Chinese volleyball repeatedly missed the opportunity to develop alone Lang Ping really difficult to

Chinese volleyball repeatedly missed the opportunity to develop alone Lang Ping really difficult to promote the success of the women’s volleyball team can promote the development of it? Sports + special correspondent nock reported last week, CCTV commentary on micro-blog micro-blog hung steel forward Lang Ping attended the promotion of volleyball sparked heated debate, the original micro-blog has been removed himself, then he quickly update your speech to explain. This is Hong steel fans to make two interpretations in micro-blog’s speech, an interpretation that hung steel in the irony of China women’s volleyball team, he is the volleyball commentator, is in the current volleyball heat poured a pot of cold water, and another interpretation is that hung steel speech is really concerned about volleyball speech expression he is on a volleyball promotion work earnestly attitude. No matter what kind of attitude he holds, the development of Chinese volleyball is really worrying. In, after the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, we lost a good chance of volleyball development. Indeed, after the Athens Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Chinese really exciting, but at the time, this heat did not spread as well as the promotion of volleyball. Volleyball League is still in a very awkward position. To know the 1976 women’s Volleyball League, the team up to 37, and by the year of 2004, has shrunk to only 12. Although the team has the title, but is still in the provincial team, personnel mobility is poor, is also very obvious that, in the League basically is to do exercise for the national games. Although the 2006 and the 2007 season to expand the team, but the weaker team can only accompany the prince to read, the league can not be seen so strong. The 2008 Beijing Olympics, the system gradually loosened, occupation operation of each project has started slowly, but the association is still not seize this opportunity, and with the Chinese women’s volleyball team in this cycle performance is not stable, volleyball league once again lost a good chance. But this time Hengda turned out to let people see, the pace of occupation has been slowly into the Volleyball League, and constant brigade introduction of foreign aid also let other teams see only investment to get good grades. On the other hand, the association’s official website, prior to the 2010 season, the National Volleyball League is marked only the data in the official website, but after the 2010 season has stated the sponsor, this point is also worth pondering the details. In 2012 after the defeat of London, women’s volleyball team in the hitherto unknown trough. In 2013 the national register of volleyball players is only 2600, the first team is only more than 300 people. And then ask Lang Ping out drainage tube center director Pan Zhichen, and promised to reform the mass volleyball and volleyball league, that volleyball league gradually vitality. Good performance of the national team once again let people begin to pay attention to women, but it is only the women’s volleyball team. We must say that women’s volleyball is indeed a very good breakthrough, but now the breakthrough development strides the China let volleyball? The answer is no, and men’s Volleyball League, compared with the rest of the two big ball sports, still interested in the promotion of mass volleyball, still lack of highlights. The China volleyball career development, it is still a long way to go. Welcome to visit P相关的主题文章: