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Small Business Kurb Promotions is an Auckland; New Zealand based business that although specializing in Small Business Marketing , also runs a number of promotional services related to the core online promotion and small business services including cheap Colour Printing and cheap CD and DVD copying. Some of the most effective online promotions from Small Business Marketing include ppc advertising, seo and link building, blogging, email management, video production services and more. You can receive all these services for very low prices all under the one roof. So I thought I’d just come by here to do a quick update for Kurb as recently I forgot to pay the hosting bill and everything just went down like a house of cards, I’m sitting here on a the first proper business Monday of the year and all my sites are down! When you’re thinking about what can have the most damaging effects on your business, losing all your sites could be right up there. You should know that! But I thought a quick marketing update would be in order because I’ve made a good breakthrough for my Small Business Marketing strategies. I’ve decided seo is better for my international stuff and ppc for my local stuff. Don’t say I never tell you anything. How often have I been working on some elaborate effort to up my game with Kurb, blogging away furiously and thought . . . yeah or y’know you could just spend an extra $50 on adwords and then you wouldn’t have to worry about it . . . it being video marketing, blogging, seo, social media, all of that. Well it’s time to get serious. If I just bit the bullet and spent an extra $100 on adwords I would probably not even need to bother with other Small Business Marketing I do for Kurb which usually takes up about a days work a week. I am still going strong for seo backlinking campaigns on particular international stuff Im doing, when you go international ppc can be feeding coins into a black hole but score big on a decent search term on a .com and you’ve got the world coming to your door. But I continue to skirt around other Small Business Marketing issues that I am not applying myself to a professional standard of presentation and design and when you offer Colour Printing services that’s kind of a big deal. Good presentation gives confidence in the brand to new clients. If your sites look rag tag like my sites do, then it’s not inspiring prospects into trusting you will deliver the job in a professional manner. But there’s one fundamental thing about my sites: they work. The phone rings, the inbox fills up, and at the end of the day that’s what matters. A pretty site that sells nothing and never has is an enigma because there’s no sure way of knowing what could be wrong with it. All I know is that my way works. Will it work better when my designs are all nice and professional and modern? I should imagine so. And if I have really charismatic trust inducing video for prospects to view and lots of hits coming in through Google. Or y’know I could just spend an extra $100 on adwords and forget about it. What I need to be doing is staying on top of my bills and my tax and my invoices and all that so I don’t have any more boo boos. The recession is over; if people want your stuff not only do they keep coming back but more people show up and they keep coming back too. It’s awesome! But if you’re not top of all your affairs youre just going to disrupt that natural incline. Don’t forget to talk to Kurb promotions if you’re interested in Small Business Marketing services and strategies and of course for the cheapest and best Colour Printing and CD / DVD disc duplication, printing and burning company! For more information visit us at: 相关的主题文章: