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Business WordPress website design is garnering a lot of attention and with good reason; the web platform is fast turning into the CMS of choice for most online establishments across the country. It offers one of the most powerful options for online marketing and can help you to significantly accentuate the flow of visitors to your site. Gone are the days when a WordPress site were bland and straight forward, today WordPress website design has taken on an innovative and catchy form that appeals to net goers from all walks of life. If you are interested in creating an impressive site through the use of this platform; here are some tips that will help you to design a site that will keep your visitors .ing back for more. Maintain consistency in the side bar while customising it to suit your requirements When using WordPress website design features to create a site from scratch, particular attention needs to be paid to the sidebar which often acts as the dead giveaway for the user. You will have access to several default options such as Archives, Blogroll, Categories etc and you can easily customise the appearance of the sidebar by changing the text as well as the sections that are displayed. Simply use the sidebar.php file to make the necessary changes. If you find dealing with PHP code particularly cumbersome the sheer simplicity of WordPress .es to your rescue here as you will only need the most rudimentary programming knowledge to make the desired changes. Alternatively, you could also duplicate certain sections of the sidebar to maintain consistency throughout the website. Go for cleaner URLs with a plugin called Decategorizer If you are using WordPress website design to create a blog, using cleaner permalinks will certainly be more suitable than settling for URL structures that are querystring driven. Fortunately, for most bloggers this can easily be ac.plished by enabling custom URLs through the WP dashboard. However, to remove the word category from the links, you will need to use the Decategorizer; this tool will strip the unrequired word lending a professional touch to your blog. Disabling .ments Unless you intend to exclusively use the site as a blog, you may want to consider disabling the .ments feature. While user generated reviews work very well in the world of blogging, they may fail to yield the same results when used on a business site. As a matter of fact, the feature may open the door for so unsavoury .ments from disgruntled customers Customise your blog by discarding the tag clouds While almost every other WordPress blog in the cyber world is using this feature of the CMS, if you are going for an exclusive look that will make your site stand out, you may want to discard the use of tag clouds. This is also the natural choice when using WordPress exclusively as a CMS for page creation. However, before using this customisation options, it is imperative to understand that tags are internal keywords that not only provide better interrelationship between pages and posts but also play a vital role in search engine categorisation of a web page. So, it would be safe to suggest that tags certainly offer SEO benefits which cannot be ignored. Go for something exclusive as far as the display of the title bar is concerned: Although there is nothing aesthetically unappealing about the default display of the title bar content, using a unique look will lend a more exclusive feel to the site. WordPress has a function called wp_title which can be used to control the display of the title content. This function can also be used to alter the text in the title bar; a feature that is highly relevant when you need to use more keyword rich text instead of the default display of the blog name Get rid of the term blog used in reference to your site While this does not strictly qualify as a WordPress website design tip, it is a potent piece of marketing advice. The word blog hardly has any place on a site that is used for serious content offerings or even business. Even if your site is a blog, it is vital to understand the connotation linked to the word which usually point to a small personal site maintained for offering personal views and thoughts. If you have ambitious plans for your site to turn it into a money churning online business venture or even a thriving online .munity get rid of the word blog. Using a plugin called Nice Search will enhance the customised look of your site Although Nice Search is a fairly simple and basic plugin, it can do wonders for the appearance of your site, making the design appear tailor made. The plugin offers the feel of a customised search engine installed on your site as opposed to the default WordPress search engine. The workings of the plugin are very simple; it merely redirects the searches to a more aesthetically pleasing url. There is no reason why you ought to conform to the popular standards of WordPress website design; as a matter of cat this will steal from the exclusive feel of your website. So, do not shy away from using innovative approaches after all you do have a very powerful tool in your hands and it would be almost blasphemous to merely use it to create copycat sites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: