Deputy Prime Minister of Latvia to encourage enterprises to seize the China opportunity – in the new-vidown

Deputy Prime Minister of Latvia: to encourage enterprises to seize the "China opportunity" – the new network to pull business exchange site. Lin Bo photo net Ningbo September 7 (reporter Lin Bo) September 7th, "taste Latvia" Latvia Ningbo economic and trade forum held in Zhejiang, Ningbo. Asher Laden J, Vice Prime Minister of Latvia and Minister of economic affairs, said that in order to further enhance bilateral economic and trade ties, he encouraged Latvia enterprises to dig deep into the potential of China’s market and seize the opportunities for development. In recent years, Sino Latin American trade has developed rapidly, and China has become the second largest exporter of Latvia. Asher Laden J said: "2016 is the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latvia 25th anniversary, Latvia in China’s Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo three places to establish a representative office, laying a good foundation for bilateral trade." Asher Laden J, who first came to China, said he liked Chinese history, culture and delicious food. The main purpose of this trip was to strengthen economic and trade exchanges with china. It is reported that Latvia is located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, with beautiful environment, rich tourism resources and favorable investment policies. The prospect of cooperation between China, Latin America, forestry, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and agriculture is broad. The picture shows the scene of the exchange between the enterprises in China and Latin america. Photo by Lin Bo in recent years, with the joint efforts of China and central and Eastern European countries, China – Central and Eastern European countries cooperation mechanism (16+1 cooperation ") development, formed a comprehensive, wide-ranging and multi-level pattern, has entered a mature stage and early harvest period," The Belt and Road vision by blueprint into reality. With the European Economic and trade cooperation with the Middle East China heating companies in central and Eastern Europe is also on the "The Belt and Road" ride into the China market. With his elaborate jewelry, Anite Savicka came to China with anticipation. Anite Savicka, the designer of a jewelry design company in Latvia, came to China to seek partners in china. In Anite Savicka’s view: "the Chinese market is huge, even more than the U.S. market, where there are also a group of people who will design and love design."." Coincidentally, Latvia candy maker Sanda Auzina also took the opportunity to come to China to "gold rush"". "Our product does not add any preservatives, is a pure natural green health products." Sanda Auzina says so. Since the idea of "Silk Road Economic Belt" was put forward in September 2013, this new economic corridor has already mobilized many Chinese enterprises to invest in economy and trade. All localities have aimed at this opportunity, through economic and trade inspection, exhibition and other forms, with the central and Eastern European countries to carry out economic and trade negotiations and investment cooperation. Yuan Zhong is one of them. Yuan Zhonghan is in Ninghua group limited health food department deputy manager, the company plans to use the Latvia? Ningbo economic and trade forum for Latvia specialty products, "I am more optimistic about the Latvia dried fruit products, green health, can have a broad market space." According to statistics, trade between Ningbo and Latvia has increased rapidly, and bilateral trade between Ningbo and Latvia in the 1-7 month of this year

拉脱维亚副总理:鼓励企业抢抓“中国机遇”-中新网 图为中拉企业交流现场。 林波 摄   中新网宁波9月7日电(记者 林波)9月7日,“品味拉脱维亚”拉脱维亚?宁波经贸论坛在浙江宁波举行。拉脱维亚副总理兼经济部长阿舍拉登斯表示,为进一步增强双方经贸联系,他鼓励拉脱维亚企业深掘中国市场潜力,抢抓发展机遇。   近几年中拉贸易发展迅速,中国已成为拉脱维亚的第二大出口国。阿舍拉登斯说:“2016年是中国与拉脱维亚建交25周年,拉脱维亚在中国的北京、上海、宁波三地设了代表处,为双边贸易打下良好基础。”   第一次来到中国的阿舍拉登斯表示,他非常喜欢中国的历史文化和可口美食,此次来中国的主要目的是为了加强和中国的经贸往来。据悉,拉脱维亚位于波罗的海东岸,环境优美,旅游资源丰富,投资政策优惠,中拉在林业、制造业、交通物流业和农业等领域合作前景广阔。 图为中拉企业交流现场。 林波 摄   近年来,在中国和中东欧国家的共同努力下,中国―中东欧国家合作机制(“16+1合作”)不断发展壮大,形成了全方位、宽领域、多层次的格局,已步入成熟期和早期收获期,“一带一路”愿景正由蓝图变为现实。   随着中国与中东欧国家经贸合作的升温,中东欧企业也搭乘“一带一路”顺风车进军中国市场。   带上自己精心设计的珠宝,Anite Savicka充满期待地来到中国。Anite Savicka是拉脱维亚一家珠宝设计公司的设计师,此次来到中国是为了在中国寻求合作伙伴。在Anite Savicka看来:“中国市场巨大,甚至已超过美国市场,在这里也有一群会设计、喜爱设计的人。”   无独有偶,拉脱维亚糖果制造商Sanda Auzina也借此契机来到中国“淘金”。“我们的产品不添加任何防腐剂,是纯天然的绿色健康产品。”Sanda Auzina如是说。   自2013年9月“丝绸之路经济带”设想被提出,这一新兴经济走廊已然调动了众多中国企业的经贸投资热情。各地纷纷瞄准这一机遇,通过经贸考察、会展等形式,与中东欧国家展开经贸洽谈及投资合作。   袁忠捍便是其中一人。袁忠捍是中宁化集团有限公司健康食品部的副经理,公司打算通过此次拉脱维亚?宁波经贸论坛寻觅拉脱维亚的特色产品,“我比较看好拉脱维亚的果干等产品,绿色健康,可以有广阔的市场空间。”   据统计,宁波与拉脱维亚贸易增长较快,今年1-7月份,宁波与拉脱维亚双边贸易额5970万美元,增长21.9%,其中出口4908万美元,增长11.9%;进口1063万美元,增长106.7%。(完)相关的主题文章: