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Development and Reform Commission refutes unemployment tide ability and confidence to maintain emplo 驭夫术妻恩浩荡

The NDRC barge "unemployment": the ability to maintain confidence in the stability of employment recommended reading: NDRC February 17th macroeconomic data conference record Beijing February 17th Chinese electroacupuncture on this year is likely to face off the tide, the tide of unemployment "point of view, the Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin said today that, from the current economic operation of our country state, there will not be a new round of unemployment". He stressed that China has the ability and the confidence to maintain basic stability in employment. Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on 17, issued macroeconomic data and respond to hot issues, national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters. Press conference said that the Internet has pointed out that with the increase in economic downward pressure, this year may face "laid-off tide", "unemployment" tide". In this regard, Zhao Chenxin said, from the current status of China’s economic operation, there will not be a new round of "unemployment" tide". Since 12th Five-Year, China’s economic development has entered a new normal, the economic growth rate has slowed down, but the average annual GDP growth of about 7.8%, is still in the international rapid growth. In the past five years, the number of new jobs has increased by 64 million 310 thousand in the whole country, 11.4% more than in 11th Five-Year, and an average annual increase of 12 million 860 thousand people, an increase of 1 million 320 thousand people over the period of 11th Five-Year, and the growth rate is 11.4%. Zhao Chenxin pointed out that the judgment of the employment situation has the following important support: first, the fundamentals of economic stability and development have not changed. With a stable economy employment growth, insist on maintaining stability in the general work guideline, strengthen the regulation range, to make up the short board, expanding consumption, promoting investment, accelerate the formation of new supply, new power and new growth, growth pole. The economy will continue to grow at a moderate and high speed, and the capacity of employment will continue to rise. Two is to promote public entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurial ability to enhance employment. The introduction and implementation of policies to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, support for migrant workers and other home business and other aspects of the policy document, to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, to promote employment significantly. In 2015, the national market maintained a good momentum of rapid development, the annual registration of new enterprises 4 million 439 thousand, an increase of 21.6%. The daily average of about 12 thousand newly registered enterprises, this year’s "double" will continue to further promote entrepreneurship, promote employment capability will be further enhanced. Three, the labor market as a whole is more active, and the surplus labor force can realize the floating employment smoothly. Since 2011, the rate of asking for help has always maintained above 1, the employment demand is larger than the supply, and the labor market has better employment ability. With the rapid adjustment of economic structure, new industries, new formats and service industries are booming, creating a large number of jobs. To resolve the overcapacity, eliminate backward production capacity to bring surplus labor in the smooth realization of cross industry flow of employment, no post retention problems. Four is the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to take measures to make the resettlement work to resolve the overcapacity. The State Council promulgated the opinions on the steel and coal industry to resolve the excess capacity to achieve the development of extricate oneself from difficulties

发改委驳“失业潮”:有能力有信心保持就业稳定   推荐阅读:   发改委2月17日宏观经济运行数据发布会实录   中新网2月17日电 针对中国今年有可能会面临“下岗潮、失业潮”的观点,发改委新闻发言人赵辰昕今日表示, 从目前我国经济运行的状态看,不会出现新一轮“失业潮”。他强调,中国有能力、有信心保持就业基本稳定。   发改委17日召开新闻发布会,发布宏观经济运行数据并回应热点问题,国家发改委新闻发言人赵辰昕出席发布会,并回答记者提问。   发布会上有媒体提问称,网上有文章指出,随着经济下行压力的增大,今年有可能会面临“下岗潮、失业潮”。   对此,赵辰昕表示,从目前我国经济运行的状态看,不会出现新一轮“失业潮”。“十二五”以来,我国经济发展进入新常态,经济增长速度有所放缓,但国内生产总值年均增长约7.8%,仍处于国际较快的增速。五年全国城镇新增就业累计达到6431万人,比“十一五”时期多增了11.4%,年均新增 1286万人,比“十一五”时期增加132万人,增长速度也是11.4%。赵辰昕指出,对就业形势的判断有以下重要支撑:   一是经济稳定发展的基本面没有变。就业增长具有稳定的经济基础,坚持稳中求进工作总基调,加强区间调控,千方百计补短板、扩消费、促投资,加快培育形成新供给、新动力和新的增长带、增长极。经济仍将保持中高速增长,就业拉动能力将继续提升。   二是统筹推进大众创业、万众创新。创业带动就业能力不断增强。出台实施了大力推进大众创业万众创新,支持农民工等人员返乡创业等方面的政策文件,力促创业创新,对促进就业作用明显。2015年全国市场主体保持快速 发展的良好势头,全年新登记企业443.9万,增长了21.6%。平均每天新登记企业约1.2万户,今年“双创”将继续深入推进,创业带动就业的能力还将 进一步增强。   三是劳动力市场整体较为活跃,过剩劳动力可顺利实现流动就业。2011年以来求人倍率始终保持在1以上,就业需求总体大于供给,劳动力市场流动就业能力较好。随着经济结构加速调整,新产业、新业态和服务业等蓬勃发展,创造了大量就业岗位。化解过剩产能、淘汰落后产能带来的过剩劳动力顺利实现跨地区、跨行业流动就业,没有出现待岗滞留等问题。   四是党中央国务院高度重视,多措并举做好化解过剩产能职工安置工作。国务院出台了关于钢铁和煤炭行业化解过剩产能实现脱困发展的意见,将加强奖补支持,设立工业企业结构调整专项奖补资金,统筹对地方化解过剩产能的人员分流安置给予奖补。同时,通过挖掘企业内部潜力、内部退养等方式,着力做好职工安置工作,努力减少下岗工人数量。   “下一步,我们将按照党中央国务院有关部署,坚持创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念,聚焦关键环节、脆弱环节、基础环节,把握好四个重要抓手,完全有能力、有信心保持就业形势稳定。”赵辰昕表示。   第一,从基础信息看,加强政产学研会商,做好经济与就业数据联动评估。加强部门与研究机构、大数据分析机构的密切协作,全面汇总现有经济运行、产业结构调整、就业失业统计数据,充分借助大数据监测、代表性基层监测点数据交叉比对,综合分析、准确评判经济和就业形势,要做到心中有数。   第二,从产业看,既着力创造新增用工需求,也将有效稳定存量用工基数。把握世界科技革命变革方向,加快培育新兴经济和就业增长点。大力促进高端产业进口替代,加快发展国内相关产业,创造更多就业机会。对民生需求刚性、劳动密集型的轻工等制造业企业,加快出台降成本普惠性政策,实施差别化扶持政策,着力稳定现有就业岗位。   第三,从区域看,既发挥中心城市吸纳就业的龙头带动作用,也要培育经济困难地区接续产业和就地就近就业机会。要加快推进新型城镇化,扩大中心城市吸纳就业龙头作用,创造更多区域性经济和就业中心。积极培育接续产业,缓解困难地区经济发展和就业压力。结合正在开展的返乡创业试点工作,嫁接政府、市场和社会资源,建设一批具有区域特色的返乡创业园区,培育一批具有发展潜力 的特色产业带,带动返乡人员创业就业。   第四,从人群看,建立五类重点人群与“三张网”相结合的分类施策机制。主要是针对大学生中的往届名义就业群体和新毕业群体、农民工中失业返乡人员、困难行业有一定人力资本提升潜力的下岗职工、经济困难地区有流动就业意 愿的人员、就业确有困难人员等五类重点群体,发挥就业信息网、职业培训网、社会保障安全网的协同效应,统筹施策。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued 16 tickets to severely punish agricultural insurance fa 哀兵必胜的意思

China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued 16 tickets to punish agricultural insurance false factoring claims industry, said this year has checked three times Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same kind of products for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Each reporter Yuan Yuan   the increasingly urgent demand, favorable policies continue, the development of agricultural insurance ushered in the golden age, but the challenges and opportunities often accompany with the agricultural insurance industry, "chaos have no prospect of profit and other problems ensue. The day before, the CIRC punishment on the part of the insurance companies in the field of agricultural insurance underwriting, preparation of false data, false false claims and other illegal acts, and out of the history of the largest ticket, 16 tickets total fines of up to 4 million 570 thousand yuan. A person in charge of agricultural insurance said that at present, the chaos of agricultural insurance management is mainly reflected in three aspects, namely underwriting end, claims side and financial aspects. This issue will focus on the status quo of agricultural insurance, and analyze the opportunities and challenges in the golden age of agricultural insurance development. Focus on agricultural insurance chaos. With the acceleration of the process of agricultural modernization in China, the development prospects of agricultural insurance gradually appear, and huge market dividends attract many insurance institutions to stop. At the same time, many problems have also been exposed. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission official website announced the details of a "special rectification of agricultural insurance supervision and on-site meetings", and said to face the problems of agricultural insurance, agricultural insurance to regulate the market management work well. At the same time, regulators also for the chaos on the market, a ticket. In this regard, a risk enterprise insiders told the daily economic news reporter, regulatory inspection every year, intended to promote the improvement of agricultural insurance business, the current agricultural insurance management does exist some problems, need to be resolved by means of supervision. "There are more checks this year. So far, they’ve checked three times."." The Agricultural Insurance Supervision issued remediation chaos recently, in the "agricultural insurance supervision and special rectification on-site meetings", the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui, the insurance companies to further unify their thinking, with a strong sense of mission and sense of responsibility and urgency, to implement agricultural insurance special rectification work; all insurance regulatory bureaus to enrich the way methods to improve the work efficiency, supervision and inspection. "To know again, to carry out special rectification of agricultural insurance again, the existence of problems in previous work reflect on and further investigation, focus on solving the agricultural insurance work understanding is not in place, the agricultural insurance problems harm the understanding is not in place, and solve the problem to the problem is not in place." Chen Wenhui said, the insurance regulatory bureau to objectively look at previous stage achievements, strengthen the preliminary work on the summary of the situation, to work in the presence of gaps and deficiencies, find the problem, pay attention to the analysis of causes, the initiative to enhance the supervision and inspection work, further from the thought and action seriously, out of work, earnestly selves, responsible for defending their territories, to defend their duties. "This inspection will be carried out every year, similar to the annual inspection of the compulsory insurance for motor insurance, which is used to inform and point out the existence theory of agricultural insurance management in the previous year 保监会开16张罚单严惩农险虚假承保理赔 业内称今年已查三遍 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!     ◎每经记者 袁园   需求日益迫切,政策利好不断,农业保险的发展迎来了黄金时期,但挑战与机遇往往相伴相生,农业保险乱象纷纷、行业“有前景无利润”等难题接踵而来。   日前,保监会对部分险企在农险领域编制虚假资料、虚假承保、虚假理赔等违法违规行为进行处罚,并开出了史上最大规模罚单,16张罚单总计罚款金额高达457万元。一位农险负责人表示,目前,农险经营的乱象主要体现在三个方面,即承保端、理赔端和财务方面。   本期专题报道将聚焦农业保险现状,解析农险发展黄金时期中的那些机遇与挑战。聚焦农业保险乱象。随着我国农业现代化进程的加快,农业保险的发展前景逐渐显现,巨大的市场红利吸引了很多保险机构的驻足。与此同时,诸多问题也被暴露出来。   日前,保监会官网公布了召开“农业保险专项治理整顿督导现场会议”的详情,并表示要正视农业保险客观存在的问题,把农业保险市场规范经营工作抓好。   与此同时,监管还针对市场上的乱象,开出罚单。对此,某险企内部人士对《每日经济新闻》记者表示,监管的检查每年都会有,意在推动农险经营业务的完善,目前农险经营确实存在一些问题,需要通过监管的手段去解决。“今年的检查多一些,到目前为止,都检查三遍了。”    监管发文整治农险乱象    近日,在“农业保险专项治理整顿督导现场会议”中,保监会副主席陈文辉要求,各保险公司要进一步统一思想,以高度的使命感、责任感和紧迫感,贯彻落实好农业保险专项治理整顿工作;各保监局要丰富方式方法,切实提升监管检查工作效能。   “要对开展农业保险专项治理整顿的意义再认识、再强调,对前期工作中存在的问题再反思、再查摆,重点解决好对农业保险工作认识不到位、对农业保险问题危害性认识不到位,以及解决问题决心不到位的问题。”陈文辉表示,各保监局要客观看待前一阶段取得的成绩,加强对前期工作情况的总结,正视工作中存在的差距与不足,多找找问题,注重原因剖析,增强督导检查工作的主动性,进一步从思想上和行动上重视起来,抓出工作成效,切实做到守土有责、守土负责、守土尽责。   “这个检查每年都会有,跟车险的交强险每年的年检类似,用来通报和指出上年农险经营中存在的问题,并责令保险机构整改。”某险企内部人士对《每日经济新闻》记者表示,监管检查主要也是为了推动农险经营业务的完善,目前农险经营确实存在一些问题,需要通过监管的手段去推动。   记者梳理近年保监会发布的通知发现,保监会每年都会针对农险做检查,并发出会议通报内容,重申开展农业保险专项治理整顿的意义,并对前期工作中存在的问题反思、查摆,解决农业保险工作中存在的问题。   结合近几年保监会的农险整顿文件来看,虚假承保、虚假理赔、内部管控薄弱和服务能力不足等问题是农险经营中存在的主要问题。中国保险学会顾问、北京保险研究院农村保险研究中心常务副主任、江泰农林部首席专家郭永利对《每日经济新闻》记者表示,道路选择错误和缺乏顶层设计是农险经营混乱的主要原因。近几年,大量补贴资金用于吸引商业保险公司经营农业保险方面,诱发了较多的恶性竞争、弄虚作假、骗取财政资金等问题。    保监会一日开16张罚单    此次,在农险整顿会议召开的同时,监管也对部分险企在农险领域编制虚假资料、虚假承保、虚假理赔等违法违规行为进行处罚,并开出了史上最大规模罚单,16张罚单总计罚款金额高达457万元。   保监会9月5日公布的行政处罚书显示,16张罚单共涉及5家财险公司,分别为人保财险、国寿财险、中华联合财险、安华农险和紫金财险,罚款总金额达457万元。其中,人保财险分支机构收到的罚单最多,总计8张,罚款共计113万元;紫金财险分支机构收到的罚款金额最高,总计金额为119万元;中华联合财险、安华农险和国寿财险分别被罚105万元、97万元和23万元。   此次违规行为主要集中在编制虚假资料和未执行备案条款费率两项问题。比如,2014年,人保财险宝应支公司承保的种植险业务中,存在由村组为农户缴纳保费,之后通过在理赔时编造保险事故或扩大部分农户损失程度进行赔付,赔款用于返还代垫保费或村组工作经费的问题。为此,保监会决定对人保财险宝应支公司罚款20万元,对相应负责人共计罚款6万元。   一位农险负责人表示,目前,农险经营的乱象主要体现在三个方面,即承保端、理赔端和财务方面。   “很多地方确实存在管理不到位、人手短缺导致工作效率低下等问题,经过整改,可以帮助这些地区完善业务。”上述某险企内部人员对《每日经济新闻》记者表示,这些罚单主要是针对去年的业务,由于业务面对农村,地方也多属于偏远地区,确实在经营方面存在问题,在监管查处后,机构也是以整改为主,改善业务经营中存在的问题。   业内人士分析称,当下我国农户、农村新型主体的保险意识与发达国家相比,还有一定差距,并且由于散户较多,规模不大,传统农业保险经营模式已经遇到了瓶颈,这需要专业农险公司加大经营模式创新研究、产品创新、技术创新力度,引领我国农业保险更好地发展,为农业提供更大、更适用的风险保障服务。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Guangdong Development Bank Chairman Dong Jianyue farewell letter not reached IPO regret deeply 纵情欲海3 迅雷下载

Guangdong Development Bank Chairman Dong Jianyue farewell letter: no IPO, deeply regret Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same kind of product for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! [reports] China Life shares to complete the delivery of Guangdong Development Bank President chairman of Guangdong Development Bank Chairman Dong Jianyue released the outgoing chairman’s successor Liming Xian to employees farewell letter GF officially retired governor of the Bank of the surging news reporter Li Yingying 2016-08-31 07:47 in Chinese entered the life full of Guangdong Development Bank, Guangdong Development bank chairman Dong Jianyue at the age of 55 on the 30 August Guangdong Development Bank staff issued a farewell the letter, outgoing announcement. The farewell letter of about 2600 words, Dong Jianyue mentioned in the letter, I will say goodbye to this once worked, embark on a new journey of life. But it did not disclose new jobs. Dong Jianyue was appointed chairman of Guangdong Development Bank in June 2009, and was the president of Beijing branch of Bank of china. In a letter to Dong Jianyue took an inventory of the development of Guangdong Development Bank 7 years to come, with special reference to "because of the difference of objective conditions, foreign culture and more of my personal ability, there are some work I have not yet reached the expected goal, some work omissions, there are a lot of work in advance in the process, especially IPO, after several efforts, with the universe, has not reached. I always feel deeply disturbed and guilty when I think about it". In addition, Dong Jianyue also said in the letter that China Life Insurance will enter the board of Guangdong Development bank. Dong Jianyue mentioned in his letter: "Comrade Ming Sheng has good political quality, rich working experience and leadership experience; he is a senior insurance expert, familiar with the financial business.". I believe that the new board of directors will lead you to create a brighter future for Guangdong Development bank". It is understood that China Life Insurance Group Chairman Yang Mingsheng and group vice president Liu Jiade will enter the Guangdong board of directors, the appointment of shareholders still need to be approved by the general assembly and regulatory authorities. Yang Mingsheng had worked in the bank for a long time and served as president of the Agricultural Bank of china. In 2007, he was transferred to vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and served as head of China Life Insurance Group since 2012. In addition, there are rumors that Liu Jiade will become the president of Guangdong Development bank. Guangdong Development Bank, the current executive director, President Liming Xian, has held the post for 6 years. The Ming offer in November 1956, China Taiwan, the full 60 years old. The Ming offer graduated from the National Taiwan University Department of economics. Before joining the bank in 1989, the Ming offer joined Citigroup, Citigroup has two in Taiwan and Hong Kong for senior positions different, served as president of the Taiwan branch of Citigroup, Citigroup chairman of Commercial Bank of Taiwan Limited by Share Ltd. The Ming offer served as president of the Taiwan Citibank in April 2007, presided over the acquisition of a local Taiwan Bank (Overseas Commercial Bank), become Taiwan’s largest foreign bank. Prior to this, China Life Insurance Group took over the shareholding of Guangdong Development Bank and IBM to make its shareholding ratio in Guangdong Development Bank

广发银行董事长董建岳告别信:未达成IPO深感遗憾 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   【相关报道】   国寿入股广发银行完成交割 董事长行长人选出炉   广发银行董事长董建岳卸任 国寿董事长接棒   利明献向员工发告别信 正式卸任广发银行行长   澎湃新闻记者 李莹莹   2016-08-31 07:47   在中国人寿全面入主广发银行后,55岁的广发银行董事长董建岳8月30日向广发银行员工发出告别信,宣告离任。   该告别信全文约2600字,董建岳在信中提到,我就要挥别这曾经工作过的地方,踏上人生新的征程。但其并未透露新的任职。董建岳2009年6月出任广发银行董事长,在此之前则为中国银行北京市分行行长。   董建岳在信中盘点了上任7年间来的广发银行发展情况,并特别提及“由于客观条件的限制、中外方文化的差异以及更主要的我个人能力所限,有一些工作的成效尚未达到我预期的目标,有些工作存在疏漏,还有很多工作在推进的过程中,特别是IPO,几经努力,使出洪荒之力,也未达成。每每想到这些我都感到深深的不安和愧疚”。   此外,董建岳也在信中透露中国人寿将全面进入广发银行董事会。董建岳在信中提到,“明生同志政治素质好,工作经历和领导经验丰富;家德同志是资深保险业专家,熟悉金融业务。我相信,新一届董事会一定会率领大家开创广发银行更加辉煌的明天”。   据了解,中国人寿集团董事长杨明生和集团副总裁刘家德将进入广发董事会,有关任命仍需股东大会和监管机构批准。杨明生此前曾长期在银行工作,并担任过农行行长。2007年调任保监会副主席,2012年后出任中国人寿集团负责人。   此外有消息传言,刘家德将出任广发银行行长。广发银行现任执行董事、行长利明献,担任该职也已6年。利明献1956年11月生,中国台湾人,即将满60岁。   利明献毕业于国立台湾大学经济学系。在加盟广发银行之前,利明献于1989年加盟花旗,先后在台港两地为花旗担任不同的高级职务,曾任花旗台湾的分行行长,花旗台湾商业银行股份有限公司董事长。利明献在担任花旗银行台湾行长期间, 于2007年4月主持并购一家台湾本地银行(华侨商业银行),成为台湾规模最大的外商银行。   此前,中国人寿集团通过接手花旗集团和IBM所持广发银行股权,使其在广发银行持股比例达到43.686%。   董建岳简历   男, 1961年07月生。董事长、执行董事、党委书记。大学本科,高级工程师。历任国家化工部生产综合司设备动力处副处长、生产协调司设备能源处处长、生产协调司副司长,无锡市人民政府市长助理;中国银行总行信贷业务部副总经理、公司业务部副总经理、资产保全部总经理,期间曾兼任中国银行总行资产处置委员会秘书长、中国银行(香港)有限公司风险管理委员会和风险控制委员会委员、中港(开曼)公司董事长、中银集团投资公司董事;中国银行辽宁省分行行长、党委书记;中国银行集团执行委员会委员,兼任中国银行北京市分行行长、党委书记。2009年6月出任广发董事长。以下为告别信全文: 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

He was released from prison after complaints plan lust jioubu injustice bidding stage a comeback 郡主大人万万岁

He was released from prison after the plan: what dry jioubu lust appeal injustice trick: "who used to stage a comeback after prison appeal grievances to recruit the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Luo Ping jioubu stage a comeback at the age of 76 China before the" richest man "who used out. On the morning of September 27th, a woman named Xia Zongwei drove him to the gate of the Hongshan prison in Hubei. Xia Zongwei also has a identity: Nande Group Chairman, former Secretary General Mu Mu for only after the specified action agent, there is his ex-wife’s sister. Xia Zongwei said, the moment on the morning of 27 around 7 points out of prison, he looked calm. He was released from prison while avoided the media, but less than half a day, he was wearing a short sleeved plaid, holding flowers pictures spread throughout the network. "The old say, has been able to eat?" Remember, the madman asked questions. Canned change aircraft, launch satellite, develop Manchuria, as the first generation of private entrepreneurs in China, while shouldering the "richest man" and "the first cheat" name of the former, three times before and after imprisonment for 23 years. What do you think in prison? Where is the release from prison? Xia Zongwei relayed that there are mainly three things: the "grievances", business thinking theory, start the experiment of South devon". 1 from the top to the prisoner Mou after his release, Xia Zongwei in the media platform, issued a statement, statement of who used the post release plan, do some revealed. "I’m afraid social rumors are everywhere, and make a statement, there is a unified statement." Xia Zongwei told Yangcheng Evening News reporter. China as the first generation of private entrepreneurs, who used the character very controversial, it is often dubbed the "madman" in the name of the public. In 1980, he resigned from office, borrowing 300 yuan founded after the reform and opening up the first private joint-stock enterprises – German shops, and thus started. He ran a rattan chair, Wanxian Shanghai "35" brand in Tianjin, South Korea, clock jellyfish refrigerator. In 90s, he made a lot of business ideas. Among the three most well-known things that have been known as commercial wonders: canned cans, planes and satellites, trying to develop Manchuria. These actions are accompanied by a huge controversy at the time, and who used the business is bigger and bigger, also set up a hand to his "neg". In February 1995, "Forbes" will be included in the 1994, global rich China billboard, mainland rich fourth. At that time, Mou’s personal wealth was over 2 billion yuan. But the "letter of credit fraud", let the South Group and he suffered a setback. In 1993, Mu Qizhong neg rate in cooperation with Russia, the successful launch of the "heading" direct broadcast satellite television. Since 1994, neg began manufacturing course series of satellites. In 1995, countries tighten economic policy, to carry out the satellite service, requires a lot of capital Nande group, is undoubtedly a huge blow. At this point, a man named He Jun provided money to the south, heading for the three satellite in time to lift off. However, the money provided by He Jun but who used and neg dragged to the abyss. In 1996, the public security organs laid light on Hubei Province

牟其中出狱后计划:申诉冤情 欲招旧部东山再起   牟其中出狱后干啥:申诉“冤情” 欲招旧部东山再起   羊城晚报记者 罗坪   76岁的中国前“首富”牟其中出狱了。9月27日早晨,一名叫夏宗伟的女子,开车在湖北洪山监狱门口接的他。夏宗伟同时兼有三个身份:南德集团董事长牟其中前秘书、牟其中入狱后指定的唯一诉讼代理人,还有就是前妻之妹。夏宗伟说,27日早晨7点左右出狱的那一刻,牟其中表情平静。   牟其中出狱尽管回避了媒体,但不到半天,他身穿花格短袖、手捧鲜花的照片就传遍网络。“廉颇老矣,尚能饭否?”记得这位“狂人”的人们纷纷发问。罐头换飞机、搞发射卫星、开发满洲里,作为中国第一代民营企业家,同时肩负“首富”与“首骗”名号的牟其中,前后三次坐牢23年。狱中何所想?出狱向何方?夏宗伟转述说,主要有三件事:申诉“冤情”、思考商业理论、启动“南德实验”。   1   从首富到阶下囚   牟出狱后,夏宗伟在其自媒体平台上,发布了一则声明,声明对牟其中出狱后的计划,做了一些透露。“我是担心社会传言满天飞,做个声明有个统一说法。”夏宗伟告诉羊城晚报记者。   作为中国第一代民营企业家,牟其中极具个性也饱受争议,故常被公众冠以“狂人”之名。1980年,牟其中辞去公职,借款300元创办了改革开放后第一家私营股份制企业——中德商店,并以此起家。他经营过万县籐椅、上海“三五”牌座钟、天津海蜇皮、韩国冰箱。整个90年代,牟其中提出过很多商业构想。   这之中,最为外界所熟知、至今被视为商业奇迹的三件事:罐头换飞机、发射卫星,试图开发满洲里。这些行动在当时伴随着巨大的争议,而牟其中的生意也越做越大,还一手建立起了他的“南德集团”。1995年2月,《福布斯》将牟列入1994年全球富豪龙虎榜,中国大陆富豪第四位。当时牟的个人财富超过20亿元。   但接下来的“信用证诈骗案”,让南德集团及牟其中遭受重挫。   1993年,牟其中率南德集团与俄罗斯合作,成功地发射了“航向一号”电视直播卫星。1994年起,南德集团开始制造航向系列卫星。1995年,国家实行紧缩银根的经济政策,这对开展卫星业务、需要大量资金的南德集团来说,无疑是一个巨大的打击。   这时,一个叫何君的人向南德提供了资金,航向三号卫星及时升空。然而,何君提供的那笔钱却把牟其中与南德集团拖向了无底深渊。   1996年,公安机关在对湖北省轻工业品进出口公司“骗开信用证套汇”的问题进行调查中发现,南德集团所用的资金与该案有着千丝万缕的联系。原来,当时南德集团为了紧急融资,参与了何君与湖北轻工共同策划的一起“虚构进口货物、骗开信用证,非法占有国家资金”的行为。牟其中作为决策人之一,被认定构成了信用证诈骗罪。   2000年8月,牟其中被判处无期徒刑,剥夺政治权利终身。服刑期内牟其中一直申诉试图翻案,其间他因表现良好经历了几次减刑。   2   狱中写作数百万字   入狱后的牟其中在干什么?夏宗伟称狱中16年,牟其中主要坚持做三件事:锻炼、写作和思考。而目标,也是为了达成三件事情:申诉“冤情”、思考商业理论和待出狱准备启动“南德实验”。   夏宗伟称,牟其中在狱中的作息非常规律:上午阅读、写作3个半小时,午睡一小时,下午继续阅读、写作,每天坚持锻炼。晚上看《新闻联播》,在监区允许时,还会看中央一套8点档的两集电视剧。因为年纪较大又患过病,狱方每天给牟其中测两次血压,一周测两次血糖,3个月去监狱医院全面检查一次身体。   除了锻炼,牟其中其他的时间都花在学习和思考上。夏宗伟称,牟其中获取外界信息的渠道基本都通过《人民日报》以及一些《文摘》类报刊,每晚必看《新闻联播》,此外还有监狱图书馆内一些关于法律、政策类书籍,牟其中读得最多的书是《资本论》。牟其中会把有价值的内容分门别类,逐条摘抄、记录,每天坚持写三五千字阅读心得和分析文章。   夏宗伟称,牟其中狱中的笔记本,摞起来已有数米高,字数达数百万。通过有限的渠道,牟其中始终保持着对外界的关注,特别有关司法改革和经济领域改革,是他重点关注的方向。前者跟他所处环境相关,后者则是他长久关切的事。   “互联网+”、“创业”、“创客”,牟其中都进行了关注。夏宗伟表示,牟最潜心研究的,还是市场经济、智慧文明、生产方式等。   3   欲招旧部再起东山   27日出狱,牟其中距离他失去人身自由则将近18年。其经历与另一位传奇商人褚时健颇为相似,褚时健也曾坐牢,但出狱后重新创业,造就了闻名全国的褚橙辉煌。牟其中会否成为第二个褚时健?接下来如何打算?夏宗伟表示:牟其中首先将主要致力于推动案件刑事部分的再审开庭。   其次,将积极地筹备恢复南德试验(Ⅱ),将南德试验(Ⅰ)发现的智慧文明生产方式推进到中试阶段,用更大范围内的实践应用来检验其科学性与普遍性。关于这个试验,夏宗伟在声明中解释为:在更大的范围内用实践来证明以智慧为中心的生产方式,比以资本为中心的生产方式具有无可比拟的全要素生产率。声明还称这一试验,将可普及全新的企业制度。   记者试图向牟其中本人求证,夏宗伟表示暂不方便,也未对南德试验(Ⅱ)精准、详细地说明。不过她透露关于商业计划,牟其中至少在今年7月初的时候,已经想好了这个问题。牟其中入狱后,与他关系密切的人组成了一个十人小组,这个小组的人随时跟他通过书信保持深入沟通。在今年7月3日致十人小组的信中,牟其中谈了自己的计划。   夏宗伟称,牟其中要继续做南德试验,核心问题是三个:指导思想是否科学?人从何处来?钱从何处来?人从何处来的问题他没有详细讲,但今年5月30日,夏宗伟在监狱面见牟其中时,牟引用了一句诗来回答了这个问题:“此去泉台招旧部,旌旗十万斩阎罗”。在上述信中,他也承认再次唤回旧部不是那么容易,他虽然欢迎旧部回来,但也不强人所难。   面对宏伟而长远的计划,牟其中需要面对一些现实问题。夏宗伟透露,出狱后,牟其中看见老同学在使用智能手机和微信,他说也要学习使用智能手机、申请微信号。“虽然他嘴上不说,但这些可能会给他的心理造成刺激,但他70多岁的老同学都使用微信这件事,又给了他鼓励。”   去年秋天夏宗伟探视牟其中,牟称“我出去以后,十年之内就会重建一套商业体系。理论写得再好,还是要实践检验。与那些经济学家、理论家不一样,我自己发现了一套理论,我还可以自己做出来证明出来。”无论是雄心也好狂想也罢,一代“狂人”牟其中把未来的落脚点设在了北京。他是否能重拾往日的荣光?这只能留给时间和他自己的行动去做结论。(来源:羊城晚报) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Part of the funds have been withdrawn from the market in August, holding over 100 million yuan super 空山不见人的下一句

Part of the funds have been withdrawn from the market in August, holding over 100 million yuan super retail quietly approach A shares sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares during the stock market: the most simple way to pick up the money holiday there are private people in WeChat circle, the property market funds began to A shares, in a recent issue of private equity products. There are a lot of subscribers is removed from the property market investors. In addition, according to China’s Clearing Corp data show that in August, over 100 million yuan of super retail investors have begun quietly approaching, compared with July increased by 174 people, which shows that smart funds have begun to act. Significant signal: part of the funds have been withdrawn from the property market, quietly into this place, Yang Jian these days there is a most widely circulated piece: many cities people go out to play after a circle to find out, he suddenly did not buy a house qualification. From September 30th to October 6th, just seven days time, Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Ji’nan, Hefei, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Nanning, Nanjing, Xiamen, Zhuhai and Dongguan have issued new market regulation policies, to restart credit limit restriction. "Golden nine silver ten" this argument should be the first appeared in the property market. When the stock market is good, a few retail selling stocks, now sell stock speculation a lot. What is the property market to herd or go to the bottom of the stock markets? During the National Day holiday, there are private persons in the WeChat circle said, the property market funds began to fight A shares, in the recent release of private equity products, there are many investors who withdraw from the property market investors. In addition, according to China’s Clearing Corp data show that in August, over 100 million yuan of super retail investors have begun quietly approaching, compared with July increased by 174 people, which shows that smart funds have begun to act. The property market crazy A shares for the price adjustment is like a mirror, reflecting the diverse choices of different social groups, people began to fling caution to the winds investment property, there are people taking advantage of the high selling real estate, even listed companies have also joined the "real". According to incomplete statistics, this year, a total of 76 listed companies issued real estate transactions bulletin, which listed companies together to sell, some are in order to protect performance, and some are in order to protect the shell. In this regard, insiders said, listed companies have joined the real force, from one side shows that the current real estate market overheating situation, on the other hand, the choice of listed companies holdings of real estate property, send a signal to the market, the prices may have been in the stage of the top, with the sale value. This Bo Tao investment that, in the short-term real estate asset shortage and rapidly added leverage, individual city prices rise rapidly, may be short-term is not persistent, in contrast, A stock market after a long time of finishing concussion, A shares in the market to benefit from the new economy stock price has begun to appear. Xu Cheng asset general manager Chen said, in the liquidity overflow, asset shortage era background, A stock market has indeed replaced the real estate assets to become public value preservation, value-added potential, but the lack of money is the effect and confidence. Compared with the real estate, the A share market has been discussed

部分资金已撤离楼市 8月持股超1亿元超级散户悄然进场A股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   国庆假期期间有私募人士在微信圈表示,楼市资金开始转战A股了,在近期发行的私募产品中,有不少认购者是从楼市撤下来的投资者。此外据中国结算公司数据显示,8月持股超1亿元的超级散户已开始悄然进场,较7月增加174人,这些都说明聪明资金已经开始行动了。   重大信号:部分资金已撤离楼市,悄悄进入到这个地方   杨建   这几天有一个流传最广的段子:许多城市的人外出游玩一圈之后回家发现,自己突然没有买房资格了。   9月30日至10月6日,短短七天时间,北京、天津、苏州、成都、郑州、无锡、济南、合肥、武汉、深圳、广州、佛山、南宁、南京、厦门、珠海、东莞陆续发布新的楼市调控政策,多地重启限购限贷。   “金九银十”这个说法最早应该是在楼市出现的。当股市行情好的时候,卖房炒股的散户不在少数,现在,卖了股票炒楼的也不少。那到底是去楼市追风还是去股市抄 底?国庆假期期间有私募人士在微信圈表示,楼市资金开始转战A股了,在近期发行的私募产品中,有不少认购者是从楼市撤下来的投资者。此外据中国结算公司数 据显示,8月持股超1亿元的超级散户已开始悄然进场,较7月增加174人,这些都说明聪明资金已经开始行动了。   楼市疯狂 A股连续调整   房价就像一面多棱镜,映照着不同社会群体的多样选择,有人开始不顾一切投入楼市,却有人在趁高抛售房产,甚至连上市公司也纷纷加入“卖房”大军。据不完全统 计,今年以来共有76家上市公司发布房产交易公告,其中上市公司扎堆卖房的,有一些是为了保业绩,还有一些是为了保壳。   对此,业内人士表示,上市公司纷纷加入卖房大军,从一个侧面表明当前楼市有过热的态势,另一方面,上市公司选择此时减持房产物业,也向市场传递了一个信号, 即楼价可能已经处于阶段顶端,具备了出售的价值。对此博道投资认为,房产短期在资产荒及急速加杠杆效应下,个别城市的价格快速上升,可能短期并不具有持续 性,相比而言,A股市场经过较长时间的震荡整理,A股市场中的受益于新经济的个股性价比已经开始显现。   旭诚资产总经理陈�表示,在流动性泛滥、资产荒时代的背景下,A股市场的确有替代房产成为民众实现资产保值、增值的潜力,但是缺的就是赚钱效应与信心。相较 于房地产,A股市场经过了去年以来的调整,继续出现大的系统性风险概率极低,反而比目前疯狂的房市更加具备投资价值,一旦A股出现一波稳定的反弹行情,将 极有可能吸收部分房产投机的资金。   值得注意的是,有私募人士在微信圈表示,在其近期发行的私募产品中,有不少认购者是从楼市撤下来的投资者,这些从楼市撤出来的资金已经开始有步骤的布局A 股。另有私募人士也表示,随着资产荒的持续,此时的股市比楼市更安全,显然已经通过炒房获利的大佬们也必定意识到了这一点,他们把目光悄然转向了有很多潜 在机会的股市。那些从楼市撤出来的群体,更愿意让私募基金等专业机构投资者替他们管理资金。   有数据显示,信托新增A股开户数8月环比增加近140%,一 方面券商和基金子公司在证监会“八条底线”压力下被迫停止通道业务和配资业务,导致大量资金转为通过信托渠道进入A股;另一方面,房价经过一轮暴涨后,资 金借道私募配置股票的需求在增加;中国结算公布的8月统计月报也显示,8月末持有A股流通市值超过1亿元的自然人有4392人,环比7月末增加174人。   人大重阳金融研究院客座研究员万�表示,在目前资产荒的背景下,楼市和股市都是市场资产配置的主要配置对象,而近期房价高涨则主要是因为市场恐慌因素导致 的。由于楼市和股市的市场需求群体、功能定位等不完全相同,市场目前讨论的“楼市对A股有抽血作用”实际上并不是很明显。   私募普遍仓位不高 等待加仓时机   尽管上证指数依然围绕3000点附近持续震荡,私募基金管理者却在备足“弹药”,等待加仓良机。   每日经济新闻记者采访了多家私募了解到,国庆较多私募都是持股过节。因为本身的仓位并不高,普遍的仓位都在4-5成左右,后期加 仓的空间都较大,只是等待一个加仓的机会而已。据记者了解,对后市非常乐观并且安全垫充足的私募基金,仓位才会加到六七成左右;对行情悲观的基金,目前仓 位只有一两成左右。   统 计显示,最近三个季度以来,私募基金产品成立数量和规模均逐步增加。截至2016年8月底,基金业协会已登记私募基金管理人17085家。已备案私募基金 39704只,认缴规模8.03万亿元,认缴规模比肩目前公募基金的规模。截至2016年8月底,按正在管理运行的基金总规模划分,管理规模在20-50 亿元的私募基金管理人421家,管理规模在50-100亿元的160家,管理规模100亿元以上的140家。   对于接下来的加仓信号,部分私募基金经理认为需要从这个几方面去把握:首先是超预期的改革措施,如果接下来改革推进力度和速度超越市场预期,市场必然会予以 积极回应,市场整体估值会得以抬升;其次是情绪面的改善,去年高点以来的3次阶梯式下跌,让投资者损失惨重,市场需要赚钱效应提振人气;最后需要关注房价 大涨后的情况,最近一年来房价飞涨,要关注居民资产配置转移的情况,而目前已有迹象表明有部分楼市资金已经开始转战股市了。   旭诚资产认为当前行情可从三大方向进行战略性建仓:   1、有真实产业链整合需求的上市公司,此类标的不能单纯寻找待转型的小市值公司,还需根据新政中各类借壳认定指标进行选股,需要更多的考虑上市公司的经营情况以及真正需要产业链整合的上市公司。   2、震荡行情中,消费类等防御型行业将有资金回流,投资者可重点关注。   3、市场上比较活跃的概念股,如国企改革、PPP的热点。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

停牌运作两个月之后 凌云股份公告拟购军工资产 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App 挽红楼之潇湘怡情

Two months after the suspension of operation of Lingyun shares announcement intends to purchase military assets hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: a live on-line blogger on a guiding team you earn you can make you my / reporter Xu Rui, editor Qiu Jiang suspended the operation of two months you initially, the operation framework of asset reorganization in Lingyun shares today unveiled. According to Lingyun shares disclosed that company determined to issue shares to buy assets and raise matching funds (related party transactions) way, the acquisition of Hebei Taihang Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. 100% stake and Beijing olink Star Co., Ltd. 100% stake. Based on this, this restructuring counterparty is determined as the controlling shareholder of the company, Lingyun Group North Electronic Research Institute Co. Ltd., Chinese ordnance Science Institute, North Information Group Co. Ltd., the soldiers investment management limited liability company, Xi’an modern control technology research institute, Zhang Junlin and other eight individuals. Among them, the Electronic Research Institute, Chinese ordnance Science Institute, North Information Group Co. Ltd., the soldiers investment management limited liability company, Xi’an modern control technology research institute are Lingyun shares of the actual controller control of China North Industries Group Corporation Ltd. (business unit). It is understood that as Lingyun shares intends to purchase assets, Taihang machinery mainly engaged in R & D, light rocket launchers and other military and civilian high iron parts production and sales, the largest shareholder of Lingyun group; R & D, production and sales of Oriental Lianxing mainly engaged in Beidou satellite navigation chip and the civil military applications, the first the major shareholder of the company for the North Electronic Research institute. Lingyun shares also said that due to the reorganization of assets related matters more, the company and the relevant parties still need specific issues related to further communication, negotiation and the underlying assets involved in the plan; and the reorganization of the complex structure of the transaction, whether in the expected time of completion of project demonstration work and obtains the National Defense Industry Bureau, approval of the SASAC is still significant uncertainty and other reasons, in order to ensure the transaction disclosure program and relevant data is true, accurate and complete, to prevent abnormal stock price volatility, the company intends to continue to apply for extension of resumption, is expected to continue the suspension of time for a month. In the future the agency will continue to carry out further due diligence, the company and related parties will continue to communicate and demonstrate to the reorganization plan, and the restructuring involves the examination and approval of regulatory authorities and strengthen communication, to speed up the work to promote the reorganization involved. THE_END into Sina Financial shares bar discussion

停牌运作两个月之后 凌云股份公告拟购军工资产 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你参赛你赚你拿 总能让你过把瘾   ⊙记者 徐锐 ○编辑 邱江   停牌运作两个月之后,凌云股份资产重组的初步运作框架于今日揭开面纱。   据凌云股份披露,公司初步确定以发行股份购买资产并募集配套资金(涉及关联交易)的方式,收购河北太行机械工业有限公司100%股权和北京东方联星科技有限公司100%股权。基于此,本次重组交易对方确定为公司控股股东凌云集团、北方电子研究院有限公司、中国兵器科学研究院、北方信息控制集团有限公司、中兵投资管理有限责任公司、西安现代控制技术研究所以及张峻林等八名自然人。其中,北方电子研究院、中国兵器科学研究院、北方信息控制集团有限公司、中兵投资管理有限责任公司、西安现代控制技术研究所均为凌云股份实际控制人中国兵器工业集团公司控制的公司(企业 单位)。   据了解,作为凌云股份拟购标的资产,太行机械主要从事轻型火箭发射装置等军品和高铁零部件等民品的研发、生产及销售,其第一大股东为凌云集团;东方联星主要从事北斗卫星导航芯片及其军民应用产品的研发、生产及销售,该公司第一大股东为北方电子研究院。   凌云股份同时表示,由于本次资产重组涉及事项较多,公司与有关交易各方尚需进一步沟通、协商交易预案以及标的资产涉及的相关具体事项等;加之本次重组交易结构复杂,能否在预计时间内完成相关方案论证工作并取得国家国防科技工业局、国务院国资委的审批仍存在重大不确定性等等诸多原因,为保证披露的交易方案以及相关数据的真实、准确和完整,防止公司股价异常波动,公司拟继续申请延期复牌,预计继续停牌时间为一个月。今后各中介机构将继续开展进一步尽职调查工作,公司及有关各方将对本次重组方案进行持续沟通和论证,并就本次重组涉及的审批事宜加强与监管部门的沟通,共同加快推进本次重组所涉及的各项工作。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

光大证券在港发售部分则超额认购0.68倍 陕飞吧

China Merchants Securities on A stock market value evaporated 120 billion h to break the spell to hide sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. China Economic Net Beijing September 30th (reporter Guan Jing) recently, China Merchants Securities launched a prospectus in Hongkong, following the eastern securities and Everbright Securities, this year, the third landed in Hong Kong stock market in mainland securities firms. China Merchants Securities intends to issue 891 million new shares of H shares, the share price range of HK $11.54-12.78, is expected to raise funds from 102.85 to 11 billion 390 million Hong Kong dollars (about 13.3 to 1 billion 470 million U.S. dollars). China Merchants Securities H shares are expected to be listed in October 7th, and joint sponsors are China Merchants Securities, JP Morgan chase and Morgan stanley. The prospectus, including Ma Huateng, Guo Guangchang and Jia Yueting and other capital heavyweights, China Life Insurance, China Reinsurance, Yunnan city investment and other companies have "dig out of pocket" shares. However, investors admit H shares behind, Merchants Securities in the A share market is a "chicken feather"". Compared with the April 2015 9 record of the highest price of 40 yuan, in September 29th the company’s closing price of only 16.97 yuan, 120 billion 93 million yuan market value evaporated. What is more noteworthy is that this year, the Everbright Securities and the eastern securities that landed in the H-share market broke up at the beginning of the listing, and the two mainland banks of Zheshang Bank and Tianjin bank also broke on the first day of listing in Hongkong, and the prospect of China Merchants Securities was not optimistic. At present, there are A+H securities stocks in Hong Kong stock market, namely CITIC Securities, Haitong Securities, GF Securities, Huatai Securities, Everbright Securities and orient securities. In addition, CITIC construction, Guotai Junan Securities, Societe Generale Securities, Changjiang Securities and other brokers are also busy preparing for landing Hong Kong stocks. From the scale of the net profit of the large brokerages in the mainland, among the top 15 brokerages, 12 have completed the listing or planned to be listed in Hongkong. In response to the prospect of Hongkong listed companies, China Economic Net tried to interview the relevant staff of China Merchants Securities office, but did not receive a reply as of press time. H shares raised by 70%, capital heavyweights admitted "popularity", as early as May 15th last year, China Merchants Securities announced that it intends to issue foreign shares (H shares) of overseas listing and apply for listing on the main board of Hongkong stock exchange. In the following June, the actual controller of China Merchants Securities Group, China Merchants Group received the reply of SASAC, and the SASAC agreed that the investment securities IPO issued no more than 1 billion 179 million shares of H shares. At that time, media reports said, China Merchants Securities initially planned to start IPO transactions in the fourth quarter of 2015, financing through Hongkong listing is not more than 5 billion U.S. dollars. But since then, A shares plummeted in the summer of last year, and valuations of similar companies also declined, forcing the re examination of China Merchants Securities

招商证券靠天吃饭:A股市值蒸发1200亿 H股难躲破发魔咒 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   中国经济网北京9月30日讯(记者关婧) 近日,招商证券在香港启动招股,成为继东方证券和光大证券之后,今年第三家登陆港股市场的内地券商。招商证券此次拟发行8.91亿股新H股,招股价范围为11.54-12.78港元,预计筹资金102.85至113.9亿港元(约13.3至14.7亿美元)。   招商证券H股预计10月7日挂牌,联席保荐人为招商证券、摩根大通及摩根士丹利。此次招股,包括马化腾、郭广昌和贾跃亭等资本大佬,中国人寿、中国再保险、云南城投等公司纷纷“掏腰包”入股。   不过投资者入场H股的背后,招商证券在A股市场却是“一地鸡毛”。与2015年4月9日创下的最高价40元相比,9月29日该公司收盘价仅为16.97元,市值蒸发1200.93亿元。   更值得注意的是,今年登陆H股市场的光大证券和东方证券均在上市初即告破发,浙商银行和天津银行两家内地银行也在香港上市首日破发,招商证券的上市前景不容乐观。   目前港股已有A+H券商股分别是中信证券、海通证券、广发证券、华泰证券、光大证券和东方证券。另外中信建投、国泰君安、兴业证券、长江证券等券商也在紧锣密鼓筹备登陆港股。从内地大型券商净利润排名规模来看,排名前15家券商中,已有12家在香港完成上市或计划上市。   针对公司香港上市的前景,中国经济网试图采访招商证券董秘办相关人员,但截至发稿时未收到回复。   H股募资额下调七成 资本大佬入场“撑人气”   早在去年5月15日,招商证券发布公告称,拟发行境外上市外资股(H股)并申请在香港联交所主板挂牌上市。在随后的6月份,招商证券实际控制人招商局集团收到国资委批复,国资委同意招商证券IPO发行不超过11.79亿股H股股票方案。   当时有媒体报道称,招商证券最初计划在2015年第四季度启动IPO交易,通过香港上市筹资不超过50亿美元。但此后A股在去年夏天暴跌,同类公司的估值也下跌,迫使招商证券重新考虑其IPO筹资额。   根据目前招商证券披露的信息,H股集资额降至最多14.7亿美元,意味着招商证券已经将预期集资额下调了七成多。   同时为了保证H股顺利发行,招商证券还在今年3月推出了员工通过资产管理计划认购H股的方案草案,参与对象为公司董监事、高级管理人员、VP层级以上业绩达标人员及其他层级业绩突出人员,合计不超过1500人,资金总额合计不超过20亿元人民币。   招商证券在公告中表示,所有参与对象的购股股数在H股IPO价格确定后将一并确定,而最终的价格会有多大的折价率,还需要看市场的决定。   尽管员工持股计划尚未落实,不过招商证券为H股顺利上市请来了不少资本大佬“站台”。   根据港交所披露的信息,招商证券的基石投资者为国际配售中的重要部分,占H股IPO比重60%。在11名基石投资者中,人保集团旗下的人保寿险认购最多,达5.225亿美元;周大福与EastPacific各认购5000万美元;中国再保险、腾讯主席马化腾旗下Advance Data Services Limited、复星国际、国家电网子公司英大信托、云南城投集团子公司彩云国际、乐视网全资子公司LegitValue分别认购3000万美元。另外,中国兵器装备集团认购2000万美元。   虽然目前招商证券的H股认购尚未结束,不过东方证券7月H股公开认购不足,只获得96%认购,国际配售部分录得适度的超额认购,光大证券在港发售部分则超额认购0.68倍。有香港分析师认为,招商证券H股的市场认购可能较国际配售要“清淡”。   另外,除了集资额缩水,招商证券此次发售H股还较A股大幅折价。其定下的招股价区间是11.54至12.78港元,以9月29日A股收盘价16.97元人民币计,H股较A股折让约35%至41%。   由于目前香港市场偏弱,从已上市的券商新股情况来看,形势不容乐观。以东方证券为例,发行价为8.15港元,挂牌当天即破发。截至9月29日收盘,股价报7.91港元,较发行价跌去2.94%。另一券商光大证券,也是上市第四日就跌破发行价12.68港元,29日收盘报11.80港元,已较招股价跌去6.94%。   A股表现“一地鸡毛” 定增110亿难托股价   在投资大佬入场H股的背后,招商证券在A股市场却是“一地鸡毛”。公司9月29日收于16.97元,与2015年4月9日创下的最高价40元相比,市值蒸发1200.93亿元。   形成对比的是,招商证券在A股市场没有停止融资脚步。   2014年4月11日,招商证券非公开发行股票的申请获得证监会通过。公告显示,招商证券向特定对象非公开发行股票11.47亿股,发行价格为每股9.72元,最终募资111.02亿元,招商证券将募集资金全部用于补充公司资本金和营运资金,并于当年年底使用完毕。   另外,今年上半年招商证券净利润同比大降69.5%至22.36亿元,营业收入51.98亿元,同比下滑67.23%。招商证券称,主要是由于去年7月以来市况不景气及参与股市稳定措施。   而招商证券2015年度实现营业收入252.92亿元,同比增长129.87%,归属于母公司股东的净利润109.09亿元,同比增长183.29%。   数据显示,经纪手续费、佣金和利息收入一直是招商证券最主要的收入来源,占总收入的比重在六成左右。但今年上半年,该业务收入为48.9亿元,较上年同期的125.1亿元下降60.9%。同时公司的证券投资业务营收为2.7 亿元,同比下降93%。   由此来看,招商证券亦难避免“靠天吃饭”的行业规律。事实上,上半年券商日子都不太好过。   中国证券业协会统计数据显示,今年上半年证券行业累计实现营业收入1570.79亿元,净利润624.72亿元,分别较同期下滑52.47%和59.22%,其中行业代理买卖证券业务净收入559.76亿元,较同期下滑64.67%。   而A股25家上市券商上半年实现净利润总额421.48亿元、营业收入总额1160.8亿元。其中,21家上市券商今年上半年净利惨遭“腰斩”,山西证券(13.930, 0.00, 0.00%)净利跌幅最大,同比下降85%,14家上市券商营业收入同比降幅逾五成。   分析人士表示,券商上半年业绩同比大幅下滑已在市场预期内,主要体现为经纪业务手续费净收入以及公允价值变动损益较上年同期下降明显。随着大盘从高点滑落,今年上半年证券市场表现低迷、股票交易量同比大幅萎缩、两融余额的下降等市场环境的变化,以及监管的日趋收紧,对券商业绩影响很大,是导致营收和净利润腰斩的主要原因。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: