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Have knowledge of | does not eat the staple food can thin? Sohu health Sohu health senior nutritionist, E minus senior weight management specialist Zhao Juan said weight loss, a lot of people think that do not eat staple food, rice, white bread, noodles, potatoes are on the black list. The staple food is really obesity culprit? Do not eat staple food for a long time to be able to have harm to the body? How to eat staple food in order to ensure the supply of nutrients, but also to maintain a perfect body? What is the staple food in the end? Staple food is the main food on the table, the main staple food in Asia to carbohydrates, especially starch, including rice, wheat, corn and other grains, as well as potatoes, sweet potatoes and other tubers. In short, plant derived foods contain carbohydrates, because carbohydrates (mainly in the form of starch in plants) are the energy storage for plants to grow and reproduce. Corn, potato, root vegetables, beans and high carbohydrate content. There is no carbohydrate in meat. Why eat staple food every day? (1) the supply of energy: China’s nutrition experts believe that the production of carbohydrates should account for the total heat of 60 – 65%. Usual intake of carbohydrates is the main polysaccharide content was higher in rice, flour and other staple foods, intake of carbohydrates and lipids, can obtain protein, vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and other nutrients. Intake of monosaccharides or disaccharides such as sucrose, in addition to supplement the heat, can not add other nutrients. (2) of cells and tissues: each cell has a carbohydrate, its content is 2% – 10%, mainly in the form of glycolipids, glycoproteins and proteoglycans, distribution in the thin meninges, organelle membrane, cytoplasm and stromal cells. (3) save the protein: carbohydrate food shortage, the body had to use the protein to meet the needs of the body activities, which will affect the body’s synthesis of new proteins with protein and tissue regeneration. Therefore, do not eat the staple food, only eat meat is not appropriate, because the meat contains very little carbohydrate, so that the body will use protein heat production, no benefit to the body. (4) maintain the normal function of brain cells, glucose is the essential nutrients to maintain the normal function of the brain, when the blood glucose concentration decreased, brain tissue may be due to lack of energy and make the brain cell function is impaired, resulting in dysfunction and dizziness, palpitation, sweating, and even coma. (5) generation of anti ketone: carbohydrate assisted fat metabolism. If there is not enough sugar, so the fat can not be metabolized into CO2 and H2O, but in the "body" in the form of accumulation in the body. The accumulation of ketone bodies to a certain extent, resulting in ketonemia and ketonuria, affect the body function, can cause severe acidosis. (6) detoxification: carbohydrate metabolism can produce glucuronic acid, glucuronic acid and the body of toxins (such as drugs, bilirubin) combined with detoxification. (7) to strengthen the intestinal function: related to dietary fiber. Such as: prevention and treatment of constipation, prevention of colon and rectal cancer, prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids. (8) the precursor of other macromolecular substances in the body, such as purines, pyrimidines, cholesterol, etc…相关的主题文章: