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Coulee nuozha comments: I talk about micro-blog glass heart is over – Sohu entertainment Sohu coulee nuozha entertainment news in September 22nd, the world famous drama "immersion" (Sleep No More) night Shanghai version of the official ballot, will premiere in Shanghai in December 14th this year, Gu Lina to tie up. During the interview, talked about how to release the pressure, she said her heart of glass phase is over, the future more filming works on words. Following the successful and staged performances after five years in New York, the pinnacle of immersion drama "sleepless night" debut in Asia, a new production of Shanghai version at the same time by the industry and the audience. In just the end of the pre-sale, "Shanghai version of" sleepless nights to create the industry’s amazing sales performance. 10000 advance tickets sold out in four days, immersed in a drama boom by drama to the periphery spread rapidly, causing hot culture. Many film stars are fond of "sleepless night", to hide the white mask, curiosity, sense of art and desires to form a very unique experience – Madonna, Elmar – Stone, Matt – Damon, John – Rasinski, Emily – Blount card, Mobley Yong, Gao Xiaosong, Eason Chan, Sheenah Jolin, Alyssa Chia, Chen Xuedong, Angela An, and valley vernacular has to experience the play, they or in social media, or expression in the program of the preference. Coulee nuozha is expected to become the "sleepless night" of the first VIP audience, she was very excited, said "I hope we can see, before the film school would like to watch the drama, often in the theater, read more is the classic" Thunderstorm "." Nuozha recently and Luhan produced TV series "and" about the optional day in mind, Luhan drama experience, Nazhazanbu did: "cooperation down very well, he is a professional actor, our cooperation is very understanding." Since his debut, nuozha controversy, micro-blog review is a war of words again and again, now micro-blog has closed nuozha comments. Talking about this, she said, is to see my personal feelings." As for decompression, she said: "I have the heart of the glass phase is over, everyone is growing, step by step change. Now think, more movies, or rely on the works speak."相关的主题文章: