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The first Chinese paparazzi Zhuo Wei admit that they did not earn what money China first paparazzi Zhuo Wei made a live in known Live, burst 52 entertainment news. However, rushing to the theme, how do I dig the entertainment ‘truth’ to friends who are afraid to be disappointed. So the real working condition of the paparazzi is what? How does Zhuo Wei’s popular studio work? Or with known body: as the first Chinese paparazzi, Zhuo Wei has a kind of experience? "How can you ask such an official question?!" Zhuo Wei had an early movie reporter in "Meirixinbao", the content of the work is the conference, visit, interview. "Star interview is arranged, that is the polite." Zhuo Wei described the job like that. There are times when he interviewed an old artist, and even by the other Tucao: how do you ask such an official reporter questions, really boring!" Because can’t stand this boring work, September 2002, Zhuo Wei left "Meirixinbao", and is determined to be a dedicated to entertainment paparazzi. May 2003, Zhuo Wei and photographer Feng Ke also joined the "star bigstar" magazine, they try to do with exclusive news tracking candid way, and gradually establish a team. Since then, Chinese paparazzi was born. Love reading historical stories and detective story Zhuo Wei and love racing fitness before the archery athlete Feng Ke became a partner, two people in 2006 November established popular studio, dedicated to provide exclusive entertainment news media. Working 90 hours a week, not before returning to the home at midnight, there were only about 5 people at the beginning of the studio, and the team’s experience and resources were scarce. "But we have to gossip a vigor of the emotions," Zhuo Wei said: "we can do other media do, that opened up a new world, all have infinite power. Our weekly working time of nearly 90 hours, when no work, but also drove around in the street, you have to sweep the news." Of course, this tracking interview reports, often cost more than conventional interview must be high, and the money is meager, many red team members are not a revenue run will take the entertainment. But the studio removed car rental, staff wages, income actually There is not much left. With the promotion of awareness and increase in revenue (in fact, from thirty thousand or forty thousand to fifty thousand or sixty thousand), in 2010, the company began operating the popular studio. In 2011, the studio burst three big Yang Mi: [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Hawick Lau and Xu Zheng love exposure [micro-blog] derailed, Zhang Ziyi Sa Beining [micro-blog] [micro-blog] love exposure. The first two in Beijing, only the last news in Guangdong, because it can not afford travel. "Work is also a kind of revolt and rebellious emotion." Popular team personnel structure is also a lot of samples, there are retired military factory technicians, teachers and students, as well as the rich two generations, the same is that they have a gossip soul". "We are not all for money, more for work, and sometimes for a sense of accomplishment. )相关的主题文章: