Ding Hao play new standard Beijing is the first international cinema synchronous private cinema txplatform

Ding Hao play new capital is the first international standard synchronous cinema luxury private theater in the arena, the major developers of the "killer" emerge in an endless stream only, has become a watershed, and the definition of luxury top luxury. With the thaihot · compound Club comprehensive public house, synchronous cinema private theater will be unveiled, Beijing has become the first and only one of the top luxury community with private cinema. Relying on its own resources cinema, the full realization of the synchronization of large as a large comprehensive listed group, CAC group on the culture plate layout has already started to "cinema + theater" as the breakthrough point, to "health, super sense, fashion, culture" as the theme, to create a film culture operation platform China first constant temperature and humidity, in addition to haze constant oxygen super five-star theater and national audio-visual most personality. Thaihot · Xifu compound is "compound" product first masterpiece, will be the first to enjoy the thaihot own cinema resources privilege, never released, you can experience the visual feast of large synchronous line hospital. The future will open a private family cinema, birthday and other services for the owners with family and friends to enjoy the leisure time. West courtyard theater club Real Chivas first-class cabin seats, the ultimate visual experience new ideas under the guidance of CAC · West courtyard private theater, elegant interior, sky theme lighting design to create a romantic, quiet viewing environment. The theater is equipped with Chivas first-class cabin seat, with electric lifting function, viewing according to personal habits and adjust the viewing angle and position of love; 15 seats, appropriate scale, which can meet the common needs of friends and family viewing, but it won’t be too noisy; all configurations are in accordance with international standards of installation and debugging, shadow environment visual effect and extreme beyond commercial cinema concept, perfect large sound effects and visual effects, to bring you the ultimate private, luxurious viewing experience. West courtyard theater club real high quality of life is inevitable entertainment, when most people addicted to the living room of personalized home theater thaihot · West courtyard again playing a new height. In addition to the top of the sensory experience, to the owners of the courtyard house is a comprehensive upgrade of the whole family entertainment! Address: ·, China; Beijing · West Third Ring Tel: 400-819-1111 to 722857相关的主题文章: