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The coach players vote referee Crawford’s critically acclaimed bald head Crawford is a tough decision for sina sports news Beijing time on February 1st, "the Losangeles times" recently in the NBA to do a survey, the topic is "who is the best judge NBA?" And who is the worst referee in NBA?" This season, a total of 64 judges involved in the enforcement of the NBA game, including Joey Crawford (season thirty-ninth) and Danny – Senior referee Crawford like this, also has Taylor Ford and Michel lrwin. Such a rookie referee. "Let us have admitted, have very good judgment in this league, there are bad judgment, their penalty is accurate is bad," a veteran said, "as we as players make mistakes, we love some hate some of the referee, referee, this is a fact." This time, the Losangeles times conducted a questionnaire survey of more than 30 NBA players, NBA coaches and teaching assistants. According to the survey results, the best NBA referees are: Daniel – Crowford (30 ticket), Joe – Crowford (25 ticket) and Monty Maikeku (Chen 13 votes) at the same time, three judges NBA worst are: Scotty foster (24 votes), holtkamp (Laurent 14 ticket) and Marc Davis (12 ticket). The referee, the 64 year old bald referee Joey – Crawford is a referee NBA fans are very familiar with, and he has already announced that it will officially retire at the end of the season. Although every NBA player and coach knows that Joey – Crawford is bad, they all say that Crawford is a very fair referee. "In the past, you can’t talk to Joey in the game," a survey of NBA manager said, "when he was on the pitch, all controlled by him. For me, it’s important. I don’t care whether it’s playing at home or away from home, and he won’t be intimidated by the audience. It’s very important for referees. Some referees will be disturbed by the fans at home, but Joey will not." (Rosen)

球员教练投票评裁判 光头克劳福德广受好评 光头克劳福德是一名风格强硬的裁判   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月1日,《洛杉矶时报》近日在NBA做了一项问卷调查,题目是“NBA最好的裁判是谁?”以及“NBA最差的裁判是谁?”   本赛季,一共有64名裁判参与执法NBA比赛,其中有乔伊-克劳福德(第39个赛季)以及丹尼-克劳福德这样的资深裁判,也有泰勒-福特和米歇尔-厄尔文这样的菜鸟裁判。   “让我们都坦承一些,这个联盟里有非常好的裁判,也有差劲的裁判,他们的判罚有准确的也有糟糕的,”一名老将说道,“就像我们作为球员也犯错一样,我们喜欢有些裁判,讨厌一些裁判,这就是事实。”   这次,《洛杉矶时报》对30多位NBA球员、NBA主教练和助教进行问卷调查。根据调查结果显示,NBA最好的三名裁判依次是:丹尼-克劳福德(30票)、乔伊-克劳福德(25票)以及蒙蒂-迈克库陈(13票)   与此同时,NBA最差的三名裁判依次是:斯科特-福斯特(24票)、劳伦-霍尔特坎普(14票)以及马克-戴维斯(12票)。   这些裁判中,今年64岁的“光头裁判”乔伊-克劳福德是广大球迷非常熟悉的一位NBA裁判,而且他已经宣布将在本赛季结束后正式退休。尽管每一位NBA球员和教练都知道乔伊-克劳福德不好惹,但是他们都表示克劳福德是一位非常公正的裁判。   “以前,你在比赛中不能和乔伊说话,”一位接受问卷调查的NBA主帅说道,“当他在球场上的时候,一切由他掌控。对我来说,这很重要。我不在乎是打主场比赛还是客场比赛,他不会被现场的观众吓到。这对于裁判来说非常重要。有些裁判会受到主场球迷的干扰,但是乔伊不会。”   (罗森)相关的主题文章: