Dongling Street Road intersection satellite full opening form standard crossroads

Dongling Street Road intersection traffic comprehensive standard form of satellite satellite crossroads Dongling South Street Road intersection optimization completion. Although the photography Shi Tianjiao Dong Ling Nan Jie Road, is a transportation hub, effectively share the Yatai street in the morning and evening peak traffic pressure. But in Dongling street and Satellite Road intersection intersection, but because the Dong Ling Nan Jie is wrong and make the vehicles in the north and south through this intersection to smooth traffic. In October this year, the Municipal Construction Committee launched the optimization of the road section, the intersection has been completed transformation, fully open to traffic. Dong Ling Nan Jie Satellite Road intersection optimization has opened yesterday, Changchun evening news reporter saw in Dongling street and Satellite Road intersection, after pulling up the engineering enclosure has been demolished, although the road has not designated traffic marking, but the intersection of many smooth passage of vehicles. Live good King villa Xie public every time by Dong Ling Nan Jie South Third Ring Road are quite troublesome, "to turn to the satellite satellite Road, from the right way to Dong Ling Nan Jie, turn to turn to the very suck, now finished directly connected, save a lot of time." He said, this road is in after the transformation, traffic will share Yatai street and Satellite Road in the morning and evening peak period, the time is significantly shortened. Dong Ling Nan Jie and satellite formation standard reporter learned in the crossroads of the visit, the intersection is optimization, because here is the neck Road, want to drive through satellite routing from north to South Dongling South Street to continue driving, need to enter the satellite road section, then enter the street by satellite Dongling road traveling from South to north; the Dong Ling Nan Jie vehicle, want to continue to go straight to the Dong Ling Nan Jie, the expressway and direction of travel restrictions, only along the southern Luqiao under quick detour to color woven street, and then turn around a circle back to the east south of the Five Ridges street, traffic is very inconvenient, but also prone to traffic accidents. After the intersection optimization, Dongling Road south two street in the satellite by phase is wrong, and the formation of a standard satellite cross the road at the crossroads, drove here is very convenient. Dongling Street South extension project basically completed according to the introduction, optimization of engineering of the intersection is just a part of the transformation of the entire Dongling South Street, South extension line project is completed in recent days. Dongling Street South to the South Sanhuan end point is likely to continue southward, may intersect with the south city of Victoria in the future. Reporter Chen Qiong相关的主题文章: