory (the same can be up to 2 GB capacity) which gives us the liberty to put large amounts of content. With the R4 Revolution you can enjoy Nintendo DS games, see all kinds of videos (previously must turn them into .dpg format), listen to MP3s, read text files, view pictures and images, connect to the Internet, and chat via MSN. One advantage of it is that R4 firmware supports the Action Replay feature of the DS games. Homebrew applications like DSLinux, End of the Shadows, are welll supported by R4 ds and R4 dsi. Most of the games work very good with the R4 platform. Some of them may be not performing well with the non-responsive Download Play which is a consistent problem. But, overall speaking, more than 90% of the R4 games work perfectly with the platform. Actually the original R4 DS is very cheap and .es at around $20. The price fluctuates according to the brand (original or low-quality) and formation of the R4 card. The secret of being so cheap in price lies in the cheap storage media. Though cheap, the storage media used in R4-.patible microSD card is extremely dependable and of good quality. The R4 card .es with a nice pack of extras and a useful software CD and so price is reasonable. The software CD contains some very useful products for use with the R4 ds card. The most useful products available in the software CD are the ones through which you can convert the games and check the updates. The game converter is able to convert almost all leading save game formats for solving the game .patibility issue to an satisfying exten. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: