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Chen Shuibian was photographed walking propaganda photographer: you this is the dark blue mentality of the original title: cursed candid, Chen Shuibian tells the island’s public health: the back to prison. [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Chen Wenxuan medical parole are former Taiwan President Chen Shuibian was walking before the shooting, video exposure, Chen Shuibian in the video in his shooting, and called to tell each other. Because of Chen Shuibian’s curse, no longer trembling fingers full of gas, there is public opinion on the island, which shows Chen Shuibian’s condition improved, the back to prison. According to the "United Daily News" and other media reported that 30 of the island’s 29 communities in the online upload a video, film, Chen Shuibian helped female FDHs, walking in the park, Baker Baker picked up the mobile phone to shoot Chen Shuibian Huang near Chen Shuibian, along with a friend running immediately before the block: "what!" Chen Shuibian then shouted: "what is your attitude? This deep blue mentality!" The photographer asked Chen Shuibian, "what did I do to you?" Chen Shuibian’s friend said, "I’m here to remind you that you can’t take it."". Chen Shuibian sailed said: "have to check your identity, I will take you over to the police." This is a public place, the photographer said. Chen Shuibian friends back: public places can not shine." After about 10 seconds of silence, Chen Shuibian criticized the photographer, not clear the situation, but also pointed to his head scolded each other: "do you have a problem?" The photographer asked, "what am I doing wrong, you want to sue me?"" Chen Shuibian full of air and said: "I want to sue, Sue, I can tell!" Also asked why the other side of the photos on the Internet, you PO to Ma Ying-Jeou, Hong Xiuzhu that, you deliberately?" The photographer clarified that he was not. Chen Shuibian’s friends have them aside and said, "you don’t know a mess, go back and look at the personal information protection law". Taiwan lawyer Xu Shiwei believes that Chen Shuibian did not agree with people shooting, may be required to delete the image, but he is a public figure, and is a former president, the behavior will affect the public interest, shall be dealt with in a higher level, but not forcibly ask to delete. A lawyer with the Kuomintang convener Ye Qingyuan Chen Shuibian said publicly in the behavior during peaceful times "medical treatment", and its necessity about public matters, where video illegal? Chen Shuibian had been identified brain atrophy, and severe depression, leading to stutter, and brain nerve degeneration, deteriorating conditions, to medical treatment, is now being photographed and argue, not more than the doctor on the island stammer, Taiwan media said that this may be the result of improvement in the condition of. Former Deputy Secretary General of the "presidential palace" Luo Zhiqiang said in the video, Chen Shuibian is no longer full of vitality curse, fingers trembling, also know to tell people that a clear mind, congratulations to Chen Shuibian "Bingti rehabilitation". According to the provisions of the criminal law for prison "," medical treatment, the medical treatment period shall not included in the term, which should be recovered back to prison execution, "said Luo Zhiqiang," Cai Bian government, sick, can go back to prison!" 30 afternoon, Chen Shuibian, together with his wife, Wu Shuzhen, attended the concert in Kaohsiung, did not sit in a wheelchair, but by the nursing staff holding a star相关的主题文章: