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Health Teeth are those little seemingly insignificant creations that, on the face of it, don’t appear that important until you loose them! Luckily for you and the innovations in cosmetic dentistry, if you’ve learnt your lesson the hard way, there are still lots of things you can do to replace lost teeth and protect those teeth that you still have left. If you have failed in your dental care routine, lost teeth due to health issues or had an accident that has left you somewhat lacking in the tooth department then checking out cosmetic dentistry options is the right way to go. There are several procedures available for replacing missing teeth not all of which are suitable for every patient so you need to get checked out by a good cosmetic dentist. Dentures can be used to replace any number of missing teeth from one to a complete upper and lower jaw. Dentures are generally the cheapest option and the most likely cosmetic dentistry choice if you are seeking dental insurance support for your dental reconstruction. If you are looking for a more natural result from your cosmetic dentistry then a dental bridge might be an answer. A dental bridge can be used to replace one or more teeth (but not really an option for a significant number of teeth) and is effectively a false tooth or teeth held between two crowns or a cheaper option is to attach a wire to the back of adjoining teeth to fix the false tooth in place (the cheaper alternative is only a viable solution for front teeth). Another alternative open to you is a dental implant (tooth implant) which is unlikely to be covered under your dental insurance but a procedure in cosmetic dentistry that leaves you with a completely natural looking smile. A dental implant is a more invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves a pin being fixed into the jaw (requires good bone structure). Once the pin is securely in place a dental crown is used (as a cap) to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants can be used for a complete dental reconstruction but is extremely costly. If you are just missing the top half of your tooth then a dental crown is a good way to go and for a even more natural look use the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry by combining a dental crown with a dental veneer. Whatever method you choose make sure you use a recommended cosmetic dentist with the relevant expertise. A dentist that performs cosmetic dentistry procedures (for your particular problem) in volume and is a recognised and respected dentist in his field of cosmetic dentistry is far more likely to give you the best result at the best possible price. About the Author: By: Audrey L. 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