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China new song Harlem Yu runaway whirlwind tears   live cool dog synchronous BROADCASR — entertainment channel — original title: Chinese new song Harlem Yu runaway whirlwind tears live cool dog synchronous BROADCASR Friday night, "China new song" will usher in the five strong battle Corps special Harlem Yu, Harlem Yu also invited the little witch music Mavis Fan as a team to help mentor, cool dog this week will be the first time to show you which of the ten music scene, take a look at the king of the students broke the spoilers: "Jiang Chris Warsong let me love" vs Ji Kehao "the circle" Fu Hao "east wind broken" vs Zhao Xiaoxi "Hua Tian wrong" Yang Meina "when" vs "to the officer of Ganoderma lucidum own song" Li Ruixuan "thank you" vs Yao Xi "youth practice manual" Wang Chuang "vs" Wu Yingxiang forgot to hug "Don’t fall" broke the news of this group of students who song interpretation are you looking forward to? This week, although Harlem Yu in the beautiful music of the pre war led the students shouted "laughing and playing music" slogan, but faced with the cruel choice in a duel, Harlem Yu was uncharacteristically serious. In one group of students after the show, with out of control, sobbing. In the battle of distribution, Harlem Yu will be the youngest of two girls in a group, after the singing, the Brazil Chinese Wu Yingxiang and simple Guizhou Buyi girl Wang Chuang the two disciple of the fate, Harlem Yu always somber. The other three instructors and help tutor Mavis Fan’s advice is "2 to 2" situation, must make a decision he tangle, shouted: "you guys don’t have 2 more than 2! In "Wang Chuang tells his team mentality, Harlem Yu could not help red eyes, tears on the spot. Harlem Yu has always been a hippie into tears, in the face of the scene, other teachers also can also be at a loss what to do, Mavis Fan small cotton padded jacket, patting his shoulders that comfort, seeing a atmosphere of increasingly heavy, Jielun justice, carrying out the rescue. When Wang Chuang said that the four instructors on the field were wearing a shirt, so that the shirt is very satisfied with their own control, Jielun suddenly came up with a sentence: I do not wear a shirt, I did not wear underwear. "The people face Meng force, Jielun then explained:" a joke, let the atmosphere a little more relaxed. ". Such a large scale as a sacrifice, Harlem Yu back to life: "too easy? "Stupid and generous adorable, red net week Gongju world, my mortal really do not understand. Harlem Yu. Students have to help out the music urchin Harlem Yu guidance and little witch Mavis Fan, but the brain hole than a large, play a more than a fancy, one is the students classic pop songs for fun mix make only superficial changes. The students also fooled Harlem Yu, part of the song is singing "crayon", and imitate the new call "mother", but Jay Chou caught on the spot face, that is clearly a mix of his song "listen to mom"! Let the student tutor so embarrassing, then qualify and Harlem Yu play together happily? "China new song" program genuine audio, in the cool dog. This week Harlem Yu group of students’ wonderful performance相关的主题文章: