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It is often very overwhelming to try and find the perfect jewelry to go with each outfit. It is important to focus on the neckline of the dress before selecting the right jewelry. The following information will act as a complete guide towards knowing exactly what type of jewelry will look best with each different type of neckline.

The Best Necklace for a Strapless Dress.

A strapless dress will highlight the entire neck and the necklace should help maintain the same focus. Short necklaces or chokers look great with a strapless dress and bold earrings will help to balance out the entire look. It is important to remember that less is more when it comes to choosing the right type of jewelry to go with a dress.

The Best Necklace for an off the Shoulder Dress.

Off the shoulder, dresses are extremely popular and it is important not to choose an overpowering necklace to go with this type of dress. Take some extra time to choose a necklace and earrings that will not create a big distraction. A simple collar necklace is perfect for an off the shoulder dress and will help to keep the focus upward towards the face.

The Best Necklace for a V Neck Dress.

The best necklace for a V Neck is a longer style piece and simple earrings. Layering jewelry is also very popular and looks very good with a V Neckline dress. It is important to choose a layered necklace that falls below the V Neckline to keep the exposed space free and clear.

The Best Necklace for a Squared Neckline Dress.

A squared neckline dress can make it a bit more difficult to find the perfect jewelry because of the angles. A short, collared, or small layered necklace is a great choice when wearing a squared neckline dress. A necklace with a round pendant is an excellent choice because it will help to soften the sharp angles of a squared neckline.

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