Do You Want To Learn Ninjutsu Then, Its Not Enough To Think Outside The Box!

UnCategorized One of the most significant lessons that a new student trying to learn ninjutsu encounters is the idea of "thinking outside the box." But, this is only a first-stage lesson and just as often heard in, not only other martial systems, but practically anywhere people are learning to do "something." Unfortunately though, this is often translated in ways which create wild, "tricky" moves, supposedly designed to bewilder the attacker. Do they work? Maybe. Maybe not. The astute student who’s paying attention to the lessons being taught will soon realize that, the techniques of the art are teaching this concept. Every time you see your teacher doing something – every time you hear them say something – that causes you to respond with the phrase, "I never thought of that before," you being exposed to "out of the box thinking." As I teach my students, the first step is to learn to think outside the box. But, to attain real mastery – of yourself and this powerful martial art – there are two critical pieces to the puzzle that you must have as well. In fact, without this "earth-shattering", and Enlightening pieces – you’ll never get the results that you’re looking for. What are these two "life-altering" pieces of the mastery puzzle? What more could there be beyond thinking outside the box so that we confuse our attacker? Or, rather… What is it that’s required before we can actually see the wisdom and power in "thinking outside the box?" I know that sounds backwards but, then again, that’s why the Ninja and their mikkyo "secret mind-science & life philosophy" is often called "crazy wisdom!" And, once you understand what’s really going on – how even those who parrot and teach this idea are trapped in their own little "box"… …the wisdom suddenly doesn’t sound so "crazy" after all. Here are the 2 elements – the two pieces of wisdom that allows the ninja to create massive results with the least amount of wear and tear on themselves: 1) Know the "box." Before you can think outside the box, you first have to know what the box is and where its limits are. To say this another way, to be able to confuse or lure an attacker into a trap, you must first understand how he thinks about what’s going on. That way, you can .e at him from a different angle, perspective, or with a technique that he has literally never seen before! 2) Act outside the "box." The reason it’s not good enough to "think" outside the box is because those thoughts need to be translated into physical action to have any effect. I personally know many people who discuss martial arts and ninja strategy – both in class and in the online forums and chat rooms – but when you see them in training, they are not "walking the talk" so-to-speak. Learning ninjutsu – the art of Japan’s ancient shadow warriors requires more than just thinking, reflecting, and learning – it requires action. It also requires a much deeper knowledge about everything you think you know and take for granted – about yourself, your world, your martial art, and the connection between these things – than you could ever imagine – today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: