Check the Hokage best between the originator of the Edo Tensei jutsu –

Check the Hokage best thousand leaf between the Edo Tensei jutsu originator [Abstract] in various villages in Naruto, to the comprehensive strength of the strongest and the number of leaves, in a village, only the strong will on Huoying position, which is Huoying village leader, is also a symbol of the strong, the next Xiaobian to introduce the history of the strongest Ninja naruto. The first column at Huoying thousand jutsu: Wood escapes operation wood to escape – tree falls Huoying type occult circles Ershun surgery (control beast). He is the second generation of the two generation (brother Fei is the third generation thousand teachers, the fourth generation of shizu. ), the fifth generation grandfather. All of his village, the village as part of their lives, the spirit of the profound impact on the village of everyone. The first is considered to be the pinnacle of Ninja naruto. He had gone down, creating the leaf leaves become the first generation huoying. The two generation thousand gates between good jutsu: ha water water escape, water – water escape array wall, body of eight men, the door body of leaf blade, flow – tolerance – Thor’s sword (can first magic), water escape – hose bomb. He is the master, the water escape Guijiao water escape in front of him is that he is the master of the body display slight skill before an expert!! eight men is he hit! He is space-time Ninjutsu space-time and the four generation Huoying, Ninjutsu master almost! He is, he is also the magic sword master master, can first get in the hands of thunder magic sword the dirt, he created the three generation Huoying! Sarutobi specializes in a variety of Ninjutsu, animation show: Huodun – Dragon – Dragon Huodun bomb, bomb, soil and soil with soil to escape, escape double – Tulong bomb, soil to escape – soil – soil, soil flow Bi Dun river flow, the psychic surgery – wall, steel. Through the spirit of change – steel bar, – tile can best shuriken, could you hand – Ying, seal seal, seal of the three party of Shiki fuujin. He is among the longest serving Huoying, all leaves basically ninjutsuma can use it, known as the professor and the "Ninja God" genius, more nurturing called legend leaves used three generation not superior family, no occult, no bloodline, but he relied on on Ninjutsu understanding, others think is of no practical garbage will Ninjutsu, but those Ninjutsu excavated. The strongest is the three generation will be able to use ordinary Ninjutsu perfect, to achieve S grade ninjutsuma power, proficient in a variety of Ninjutsu, and also combine them, and use the different attributes of the ninja. The four generation of wind wave at the Watergate instantaneous body surgery space Ninjutsu, the art of fly Raytheon (space-time Ninjutsu), spiral pill (unfinished), seal operation. Shiki fuujin, Tongling four seal: all kernel (in the Naruto left by the seal body, to block nine tail seal type gossip activity two: Four seal formed even seal, all people are in the Naruto left abdominal seal type). From the art of fly Raytheon (ninjutsuma space-time Ninjutsu) rasengan soul edge. The five Hokage Tsunade at jutsu: Operation – physical attack, strange body of pain: as long as a foot stomping on the ground, can make the slide type attack medical surgery – medical surgery – create palm magic regeneration strange mountain: crack years Tsunade chakra stored in the body. This large amount of chakra, can stimulate the formation of a variety of proteins,.相关的主题文章: