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Chen Xiaochen: "Belt and Road Initiative" will gradually promote the study of Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance, deputy director of the Department of international settlement department researcher Chen Xiaochen area. For countries and regions along the positive growth effect of the "The Belt and Road" initiative, will use the "national development" bridging the rift between, boost regional tensions eased, the gradual settlement. By Chinese proposed in 2013 "The Belt and Road" initiative, radiation Europe non mainland, involving 4 billion 400 million people, so far more than more than and 100 countries and international organizations to participate in the. Chinese has with more than and 30 countries along signed to build a "The Belt and Road" cooperation agreement, to carry out production cooperation with more than and 20 countries. In these countries and regions along, lack of political opposition and ethnic hatred, religious conflict, military confrontation state. Over the past few years, 50 million people around the world because of conflict in the region increased significantly displaced. The India Pakistan conflict, the Israeli Palestinian conflict, inter Korean confrontation, Syria…… The threat of conflict and turmoil frequently, undermining the cornerstone of global peace, damage to the sustainable development of the world economy and the improvement of people’s livelihood. In his book, "the economic consequences of peace", Keynes once argued that if a region is more prosperous, it will be less likely to occur if the economy is in turmoil. "Initially as an economic development strategy was put forward" The Belt and Road ‘initiative, exactly in line with the statement." University of International Relations President Tao Jian said. Uphold the principle of "jointly sharing Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, the focus will be made along the countries and regions to strengthen policy communication, promote the interoperability of infrastructure, expand trade and investment cooperation, deepen financial cooperation, carry out extensive exchanges. China said President Xi Jinping in the group of twenty summit opening ceremony keynote speech, "The Belt and Road initiative aims to share development opportunities with the countries along the Chinese, achieve common prosperity. "Through" The Belt and Road ‘, with economic development as a means to change the relevant countries and regions more than a state of conflict, it is possible in the context of economic globalization." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of world economics and politics, said Xue Li, director of international strategic studies. Since the end of the cold war, frequent hot issues of international security situation in East Asia and West Asia became complicated, traditional and non-traditional security challenges and threats – one of the key areas. The State Council Development Research Center researcher Ding Yifan said, "bring reconciliation in boosting the role of regional Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, is likely to become a "palliative" contrary to traditional Western Geopolitical thinking mode, a new "permanent cure". He said, "some countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative" has become a fertile soil of national separatism, religious extremism, violence and terrorism "three forces" development, in addition to the religious factors, poverty aggregation, unemployment especially the youth unemployment rate is higher, is also an important reason. China according to their own development experience, in promoting the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative process, first focus on economic development, in order to reduce poverty, contribute to the good相关的主题文章: