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Children with cerebral palsy prevention Raiders – Sohu health of children with cerebral palsy is a major disease of disability in children, the treatment process is long, costly and slow, if we can reasonable prevention, will be able to maximize the prevention of accidents. From conception to neonatal brain caused by various reasons damage is the cause of cerebral palsy, from the time point of view can be divided into three stages to prevent the first stage before conception, during pregnancy, second stage, third stage, production and life after the fast development period (about 1 years). The first stage, prior to pregnancy prevention, mainly to do eugenics, want a good seedling, the seed is better for you. China’s family planning to engage in so many years, the concept of early eugenics is also popular, give birth to a healthy baby is the biggest wish every newly married couples. But people living, but fertility has declined, there are reports that the incidence of birth defects and even up to 10%, so before pregnancy, find a good doctor of obstetrics or reproductive center consultation is necessary. The second stage, pregnancy factors, the baby’s health depends on the mother, the father can do is to do a good job of logistics, less angry with her daughter-in-law. Since the seed is planted, he would have guaranteed the smooth growth, to the rich do not say, but also to create a good growth environment. The warmth of the endometrium is for fetal growth of the soil, reduce the harm of artificial abortion to the uterus, and extend the time of the two pregnant uterus to ensure the restoration of the environment is to ensure the smooth embryo implantation and smooth development of the premise. To create a good environment to the fetus, mainly to prevent damage of external environmental factors and maternal adverse factors on the fetus. Adverse external environmental factors include radiation, infection, prevent radiation basically every expectant mothers know, but for the prevention of viral infection is sometimes ignored, and sometimes impossible to guard against, so do a pre pregnancy eugenic four check is very necessary. Eugenics is the four pregnant women infected with cytomegalovirus, rubella virus, Toxoplasma gondii, herpes simplex virus, the early infection of these viruses have teratogenic effects on the fetal brain. The maternal adverse factors are mainly some chronic diseases affecting fetal development and may cause fetal hypoxia, such as hypertension, hypotension, severe anemia, diabetes, hypoglycemia, fetal maternal nutrition all need to supply, ensure maternal health is to ensure the health of the fetus, if pregnant with chronic disease and so on should actively cooperate with the Department of Obstetrics the doctor for treatment, and regular pregnancy testing. For the fetus, pregnant 3 months before and 3 months after the most critical, early pregnancy is pregnant in March is the key period of the development of the nervous system of the fetus, if affected by radiation, infection and other factors may lead to developmental abnormalities, such as microcephaly, hydrocephalus or porencephaly. 3 months after pregnancy is mainly to prevent premature labor caused by various factors, premature delivery, especially less than the gestational age of 32 weeks premature birth is an important cause of cerebral palsy. In order to ensure the safety of the pregnancy, find a trusted obstetrician regularly check and timely treatment of various anomalies is particularly important. The third stage, the production and the rapid development of the brain after the age (about 1 years old), near the production of fetal and pregnant!相关的主题文章: