Central Primary School kindergarten teacher intermediate grade exam 11 day registration mcncc

Central Primary School kindergarten teacher exam 11, intermediate title registration began in November 2nd, the provincial education department, the provincial agency issued a notice, the kindergarten teachers in primary and middle schools in Fujian Province, promotion intermediate (level) title examination in December 11th will be opened, the registration time for November 11th to 17 days. According to the requirements of examinations for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to be declared (intermediate level) professional and technical titles for teaching staff (including education, research, teaching, experiment) should participate in the unified organization of the teaching ability level of education examination, pass the exam before the declaration. With doctoral qualifications and other personnel have series of intermediate title personnel transfer assessment of primary and secondary school teachers (intermediate level) title may not participate in the examination; the statutory retirement age less than 5 years of nursery school teachers may be exempted from examination. According to the time schedule, November 11th 8:00 ~ 17 17:30, candidates can log provincial education examination website for online registration; December 5th 8:00 to 11, 9:00 can print the ticket; examination arrangements on the morning of December 11th 9:00-11:30; candidates in February 23, 2017 on the provincial education examination website for my exam results. Provincial Department of education, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security will be qualified to apply for the examination and approval of the staff issued a notice, the notice valid for three years (2017, 2018, three years of review can be used). The examination to take a written examination, closed form. The paper focuses on the ability of analyzing and solving the practical problems in teaching and learning by using professional knowledge. The examination of 32 major categories, including Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, ideological and political (moral), history, geography and other disciplines in the 9 junior and senior high school respectively by teachers according to the proposition, teaching section (junior high school) test. Primary and secondary school kindergarten teachers according to the title of the subject to be declared 1 professional categories. >相关的主题文章: