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Dry lands bestie quite Han people to the resignation of President Park Geun hye – Sohu news with South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies "intervention" events continue to ferment, South Korean media reported on 27, at the centre of public opinion in Germany and Cui Shunshi appeared for the first time position response. That had been modified park during the presidential election speech, on the park after taking office received over Chong Wa Dae, but she did not know that this is a state secret. South Korean media generally believe that Cui Shunshi’s position and Pu Jinhui’s apology did not dispel the so-called South Korea has two presidents questioned. According to reports, recently, Pu Jinhui due to the deep corruption and "political cronies" and a series of political scandals, Yonhap news agency quoted a poll of 26 published reports, the support rate is only 17.5%, below 20% for the first time. Local time on October 27th in Seoul, South Korea, people wearing masks and Cui Shunshi Park Geun hye held protests, and asked the park to step down. Part of the Korean people held protest demonstrations 27. Korean media reported that the 26 day, South Korea also had more than and 60 civic groups held a joint press conference before the Gwanghwamun, condemned the "no country park operation qualification administration", and asked her to step down immediately. Korean media exposure of 24 non public 60 year old woman Cui Shunshi helped the amazing insider to modify the presidential speeches, contact with a large number of state secrets, park Geun hye 25 admitted some of the facts and apologize to the Korean people. However, South Korean opposition demands investigation into the incident, Pu Jinhui’s new national party held 26 emergency Congress, also unanimously supported a survey. Pu Jinhui "Cui Shunshi door" to the Korean people. Cui Shunshi: Yes, but I do not know the state secrets according to the "Beijing morning news" quoted the 27 Korea "world daily" reported that Cui Shunshi in western Germany Hesse accepted the media interview. She not only admitted to modify the park Geun hye speech also admitted Pu Jinhui was elected president for a period of time after receiving too sent the data of Chong Wa Dae. Cui Shunshi’s statement that the previous South Korean JTBC television reported. This television reporter found in Cui Shunshi’s office a discarded computer, there is no official position of the Cui Shunshi received 44 copies of Park Geun hye speech, have endorsed the traces on the electronic document, therefore suspect Cui Shunshi had reviewed and revised the speech. Cui Shunshi (data plan) source: Yonhap in addition, South Korean media broke the news that Cui Shunshi sent to the presidential palace to receive regular reports, Chong Wa Dae will even ask her advice on government key position. Cui Shunshi told the world news reporter, during the 2012 presidential election, she in order to help Pu Jinhui on some policy issues to better convey emotions and modify the speech. As for the so-called "Chong Wa Dae review report", Cui Shunshi admitted that he had received the report by email, but to report every day will pass to her and use the tablet computer in advance review report report denied that he is an ordinary citizen does not know that these reports are state secrets. She said that they do not have a tablet computer, will not use. She also said that due to.相关的主题文章: