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"Embarrassed" more readily Wang Dazhi crowned "dead man of God" Sina entertainment news November 22nd, China Film Co production "more embarrassed" premiere was held in Beijing. Film director Guo Xiang, starring Joe Ma [micro-blog],, [micro-blog], HKT combination, the first beauty of Vietnam, such as the presence of the premiere. The event, Wang Dazhi generous response to the user’s title, 360°, all dead man God, said, as a good actor acting like, thank you for giving me more names." "The more embarrassed" tells the story of 40 year old bachelor Joe Ma played in the pursuit of a dream lover, please Wang Dazhi plays the independent entrepreneurs are on the verge of bankruptcy of the matchmaker Zhao Xiaoyang, with a half "female man white mice to Vietnam Vietnam pursuit of big star Nguyen Fang’s story. Screenwriter Zhu Weijia summed up the whole story with four words, is "more embarrassed more love". The event, Joe Ma and drama in the Qing Mei is also the goddess show a "love", from time to time ear whisper, eye, when asked about the ideal type of Qing Mei, she is no doubt chose to play lover Joe Ma, this "dog food" with Wang Dazhi could not even go on, even myself to step down. This play matchmaker Wang Dazhi in the play that he in reality did not give others the object, no one to introduce object. For the friends gave him the nickname "360° dead man of God", he is generous to accept "itself is the entertainment era, I feel particularly good, good acting as an actor is good, thank you to give me more." The film combines Vietnamese scenery, delicacy, folk and other elements, also invited popular social network in the Chinese "Vietnam blow combination HKT. Had to cool hair to suck the eye to kill Matt combination of a change in the image of the past, fresh Korean fan children appeared, which they said "after so many years, we grow up." It is reported that the film is "embarrassed" will be released in November 25th. (Beijing masabumi Intern Shi Enwen) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: