Coaching Orangemen Lippi exciting fox said the 2019 Asian Cup is the test of Sports – Sohu-sunny came home

Coaching Orangemen Lippi exciting fox said the 2019 Asian Cup is the test of Sohu   sports; Lippi Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Ao) the day before the 12 season, Chinese team completed the first official game after Lippi took over in Kunming. Although the doorframe and post block three originally belonged to the Orangemen, but the performance of our soccer team won the praise. The 68 year old "silver fox" to bring the country foot change at the same time, also to find myself feeling rejuvenated. Exciting and strange feeling just started coaching from time to time when Hengda stepped down, there are people posted on the aging of Lippi, immutable, powerless and other labels, that he would have been on the pension life. In the national football coach, especially against Qatar in the game, we found that the old "silver fox" young again. In the face of Italy’s well-known media, "Rome sports daily" interview, Lippi himself said with emotion: "I seem to be back to 34 years old." 34 years ago, Lippi had left the coach soon, he was holding the Sampdoria coach, is that coaching experience, let the player Italian fame is not good, the Juventus coach, and to open a legend. About Chinese led team’s training and competition, Lippi said that everything is fresh and makes him very familiar with, "I go back, I start to do before. To tell the truth you don’t laugh at me, I never work here at night, let alone in the middle of the night to work overtime, I sleep at night. Yes, because it is too early to get up on time every day on the day of the 6:00 training content, specific to the details and targeted, I have been in Kunming for the past two weeks so. Compared with the past, I am now more with the help of computer, high technology, I am more frequent than ever before, but also more skilled." Although many top teams coached in thirty years of coaching, but coach national football challenge still let Lippi excited, "new uniforms, battle of life and death, the World Cup dream, Chinese, a new beginning. I have a strange feeling, not only exciting, passionate, but also a bit strange, in a word, I feel filled, there is infinite power. 68 years old and at the same time, at the age of 34, that is, I feel like the beginning of the coach." Lippi told the Rome Sports Daily reporter Santoni said. Looking at the Asian Cup with ambition to prepare to get a point for the country is clearly not enough, in the back of the game seems to be unlikely to complete the task. Italy site "fanpage" on the card in the battle the review said: "China and Qatar beat 0 – 0, Lippi’s first show neither victory nor goal. Lippi can not change the level of the Chinese team in such a short period of time, but he can do some technical and tactical articles. Of course, the Chinese team would like to win, the final harvest only a draw, the goal is not completed. But the Chinese team is still showing some Italian style, gratifying changes." "Milan sports daily," said: "indeed, Lippi will not be pleased with the results of the game. But now this time, lessons learned, so that it will become the future of wealth, is the most should do. A group tickets相关的主题文章: