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Last night you see Ma Yong war? Johnny: I use soap to wash a bath upright boy sina sports news Beijing standard time on October 27th, according to the "Oklahoma" reported yesterday, NBA new season opener, Jinzhou warriors in the home court defeat to the Sanantonio spurs, but the thunder team star Russell – Westbrook to watch the game. Today, the thunder will usher in their regular season first game, and on the road to challenge the 76 team. Before the game, Wei Min said in an interview that he did not see any game last night, including the warriors and the Spurs opener. Now that he doesn’t watch the game, what is he doing? "I’m playing cards." He replied, "I was doing my own thing, having a great dinner, calling my wife, and I went to bed." "I also took a bath, I use Dove soap." Wei Min added, but then he reminded reporters that he is not trying to advertise soap, I brush the teeth, wash his face, and then went to sleep. Before I went to bed, I put on a movie. I did it last night." Subsequently, a reporter asked whether he had heard any news about the warriors and their defeat at home. Do not know is to deliberately avoid the warriors on the issue, or did not listen to the reporter’s question, Wei suddenly asked: "who?" Then he started talking about the thunder team’s opening game. "Of course, I’m really looking forward to tonight’s game, man." He said, "we have a great team and a lot of young players who want to play, so I’m looking forward to the game tonight." Like Wei Wei, Adams, the first center of the thunder, did not watch the Champions League against spurs. "No, I was watching cartoons, dude." Adams said, "I saw ‘One Piece’, a Japanese cartoon about pirates." (Rosen)相关的主题文章: