China first Chinese dance oriental song and dance ensemble orchid flower will be staged in Beijing

China first Chinese dance oriental song and dance ensemble "orchid flower" will be staged – Beijing new network in August 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) by the China Oriental performing arts group and Culture Department of Shaanxi Province, Yanan City, Zhidan County People’s government, jointly produced China Oriental Song and dance performances of the ballet "orchid flower" in September 24, 25 days boarded the bridge art center, participated in the 2016 national art troupes show season. This is the first Chinese ballet art history China Oriental Song and dance on. A desolate high pitched Xintianyou, a Pentium heroic Ansai drum, step by step clear most of the Northern Shaanxi Yangko dance…… The ballet "orchid flower" familiar and touching Xintianyou is the dance music of the soul. The "orchid flower" show invited to the head of the National Symphony Orchestra, the famous composer Guan Xia served as music director, and the National Symphony Orchestra Live Recording in the same period, this is also the National Symphony Orchestra for the first time for the dance scene recording in the same period; and invited the Central Ballet dance music director, famous conductor Zhang Yi batted. As the "orchid flower" is composed of the national composer Meng Ke, Ding ji. The performance of orchid and Yang Wuwa Love Duet passages, the violin and Cello deduction, the melody, the truth as if weeping and complaining. The main character of "orchid" by the young actor Yin Shuo, Meng Qing, Zhang Sirui?, "Yang Wuwa" will be played by Chen Rui, Wang Zupeng, Zeng Ming, agglomeration Group Co starred in the power of art. On the 30 day of the conference, Song Guanlin, chairman of Chinese Oriental performing arts group said, as the first Chinese ballet art history China Oriental Song and dance ensemble of the "orchid flower" to fill the gaps in the history of the development of Oriental Song and dance art, broaden the artistic creation of the Oriental Song and dance ensemble vision is for the Oriental artists opened the cross-border – a the new dance field from the original Chinese dance, African and foreign style switch to northern Shaanxi people honest, work life. It is reported that this year Chinese Oriental Song and dance ensemble pushing two works in national art troupes show season, another large-scale global scenarios show "Oriental love" will be staged on September 20th. (end)相关的主题文章: