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Business How did kids keep themselves entertained before the XBOX and Wii came along? What did they do before TV and computers? They were probably encouraged to use their imaginations, which is an important part of a child’s cognitive development. Studies show that children who have imaginary friends are more likely to be more creative and better able to solve problems. Instead of critisizing them for it, encourage it. As it turns out, the things that you are able to do for free with your children are also some of the best for them, like engaging them in creativity. A box of crayons, some paper, and a little coaching from you will go a long way. Don’t judge so quickly. Children and adults both need to come up with as many ideas as they can in order to find a really great idea. You might be surprised what kids will come up with if you just give them a few art supplies. Common household items and things pulled out of the closet can turn into anything your child can dream up in their imagination. Let them create their own stories around the charaters and listen to what they have to say. This helps to strengthen their communication skills. Fostering imagination is important because children need to learn how to solve their own problems instead of having mom or dad always solve them for them. They need to strengthen those problem solving skills, which will serve them well their whole lives. By letting children solve their own problems, they are less likely to grow up to have to depend on others. They will be able to solve their own problems. They are less likely to become passive and let others dictate to them. They are better able to think through different scenarios and outcomes. If you want to help your children improve their reading skills you can read out loud to them. This will help them in the future. It can be entertaining and educational. It also helps children improve their vocabulary by learning new words and listening to them in the correct context. In addition to reading to them, encourage them to read aloud and also to make up their own stories. To prepare for life in the real world, children should practice in the imaginary one to better help them cope. Putting them into "what if" situations gives them the tools they will need when they go into the real world and are faced with real world problems to solve. Copyright (c) 2011 Julie Austin About the Author: Julie Austin breaks the rules every day as an inventor and entrepreneur. Her product, swiggies, wrist water bottles, were a NASDAQ product of the year semi finalist and are sold around the world. She’s a "go to" media expert on creativity and innovation. ..createforcash.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: