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Medicine Detroit Chiropractor Provides Back Pain Relief At some point 80% of Americans will be affected by back pain. You may suffer from lower back pain, middle back pain, or upper back pain. The pain may also radiate down the legs or into the buttock. Do not continue to suffer with back pain. There are many factors that may cause back pain such as improper sitting or lifting, over exertion, accidents, muscle strains, work injuries, and sports injuries. No matter what causes back pain the symptoms are usually the same. Symptoms of back pain include persistent aching or stiffness anywhere along the spine, sharp, stabbing pain in one area of the back, pain that radiates through the buttock and down the legs, or severe muscle spasms. Painful symptoms are typically treated with addicting pain medication. This method of therapy may temporarily relieve the pain however it does not fix the underlying problem that is causing back pain. Additionally, pain medications produce many severe, harmful side effects. If you are experiencing numbness or tingling in your arms or legs, or if the pain increases when you cough or bend at the waist call your chiropractor at once. Chiropractors are specialists in the treatment of the bones, nerves, muscles, and connective tissues that compose 60% of your body. Scientific studies reveal that chiropractic treatment is safer and more effective than the use of pain pills or back surgery. Just about 22 million Americans call on chiropractors yearly and of these, 7.7 million are looking for relief from some kind of back pain. Effortless tests can decide if your back pain is a chiropractic condition. Tests involve medical history, physical examination, diagnostic testing, and x-rays. The chiropractic approach to back pain is to help restore a natural motion and position of affected spinal bones via the use of hands-on spinal manipulation. Dr. McNeil utilizes specialized postural adjustments, postural exercises, and postural traction to alleviate pain and help others maintain a healthy spinal position. Heat, ice, and massage therapies are also used in order to help out patients suffering from back pain. Dr. McNeil has assisted loads of people suffering from back pain avoid surgery and get relief without the use of pain medicines. If you are suffering from back pain or neck pain, headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, disc problems, numbness or have been hurt during an car or work accident please contact Dr. McNeil in order to understand how chiropractic care can help you. Chiropractic is safe and successful for people of all ages. McNeil Chiropractic utilizes the rare method of Chiropractic Bio Physics (CBP) in order to achieve a usual spinal and postural arrangement. Dr. McNeil is the first chiropractor in Michigan to certify in CBP and the only certified chiropractor in Macomb County. We recognize that spinal conditions are not simply a "pain in the neck," they may interfere with your life. We provide an exceptional level of comfort by treating each patient like a member of our own family. With our sophisticated therapies we will attempt to help you regain your wellbeing, independence and the ability to complete day to day activities. Visit our site for extra information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: