Chen Shuibian was invited to attend the celebration of Cai Zhengyuan a precedent to invite the large-pretty rhythm

Chen Shuibian was invited to attend the celebration of Cai Zhengyuan: a maximum of corrupt officials invited the Taiwan Beijing Chinese precedent – Taiwan network October 8th news according to Taiwan’s China Times reported that the "double ten celebration" is approaching, former Taiwan leader Chen Shuibian son Chen Zhizhong confirmed, has received a seat card in two, Chen Shuibian and Wu Shuzhen attend this year "double ten celebration", and sent out the invitations is the celebration Preparatory Committee, the Legislative Yuan Su Jiaquan, and was sent not to let Cai Yingwen office should be prepared because. The KMT policies CEO Cai Zhengyuan said, "I don’t think Cai Yingwen did not know beforehand!" Chen Shuibian and Wu Shuzhen attended, active have been attributed to Cai Yingwen, Su Jiaquan bear, when the people of monkey play. According to reports, Cai Zhengyuan on Facebook (Facebook) posting said, "passing ghosts, don’t believe! Su Jiaquan invited Chen Shuibian and Wu Shuzhen attended the ceremony, which is not in the implementation of invited former leaders of the Taiwan region in the creation practice, this is the largest in the history of Taiwan at the invitation of corrupt precedent, also in the manufacturing history of the first to invite the inmates of the case." Cai Zhengyuan pointed out that Cai Yingwen’s office that we don’t know, may refer to the Secretary General Cai Yingwen said Cai do not know in advance; that is, passing the ghost in that nonsense, don’t believe! Cai Zhengyuan said, this set of political tricks, just create an environment, Chen Shuibian, Cai Yingwen, Wu Shuzhen attended, active to have Su Jiaquan bear, playing tricks of the Cai Yingwen regime, the people when the monkey playing, Nothing is capable of exceeding this! Netizen message said "international certification" parole rank as "" absoultely "were invited to attend the ceremony! The "double ten celebration" corruption such as swearing! Lose the face of Taiwan! Back to the prison to prison!" "Invite a parole officer… Is it possible for Taiwan’s parole offenders to be more important than the people? If not, please prepare 22 million seats and invite the people… If it is… So, it’s not fair to invite all of you on parole… Why only a thick corruption convicted of parole "," being able to attend "double ten celebration", there is no health problems, the prison sentence was served!" , "no one can guarantee absolute political clarity, but there must be a sense of shame, shame even words are not the people you want him to recognize what is wrong? (Lu Jiajing)相关的主题文章: