Crashing Her Way To Cosmetic

Beauty The things that inspire people to start their own businesses .e in many shapes and forms. But every now and again, a story .es along that amazes everyone and fills you with confidence that anyone should be able to make a go of their own .pany. Katresha Moskios has a tale just like that. Many people might recognise the name Katresha and feel a sense of familiarity about it (it’s quite an unusual spelling of a more .mon name). That’s because there’s a small chance the word Katresha might already feature on your make-up bag or on your bedside table, on one of the range of beauty products Ms Moskios’s .pany produces. The story behind the birth of the Katresha brand is quite unusual. Born in Perth, Australia, she was a pretty girl with a healthy lifestyle and a charming personality, and after finding success in a photographic .petition, culminating in her being crowned Miss Sunshine of Australia. This gave her modeling career a huge boost followed by a period of TV stardom in her home country. She also started to get involved with the beauty industry, where she was to be.e a celebrity expert and representative for a top cosmetics firm. But then came the life-changing event. She was involved in a serious road accident which left her face injured and scarred. For many people, this could have put a stop to many ambitions, but Katresha saw things differently. She started researching the healing properties of skin and discovering ways of restoring her natural beauty. Using herself as a test case, she discovered a variety of solutions whose results amazed her friends. Before long they were asking her for her secret, and asking whether her oils would be able to smooth away the more everyday wrinkles and blemishes that everyone gets. To nobody’s surprise they did, and that’s when Katresha decided to set up her business to manufacture her new discoveries. Without major financial backing or a budget of millions for advertising, her oils, and later creams, would develop a market share and grow slowly but surely in popularity, with re.mendations from friend to friend proving to be a powerful driving force when a product simply works. Her range is now sold all over the world and includes a .plete selection of face oils, scar oils and face and eye creams. But this wasn’t the only thing Katresha did. She trained as a yogi and with her partner Geo founded a health retreat on Laguna Beach, in California, where guests can indulge in pampering, healthy living and from where hiking trips among some of the world’s most beautiful scenery can .mence. The resort’s website repeatedly talks of rejuvenation. As well as describing the intended effects on guests, it amply describes the life story of a amazing woman who refused to let her bad luck deal her a devastating blow; instead she dusted herself down and became a world-respected figure in her fields, all the time remaining positive and inspiring many other people to conquer adversity and make their lives a success. Katresha still might not be in a position to take on the giants of the cosmetics industry, but you have to believe that with her perfect, healthy lifestyle and obvious love of her work, she’s living her dream in a way that may have appeared lost forever at one point in her life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: