Donkey water did not reflect the first hot drama rich good IP but do not rush to realize –

"The magic water" did not reflect the first heat of   IP is rich in drama but don’t rush to cash – the media – original title: Drama in IP, but don’t rush to cash "water" donkey, actress Zhang Yiman suffered enough audience tears, a man who plays Ren Suxi popularity explosion shed. "Sherlock trouble" become a dark horse at the box office. "Bad angel" bad reputation. The drama "donkey water" popular movie or drama will show. The classic drama "Nanhai thirteen" following the "Sherlock Lang worry", happy twist will high reputation drama "donkey water" onto the screen, and use the original drama, set file in October 28th the film fans are looking forward to. At present, the donkey was water, the crew visited a number of cities to carry out road show activities, the film at the point of the map reflects the harvest of good reputation. Drama is also a good IP, but not all of the drama into the film can be a commercial success. During the Wuzhen Drama Festival, well-known writer, critic Shi Hang said in an interview with this reporter: take good play this chair, do not rush to cash. The movie "donkey water" did not reflect the first heat, according to the "zero poor" drama adaptation of the film "donkey" is water fun twist second big screen work, completely different from the first "Sherlock worry", this movie takes place in a rural school in the Republic of China, because of severe water shortages have to a head of water donkey as a false teacher does not exist "Lv Deshui", in the face of the Ombudsman to check that everything is wrong…… The movie "the donkey" water free adaptation of Zhou Shen and Liu Lu joint creation of the drama "donkey" water, this "sour, absurd humor in reality" drama, once known as the "zero poor oratorio". In 2009, Zhou Shen heard a funny thing after combining around people and things of creation, creation is like a movie original story, but has not yet started being beat to shoot micro film, "my idea is to put their own works up, so good to go to court, but the film preparation slowly, first made drama, did not expect the drama on fire." In May 2012, the drama "donkey water" staged, popular acclaim and word of mouth, in dozens of city national tour of the full field, including Beijing Film Academy, University of Cambridge, became the Princeton University, hundreds of colleges and universities at home and abroad to the super IP drama troupe rehearsal. The reporter saw in the online watercress drama "water" the donkey to score up to 8.5 points, the most popular domestic drama version has 18. And since the donkey had to be adapted into the water after the news came out, it attracted a lot of fans look forward to. Although the film version of the cast is used in the Chinese version of the drama, not a "Star", but this movie is still several times boarded the hot search, does not reflect the first red. At present, the donkey was water, the crew visited a number of cities to carry out roadshow activities, the film in the points around the harvest of good reputation. More He Jiong, Jia Ling,, and other celebrities in the micro-blog V recommend. Female, female master相关的主题文章: