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Arts-and-Entertainment Delhi always has been the ultimate food paradise providing food lovers all sorts of food – from traditional to continental to three courses to quick snacks, name it and you shall have it here in Delhi. As the authentic Indian dishes along with other continental cuisine continue to attract the foodies, there is something else that is popular among people who live to eat. Yes you guessed it right, I am talking about the growing popularity of fast food. There are countless snack corners in Delhi, which offer lip-smacking items and are flocked to in throngs daily by the busy Delhi crowd. One thing that has completely changed the fate of fast food forever is everyones favorite- Pizza. What started years ago to feed soldiers, made of flat bread and tomato sauce, has evolved through years to become the delicious Pizza that all of us love. Made of flour and a variety of toppings to create an extraordinary taste, pizzas have now become the worlds ultimate choice for fast food. The pizza is a $30 billion industry. You can imagine the popularity of the pizza! There are cookbooks on how to make different pizzas. There are thousands of blogs written on pizzas everyday. You must have understood by now what the pizza mania and pizza home delivery is all about. Pizza is loved by people of all ages equally. Most people love to go to their pizza parlors to celebrate their small moments of happiness with their favorite pizza. True is the saying that every pizza has a story. Whether you like thin or thick crust, tomatoes or pepper, or whether you like it vegan or stuffed with meat, pizzas come in all flavors, sizes and prices. Kids love pizzas. Chewy dough, cheesy globs, tomato sauce and the occasional pepperoni to make pizza faces with, is a huge favorite among kids. Pizzas are great treats for them as well as for all of us! Most of the home deliveries in Delhi are for pizzas, which mean the pizza craze is no less here in our country as well. For its pizza lovers, Delhi and Gurgaon offer a number of pizza corners at different places in the cities. There are three main pizza chains. They are Pizza Hut, Pizza Corner and Dominos Pizza. If you are a big pizza fan and looking for a pizza corner at your nearby place you just need to find your way into one of these and enjoy your favorite pizza. There are around 40 pizza outlets in the city apart from other occasional eateries, which also bake pizzas. Pizza home delivery in Delhi is very popular among people who dont have much time to cook, but love to eat. As many would agree, Pizza home deliveries are cheap and quick! Practically every kind of pizza topping has been tried by pizza chefs, some of those toppings being peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, and mashed potatoes, some of which have worked out fantastically, while some have not done so good. Minced mushrooms, spiced soya, chili pepper, crispy paneer, whatever be your choice, there is a pizza for every choice. The best thing about pizzas is that they do not disappoint the vegetarians; there are wide ranges of veggie pizzas that can give the non-vegetarian ones tough competition. The pizza parlors offer free pizza home delivery within 30 minutes of placing the order. If they take longer than that, you can have your pizza for free. The pizza parlors are nice places to meet up and chat as well. For small celebrations and treats, they are the best solutions! Affordable, tasty, and filling, what else can you ask for? To know more visit: .justeat.in/delhi About the Author: 相关的主题文章: