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Early pregnancy fetal extremely vulnerable to the effects of radiation, you have anti – Sohu health when a new life starts, any mother would like to take care of their babies, early pregnancy radiation is most mothers will pay special attention to issues such as how to choose radiation-proof clothes, how to avoid the radiation source etc.. Experts point out that to avoid radiation damage methods do not have to completely avoid the radiation source, and sometimes moderate changes in the Internet environment can effectively avoid radiation. In the early stages of pregnancy, the mother of the uterus and the skin barrier outside the mother’s body. So in general, when the fetus is formed, as long as the pregnant woman is not in the radiation environment for a long time, or a short time by high-intensity radiation exposure, the impact of radiation on the fetus will not be too large. However, only two to three weeks of the fetus, only a few cells of the embryo, the damage or death of any cell may cause fetal death or deformity. Therefore, in the first two months of pregnancy, the fetus are extremely vulnerable to radiation, pregnant women should pay special attention to! If you do not pay attention to this time, the fetus was affected by radiation, even if the fetus was not found abnormal, but the possibility of cancer in the future than others. The Internet anti radiation methods of 1 early pregnancy, the conditions can be attached to a safety net or protective screen on the screen of the computer, in order to further absorb the X-ray may leak, eliminate electrostatic radiation and most of the 100%. 2 Internet room should be well ventilated to keep the air fresh. This point is particularly important for the sharing and copier room, because in addition to the computer radiation, some ozone and other harmful gases and dust will be produced in this environment, if pregnant women work long time in this environment will affect the health, so try to avoid that best apply temporarily out of position. 3 engaged in IT and network and perennial sit pregnant mother, but also the need to strengthen the outdoor activities, pay attention to exercise, enhance physical fitness, to prevent the invasion of radiation and other harmful substances. 4 choose a suitable radiation protection clothing for pregnant women. Pregnant women in the purchase of radiation suits, to be more than three, the brand is not important, the fabric is more important. Not blindly believe that the more expensive the anti radiation effect is better, but also consider the clothing comfort, if only at the most expensive to buy regardless of whether pregnant women wearing comfortable, not only makes women inconvenient, even for pregnant women and children bring adverse effects. Source: Zhejiang provincial health and family planning center相关的主题文章: