Doraemon hot bath lift Shizuka swimwear.

"Doraemon" hot bath lift Shizuka wear swimsuit to wear swimwear Shizuka Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese animation "Doraemon" to accompany you in my childhood, the male protagonist is often weak character "King", gian small Fu et al in bullying, fortunately Doraemon props help, always change danger into safety. In addition, the heroine Shizuka often caught by male shower screen, has always been known for, but the latest broadcast animation, Shizuka were unusually wearing a bathing suit a bath, let the audience mad batch is simply overkill! In the "Doraemon" love Shizuka in bath, and often caught by male scenes, it is classic comic plot, however, in view of the Japanese society more and more attention to "child pornography" (child pornography object), television animation group worried the bath picture may cause a paedophile crime. So for the first time using the original nude pictures, and in the latest episode of the anime aired, so she wore a swimsuit bath, causing a large number of audience dissatisfaction. It is understood that the implementation of Japan’s past "the prohibition against child prostitution and pornography law", Shizuka bathing naked picture, had caused a lot of controversy, in order to avoid controversy, television animation group decided to follow the law, have been wearing a swimsuit shower screen, but the public outcry was detonated, NUPI make a fuss, perverse! ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: