Department of Defense the first domestic aircraft carrier network in new progress happynewyear

Department of Defense: the first domestic aircraft carrier smoothly – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Pan Shanju) yesterday, deputy director of the information bureau, Department of Defense spokesman Colonel Wu Qian said at a regular press conference said that the construction of the first domestic aircraft carrier, is progressing smoothly, is advancing according to plan, the first domestic aircraft carrier "is not only the external Yan value, more temperament". Recently, the domestic and foreign media coverage of the construction of China its first aircraft carrier, the Internet has also spread the carrier "high value Yan" photos, showing the hull assembly has nearly completed, the construction work is nearing completion. For the above situation is true? How long is the aircraft carrier off? Wu Qian said that the construction progress of the first domestic aircraft carrier successfully, is advancing according to plan. Referring to the high color value, he believes that only half of the country’s domestic aircraft carrier, both the external color value, more intrinsic temperament". The other responded to > > army reform of military strength to division is not true for the spread of the Internet "army 18 Army division will be down to a message, Wu Qian responded that the report is purely speculation, inconsistent with the facts. In addition, according to the "due to the reform of the army has been a part of the soldiers or military troupe members started off" rumors, Colonel Wu Qian said that this round of reform of the army to adhere to the overall top-down, step by step, push forward each stage of reform tasks, objectives and tasks of national defense and military reform basically completed in 2020. "On the reform of military literature and art groups, we will release information in due course." > > Sino Japanese relations in Japan has no right to intervene in the South China Sea dispute for the Japanese self defense forces may be actions in the South China Sea, Wu Qian said, Japan attempted to send troops to participate in the U.S. military in the South China Sea "freedom of navigation" action, we resolutely oppose. Japan is not a party to the South China Sea issue, the right to intervene in the South China Sea dispute. The determination of the Chinese army to safeguard national territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests will be firm and we will resolutely respond to any threats and challenges. Some media said China’s territorial waters around the Diaoyu Islands to expand the scope of activities, and tends to frequent, and constantly trying to unilaterally change the status quo. In this regard, Wu Qian said that the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands are China’s inherent territory. China’s navigation and training and reasonable legal action, he has no right to backseat driver. Wu Qian said that when it comes to unilaterally change the status quo, the Japanese side since 2012 began to force the purchase of the island, and constantly strengthen the southwest military deployment, through the new security act lifted collective self-defense. This series of actions worthy of Asian neighbors and the international community is highly vigilant. He said that the Chinese military will take all necessary measures to safeguard China’s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. When talking about the problems in the Japanese sea and air liaison mechanism, Wu Qian said that China attaches great importance to the establishment of Sino Japanese Naval Liaison Mechanism, I hope the Japanese side negotiations as soon as possible to exclude obstacles, opposite the line with China to strive for an early start and run the mechanism.相关的主题文章: