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"Cold" hot shot and Zhang Xiaochen Ma Tianyu interactive cited hot entertainment Zhang Xiaochen Zhang Xiaochen Sohu – Sohu micro-blog entertainment news by Chee Wen media and honey Amoy films CO produced, directed by Junjie Liu, Zhong Hanliang, Ma Tianyu and Zhang Xiaochen co starred in the TV series "cold, we can not be sad", the shooting is wildly beating gongs and drums. In the play, actor Zhang Xiaochen starred in the cause of concern because of Lu Wenjun. Recently, Zhang Xiaochen published a text on micro-blog, who did he do for this picture? Here is a round of applause… Ten years is not easy @? The Tianyu fresh boy and the Hand-Pulled Noodle love mature taro brother… We grow up together, On your marks, "and he and Ma Tianyu fit with stills, sparked heated debate. Two origin show "good man", come on, participate in the competition often friendly interaction, in many years ago are good brothers. The interaction of Zhang Xiaochen and Ma Tianyu again, it is quite emotion. Users have a message that the Zhang Xiaochen drama’s support, "because of you, look forward to the" cold "novels look good, want to see Xiao Chen’s new works". The work tells BaiZhuanQianHui between life and cold, ginger Cheng Tianyou’s story will put across twenty years of love and protect, can not give up love and companionship truly show. After the official announcement of the poster, in the drama played Lu Wenjun Zhang Xiaochen wearing a tailored dark suit and wearing a square black rimmed glasses, frowning slightly open field. His cold serious expression, so that the role of the fate and the background of the story more whirling, make people fall into a reverie. Zhang Xiaochen will be how to shape this role, it is worth looking forward to. It is reported that Zhang Xiaochen starred in love through the drama "love shuttle Millennium 2" will be November 16th, landing Hunan satellite TV to meet with the audience.相关的主题文章: