Cleaning aunt undercover company WeChat group three days to grab 6 thousand yuan red packets sugus

Aunt cleaning company WeChat group three days undercover grabbed 6 thousand yuan red a company holding a "high-tech" mobile phone young people to grab a red envelope, lengshi grabbed a hand broom cleaning aunt, her 3 days robbed of nearly 6000 yuan in the "record" surprised everyone. From the Spring Festival holidays closer and closer, each company annual meeting is also held together, but compared to employees in previous years lottery, more and more companies began to use "group red packets" in the form of surprise to employees. A company with "high tech" mobile phone young people to grab a red envelope, lengshi grabbed a hand broom cleaning aunt, her 3 days robbed of nearly 6000 yuan in the "record" surprised everyone. It is understood that this is called "Hong sister" cleaning aunt, cleaning in the time, accidentally see the company red packets of the announcement, holding the mentality of trying to see, scan the above two-dimensional code into the group. Unlike peers, Hong sister usually likes to use mobile phones to download some APP play, in the Baidu mobile browser, she found that there is a "WeChat grab red" plug-in function, so the software prompted to open. Did not expect this move, let her become "grab red packets of people", each group of red envelopes, she is almost the first to grab. Sister rainbow red grab speed caused by the company personnel department note: does the company WeChat red group into the outside of the "brush"? The results of the survey finally exposed the identity of sister Hong’s cleaning aunt, and also caused a controversy in the company. Some employees believe that Hong sister is not a formal employee of the company, should not be together with everyone to grab red lead such year-end benefits, but there are employees that, since both work for the company, should be treated equally. I heard that the company employees because she grabbed the red packets and set off a debate, Hong sister feel that the company has added so much trouble, one night did not sleep well. "Check the change, less than 3 days, I have grabbed nearly 6000 yuan of red packets, more than my two months salary, I know everyone in my group grab red packets a little bit of view, grab so much is enough, I was back group."." Did not expect this Hong sister back, but had questioned her attitude suddenly changes, the leadership of the company is that, cleaning aunt a year is also very hard, is a member of the company will be indispensable, if they are regarded as "two citizens", the company also talk about what people. Finally, the voice of support prevailed, in support of the leaders, sister rainbow is placed back on the group, to continue to grab red hair during the spring festival. Hong Hong is very happy to be able to keep the red packets in the company forever. She told reporters, "this group of young people to do things while I do not particularly understand, but make people feel particularly positive, say, this can grab so many red envelopes, but also by their influence, let this more than 40 year old woman in the country also began to study the software in the mobile phone". Sister Hong, who had to go home earlier, decided to stay with her until the last working day after this event. "They work very hard overtime, and I try to create a clean and tidy working environment for them

保洁阿姨卧底公司微信群 三天抢到6千元红包   一家公司手握“高科技”手机的年轻人们抢红包,愣是没抢过一名手拿扫把的保洁阿姨,她3天抢了近6000元的“战绩”让大家惊讶不已。   距离春节假期越来越近,各个公司年会也在扎堆举办,不过相比往年的员工抽奖,越来越多公司开始采用“群发红包”的形式给员工带来意外惊喜。一家公司手握“高科技”手机的年轻人们抢红包,愣是没抢过一名手拿扫把的保洁阿姨,她3天抢了近6000元的“战绩”让大家惊讶不已。   据了解,这位大家称为“虹姐”的保洁阿姨,在打扫卫生的时候,偶然看到公司红包群的公告,就抱着试试看的心态,扫描上面的二维码进了群。跟同龄人不一样,虹姐平时就喜欢用手机下载些APP玩,在百度手机浏览器中,她发现里面有一个“微信抢红包”的插件功能,于是就在软件的提示下打开。没想到就是这个举动,让她成了“抢红包达人”,每次群里发红包,她几乎都是第一个抢到。   虹姐的抢红包速度引起了公司人事部门的注意:难道公司微信红包群里混进外面的“刷子”?调查的结果最终曝光了虹姐保洁阿姨的身份,还在公司里引发了一场争议。有的员工认为,虹姐并非公司正式员工,不应该和大家一起抢领导红包这种年终福利,但也有员工认为,既然都是为公司工作,就应该一视同仁。   听说公司员工因为她抢红包的事情而掀起争论后,虹姐觉得自己给公司添了这么大麻烦,一个晚上都没有睡好。“查了下零钱,不到3天的时间我已经抢到了近6000元的红包,比我两个月的工资还多,我知道大家对我在群里抢红包有点看法,抢了这么多也足够了,我当时就退群了。”   没想到虹姐这一退,反倒让此前质疑她的人态度也突然转变,公司领导更是觉得,保洁阿姨一年也很辛苦,更是公司不可缺少的一员,如果将他们视作“二等公民”,那公司还谈什么以人为本。最终,支持的声音占了上风,在领导们的力挺下,虹姐又被请回了群里,能够继续抢春节期间发的红包。   对于“可以永远留在公司群里抢红包”的待遇,虹姐感到非常幸福。她向记者透露, “这群年轻人做的事情虽然我也不是特别懂,但让人感觉特别积极向上,说起来,这次能够抢这么多红包,也是受到他们的影响,让我这个40多岁的乡下女人也开始研究手机里的软件”。   本来要提前回老家的虹姐,在经历了这件事之后,决定留下来陪大家到今年的最后一个工作日。“他们加班十分辛苦,我尽量给他们创造一个干净整齐的工作环境。”这场抢红包抢出的人间真情,似乎也给这个多年不遇的寒冬带来了些许暖意。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: