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Changchun " borrow wisdom " " transformation; " upgrade   51 – Jilin Channel – original title matchmaking project: " borrow wisdom " " transformation; " upgrade invited a large number of enterprises, the strength of strong, high quality, multi project matchmaking…… September 28th to 30, in the world’s top 500 enterprises (well-known multinational companies) into Jilin, the activities of Changchun to carry out various activities, and achieved fruitful results. Up to now, Changchun received a total of 500 executives of the world’s top 91 companies to discuss docking project of 51. Entrepreneurs to Changchun resources factor endowments, advantage, industry positioning, focus on the development of a more profound understanding of, and the Changchun throw to the "olive branch" to give a positive response, thus upgrading has injected new vitality and power for the Changchun "borrow wisdom" and "leverage" transformation. After the early scientific organization, careful planning, during the meeting, Changchun through dinner, 2016 Development Zone in the world 500 strong dialogue forum, economic and trade cooperation and exchanges and other activities will take the initiative to contact enterprises, selection of docking cooperation projects, for as soon as possible to attract a number of large projects, good projects settled. At present, the open area and Italy (Chinese) in light Marilyn project conducted in-depth exchanges, at the same time to discuss the Marilyn power system project; with 3M company on projects related to automobile and passenger car to negotiate, 3M company recently to the open area to inspect. Changchun district and the American HPE company conducted in-depth docking, HPE plans to set up offshore outsourcing R & D center in the high-tech zones, Changchun actively participate in the construction of smart city, medical wisdom construction, and carry out intelligent logistics cooperation Beihu logistics park; development of new Changchun Henkel group is confident, plans to add new products based on the original investment. Nine district and Bunge company in the United States conducted in-depth discussion of agricultural products deep processing project, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention on agricultural products deep processing project and logistics project. Jingyue Development Zone with the Microsoft Corp in the United States, Microsoft Chinese public utilities Department of MICE Microsoft data research center, VR virtual reality imaging experience center and the construction of smart city cooperation to conduct a preliminary exchange of direction. Wide city on agricultural products, feed processing, electronic products processing and manufacturing, gardening design, bearing processing and other projects with a number of enterprises to negotiate. The United States AECOM company that is willing to cooperate with the Dehui city design and development of the Songhua River extension line of the overall regional planning, the city of Dehui into the Yinmahe River regional planning, and will send the relevant business delegation to Dehui visit, discuss specific cooperation matters. Nong’an and Singapore’s Temasek group, Papadopoulos Investment Management Co. Ltd. (Chinese) Fresh Carrot Juice project carried out docking project said that next month will be to Nong’an fieldwork. It is understood that, from 1984 into the Changchun Zhengda Group, now has a total of more than and 70 Fortune 500 companies and multinational companies in Changchun. In the future, Changchun will be a comprehensive construction of regional central cities in Northeast Asia, will also give birth to unlimited investment opportunities, around the full use of the results of living activities, the implementation of the project in Changchun相关的主题文章: