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A "back door" blocking "loopholes" network security "national team" in the new network in Zhuhai Xinhua action on 5 November, (reporter Hu, Tang Ronggui?) play 4 ultra clear video on a computer screen at the same time, smooth and clear; 20 megabyte document file is opened just 1.5 seconds…… All of this comes from a strong "Chinese core"". In the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, the reporter saw the domestic CPU chip, chip on behalf of "climax". "Climax" chip is one of the Chinese made electronic information industry group "safe and reliable software and hardware technology research base of scientific research. As China’s largest state-owned integrated IT enterprises, Chinese electronics is committed to strengthen the development of independent network security system, through the "car overtaking" to catch up with the international competitors, a "back door" blocking "loopholes" in the invisible smoke of the battlefield network security, to build a capable network security team". China’s current general-purpose computer is basically the use of foreign chips and operating systems, network intrinsically safe, there is a great hidden danger. China electronic information industry group chairman Rui Xiaowu told reporters: "CPU as the core technology, to ensure network security is the most important" gate ", only to realize the self controlled, safe and reliable, in order to achieve safety, get rid of heteronomy". It is understood that the risk of network security comes mainly from the human setting of the back door and the inevitable loophole". ‘back door’ is in the chip, operating systems and other hardware and software fields, the user can not see the code. On the other side when necessary, will be through the "back door" into the cause, system downtime, data theft, such as in a place where there is no one." Deputy director of China’s electronic security and reliable hardware and software joint research base, said Fu Xingbin. From the perspective of the strategic needs of the country, Chinese electronic since 2011 to start the implementation of the "information safety system engineering", "advanced layout, joint innovation, and promote the integration of military and civilian system" development strategy, fully carry out the "essential safety" and "process safety" and "industrial safety" construction, services in key areas of important industries and key sectors country. CPU chip is the core of the computer, and the general computing chip market is basically monopolized by foreign manufacturers. China electronic take "car overtaking" strategy, not with foreign manufacturers to chase a little behind, but in a different way, the independent research and development of nuclear and nuclear CPU 16 soar FT-1500A4 and FT-200064 core CPU three chip products, technical performance reached the international advanced level. Not only is the CPU chip, China Electronics in the operating system and other key areas have also made many breakthroughs. The chip, SDN, network visualization technology leader, one of the world’s only three provide Gigabit Gigabit switching and chip manufacturers ranks; storage, development of the world’s first production of DDR4 memory buffer controller chip, the global market share of 50%; operating system aspect, the kylin operating system has become the domestic market share of domestic brands first rate…… In addition to the closure of the back door to solve the essential security problem, China Electronics also.相关的主题文章: