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Deliberately " discharge "? Actress suspected by Lin Dan derailed door speculation – Sohu Lin Dan entertainment derailment woman private according to China Daily badminton Olympic champion Lin Dan and a mysterious woman in yesterday’s news spread on the network. On the same day, Lin Dan responded on micro-blog, said, do not want to justify, and said, I’m sorry family". It seems that Lin Dan is indirectly admitted that he derailed. The derailed door actress is an entertainment actor and model. "Super Dan" was his wife derailed Wednesday night explosion during pregnancy, there is entertainment who broke the news on micro-blog said, broke an actor derailed the news the next day. Yesterday morning, the network saw Lin Dan derailed, and attach a woman with Lin Dan together, and intimate photos, think of two people more than the general line of friends. In 5 days this month, Lin Dan micro-blog and Xie Xingfang still drying out their own son born happy photos, two children were born in Beijing. Only after more than and 10 days, Lin Dan and the strange woman’s ambiguous photos were exposed. It broke the news person, in mid September this year, one day, Lin Dan and a hot woman and the two men appeared in Beijing Xiaoyun Road, during which the woman naturally took Lin Dan’s arm. Then Lin Dan and his party to send the woman home, two men waiting downstairs, after two hours to go downstairs, Lin Dan. In October, Lin Dan went to Guangdong to participate in the National Badminton Team Championships in Foshan, the media continued to shoot. Lin Dan used to play when Xie Xingfang is to visit the set, and a big show of affection. Probably because of childbirth, Xie Xingfang did not appear, but there is still a "super Dan" around the woman, and the woman is in September with Lin Dan hand in hand woman. Two people in the intimate action of the five star hotel was photographed from the window. Lin Dan did not evade the parties, yesterday afternoon, he responded by personal official micro-blog. Lin Dan said: "as a man, I will not do more for their own defense, but my actions hurt my family, I apologize to my family here, sorry." In this way, Lin Dan admitted the fact that derailed. Lin Dan wants to take the initiative to admit to let the matter do not continue to ferment, but let more let his love Public opinion is seething with indignation., many fans were disappointed. Actress suspected to lend the door to track suspected Lin Dan derailed objects have been quickly grilled. Zhao Yaqi, the name of the thunder of the potential, followed by Lin Dan boarded the hot search list second position. Zhao Yaqi was born in 2009, global travel Miss World runner up in, he studied in the Department of law, Central Academy of Drama and the Performing Arts department. 2011 starred in the film "lily". 2014 to participate in the opening ceremony of the Oscar awards ceremony. In July 31, 2015 Tao Mingxi’s comedy film "man", as a hot secretary "sunflower". She also starred in the Lu Yi, Zhang Li starring urban love drama "to single men and women". Reportedly she was actor Gao Hu’s rumored girlfriend. Zhao Yaqi in October this year in the social media platform drying out as a staff member to see photos of the game of Lin Dan. Thus, some people think that this may be the heroine deliberately put material",相关的主题文章: