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College students self study 10   million car; unripe — Jiangxi channel — original title: millions of people walked 10 college homemade car graduate students independently developed the racing debut photo reporter Ma Zhao racing debut attracted many student newspaper reporter Ma Zhao photo 2.3 meters in length, the value of 1 million yuan, less than one hundred kilometers acceleration 3 seconds, with a lot of black technology technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University undergraduates will enable their design Cool racing, for the first time to participate in this year Chinese Formula SAE, and the domestic and world elite team contest. The details of the design to highlight characteristics of Jiaotong University yesterday afternoon, this car unveiled Xi’an Jiaotong University Xian Zi Tang, the painted black, rear engine, exhaust, upturned shiny vibrant, processed gold aluminum alloy wheel hub, engraved with the motto of Xi’an Jiaotong university. Pei Jinju, the captain of the racing team, said that the Chinese formula automobile competition (FSAE) was launched in 1978. Currently, the events are in 15 countries around the world, and hundreds of teams from the world’s top universities are involved. China introduced this competition from 2010, successfully held the 6 session, and participated in more than 70 teams. Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other domestic 985, 211 colleges and universities to participate in, become the main battlefield of competition students innovation ability. 10 months to build a formula car, according to the introduction, Xi’an Jiaotong University team was founded in December last year, will rely on the school mechanical and electrical innovation and entrepreneurship platform and the relevant social love enterprise support, began the development of their own car. The whole team consists of more than 60 people, of which 10 are excellent in character and learning team main undergraduates, currently with honors for postgraduate qualifications. "We need to play the game ability and knowledge application ability, the car driving by one person, with higher speed, and have maneuverability, good safety, we give up the flashy things, focus on power and chassis performance efforts in selected parts of the material used optimization design of many high temperature resistance, high strength, lightweight materials, wheel, suspension, wheel, brake system adopts air Aluminum Alloy material, is also used in heat treatment, coating materials and NC machining technology, vehicle weight 215 kg, power 55 kW fuel engine, in addition to the engine, most of the students independent design and development, also including the use of such as" rear wheel "black technology." Pei Jinju said. The game is on the car joint assessment at the scene, as one of the researchers, in one of the 17 thousand yuan worth of racing Racer Wu Wenfeng said, the selection of racers, require you to have a full license, calm personality, very familiar with the vehicle performance, four of our players have done, is ready, the game not only to carry out the assessment of our team, at the same time through linear acceleration, 8 word bend "game, the vehicle speed, control, obstacle avoidance ability appraisal. Zhang Yangang (reporter: Mao Siyuan Qiu Ye, commissioning editor) 大学生自制百万赛车 10人保送研究生–江西频道–人民网 原标题:大学生自制百万赛车 10人保送研究生   学生们自主研制的方程式赛车亮相 本报记者 马昭 摄   方程式赛车亮相吸引众多学生 本报记者 马昭 摄   身长2.3米,价值100万元,百公里加速不到3秒,用了诸多“黑科技”技术,西安交大的本科生即将启用自己设计造型酷帅的方程式赛车,首次参加今年中国大学生方程式汽车大赛,与国内及世界名校车队一比高低。   细节设计彰显交大特色   昨日下午,亮相西安交大宪梓堂的这辆赛车,通体被漆成黑色,后置发动机,上翘闪亮的排气筒,活力十足,被加工成金黄色合金铝轮毂上,刻有西安交大的校训。   赛车队的队长裴晋举介绍说,中国大学生方程式汽车大赛(FSAE)从1978年开办,目前赛事遍及全世界15个国家,并有数百支来自世界顶级高校的车队参与其中。我国从2010年引进这项比赛,成功举办6届,70多支车队参与。清华、浙大、上海交大等国内众多985、211高校参与其中,成为比拼学生创新能力的主战场。   10个月打造出优越方程式赛车   据介绍,西安交大车队去年12月成立,便依靠学校机电创新创业平台和有关社会爱心企业支持,开始了自己赛车的研发。整个团队由60余人组成,其中车队主力10人都是品学兼优的本科生,目前均以优异成绩获得保送研究生资格。   “比赛需要我们动手能力和所学知识运用能力的发挥,赛车由一人驾驶,要求有较高的速度,同时要有良好的操控性、安全性,我们舍弃了浮华的东西,注重在动力和底盘性能上下功夫,在选择零件的材料时运用了很多耐高温、强度大、质量轻的材料进行优化设计,轮边、悬架、叶轮、制动系统采用了航空铝合金材料,还用到了热处理、涂层材料及数控加工技术,整车重量215公斤,动力是55千瓦燃油发动机,除发动机外,大多是同学们自主设计研发的,还在其中运用了诸如‘后轮随动’等黑科技技术。”裴晋举说。   比赛是对人车的共同考核   在现场,作为研发者之一,身穿价值1.7万元赛车服的赛车手之一的吴文峰说,选拔赛车手,要求本人有正式驾照,性格沉稳,对车辆性能非常熟悉,我们四位赛手都做到了,也准备好了,比赛不仅要对我们这个团队进行考核,同时通过直线加速、8字弯道”的比赛,对车辆的速度、操控性、避障能力等进行考核。   记者 张彦刚 (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章: