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Each year there are thousands of Americans who are injured in auto accidents of all kinds. Many of these accidents involve large vehicles driven by professional drivers, like tanker trucks, construction vehicles and tractor trailers. Many of these professional drivers actually end up driving long hours, sometimes as long as sixteen hours at a stretch. Any one who has been injured in an accident involving one of these professional truck drivers was probably injured because of driver negligence. The easiest way to prove that your injuries have occurred due to truck driver negligence is to hire a personal injury lawyer who has successfully litigated truck accident cases.

The results of trucks accidents are often the most serious. These include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, lost limbs, severe burns which lead to paralysis, permanent disability and even death. When you and your family have suffered severe losses as the result of a truck accident, it is important to hire a personal injury lawyer to receive the compensation that you and your family deserve. Filing a personal injury claim will allow you to obtain financial compensation for the losses that you and your family have experienced.

Tractor trailer drivers often spend long hours on the highway. To occupy themselves they often use smart phones and other electronic devices. Accidents that occur due to distracted driving are illegal in most states and is an excellent example of what constitutes negligent driving. Thanks to the personal injury laws in our country, accident victims who suffer injuries due to driver negligence are eligible for monetary compensation for their losses.

The shipping companies and major corporations that the truck drivers work for always hire attorneys to make sure that the company has to pay out as little money as possible. To get the monetary compensation that you deserve, you need to hire an experience personal injury lawyer who will represent your interests against the shipping company’s high priced lawyers. Personal injury lawyers can help you receive monetary compensation for your lost wages, reduce future earning potential, medical expenses, and mental and emotional suffering.

When you have suffered material losses due to a truck accident injury, the first thing you should do is consult a truck accident lawyer who can help you file a personal injury claim. Those who are interested in finding out more about the truck accident attorneys in your local area should begin by visiting the website of a local personal injury law firm in your area. All you have to do to get started is perform a search engine search for personal injury lawyers in your local area.

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Benefits to Expect from Origami

With a number of hobbies around the world, you need to know that these hobbies can give you a lot of benefits like what origami can give you. Aside from being an entertaining hobby, you can also enjoy the creativeness with this hobby because of how beautiful each product will look like after its done. Origami is a peaceful art activity, perfect for all of you artists out there who are looking for this kind of creative hobby and not to mention it is perfect for groups as well. You need to know that the benefits of origami will depend on your imagination, the way you handle the hobby will reflect it.

Some people enjoy origami because stress can be relieved and in the process of doing origami, you can relax your mind. With origami sculptures, you can enjoy your peaceful day in a noisy neighborhood because you will developed a more focus mind set than the others. The more your skills enhance, the less though you need to create the piece. Being a focused individual is a very awesome trait and with origami, you can be one too. While folding paper and doing simple tasks like creating shapes, it is the perfect activity to meditate. This is the perfect solution to release stress from your body. You need to know that with origami, you will have a clearer mind, a mind with no stress and anxiety.

Origami will also help you boost your self-esteem. When you get to finish your piece successfully, you will have a feeling of satisfaction which is a pretty euphoric feeling. The more complicated the piece you finish, the more satisfied you become. When you get used to folding origami, you will feel a sensation that can be hard to stop, the sensation of folding another piece for one more time. The more you tackle more complex patterns and folds and finishing it will give you an even greater sense of accomplishment. Letting your imagination run free is such an awesome experience especially when doing origami. A sense of pride will glow from you when you get to see the product done by your own hands.

Basically, origami folding is something that will turn a pessimistic person into an optimist, the values and emotions that origami helps you with will be a lighting beacon for others, origami folding is not boring, it is helping people become one with themselves.

Origami is an art and art should be appreciated, origami has been practiced for centuries and still it lives on till today, this means that no matter what people think about origami, may it be good or bad, it will always live on.

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A Quick Guide to Massage Massage engrosses working and acting on the body with force. Methods are regularly applied utilizing knees, hands, feet, elbows, fingers, forearm, or a gadget. The reason of massage is typically promoted as a cure for pain or stress. In skilled settings knead consumers are taken care of while lying on a massage stand, sitting in a massage chair, or lying on a carpet on the floorboards, while in amateur places a general purpose surface like a floor or divans more familiar. Water bodywork and massage is executed with recipients submerged or floating in a lukewarm-water therapy pond. Archaeological facts of massage has been established in several ancient societies.There are several categories of massage remedy, from archetypal like Swedish and deep tissue to more foreign styles like shiatsu. Whether a person would prefer to turn-off out a little or poses a health disorder or damage, choosing a technique of knead might be mystifying if they are not pretty sure what it entails. The normal type of massage offered in many hospitals, gymnasiums, spas, and fitness centers, is the Swedish massage therapy which is almost the same with massage therapy. It is believed that the Swedish massage originates in the Western beliefs of anatomy and physiology and is compared to the Asian ways of massage. Through applying oil or body lotion, the massage experts inaugurate with a broad stroke and later categorically jump to the particular areas which are considered to be challenging. There consist five elementary strokes in Swedish massage treatment. These are the long smooth strokes, kneading, rolling, and lifting, wringing or small circular movements, percussion, and rocking and shaking movements. To patients recovering from bodily harm, it is recommended for them to seek Swedish massage therapy since it provides full-body muscle easiness. Aromatherapy knead on the other hand is a Swedish massage using scented plant oils placed to the massage oil. Different flowers and plant parts provide the perfumed oil which is used in aromatherapy. The aromatic, lovely massaging oils are believed to hold curing possessions. Specifically Lavender and rose is known to stimulate relaxation. The relaxing and the soothing ability of aromatherapy makes it preferable for curing illnesses such as insomnia, headache and other digestive disorders. Furthermore, other illnesses that aromatherapy can cure are back pain and premenstrual symptoms. Before a patient is set to receive an aromatherapy massage, he or she should ensure that they are not allergic to any of the plants used in the massage oil. If this is not observed, then the reaction of the skin can happen. Hot stone massage uses the hot stone to perform therapy to a patient. The massage therapist puts heated, smooth stones on particular points on the body and grasps the warm stones while giving the massage The stones are normally basalt. The warmth from the stones relaxes and loosen tight muscles thereby enabling the therapist to reach areas of muscle tension fast. Other types of massage is the deep tissue massage and the shiatsu massage.6 Facts About Services Everyone Thinks Are True

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IF1603合约上 湖北民族学院教务处

The V type reversal of short-term trend is strong hot column capital flows thousands of stocks the latest diagnostic evaluation of thousands of simulation trading clients – Rating Zhang Lijing told reporters yesterday, three days of futures rebounded bottom, from green into red disc. At the close, IF1603 contract closed at 3039.8 points, or 1.11%; IH1603 contract closed at 2010.8 points, up 0.96%; IC1603 contract closed at 5881.8 points, up 1.41%. On the basis of IF1603, a stock index 69.74 points premium, IH1603 premium 30.59 points, 229.24 points premium IC1603. The transaction positions, yesterday in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index futures traded 22 thousand and 300 hands, total 44 thousand and 800 hand positions. The SSE 50 index futures traded 7532 hands, 18 thousand and 900 hand positions. The CSI 500 futures traded 15 thousand and 400 hands, 25 thousand and 500 hand positions. The IF1603 contract, the main battle appeared Masukura action, long Masukura more obvious. The IH1603 contract and IC1603 contract main seat whole appeared masukura. Zhongzhou futures believes that, judging from the disk, yesterday zhongpan closed at most stocks gains across the board, with the long shadow of the candle, the short-term technical form was strong. The short-term market is expected to continue to expand, but for the time being or in accordance with the oversold rebound to treat, too early to talk about reverse, recently there should be repeated. Short term participation is advisable. GF futures analyst Huang Miao said that the market yesterday weak concussion, the stock index in early trading after opening low, although somewhat upward, but the lack of strength to turn down. But the afternoon stock index again The path winds along mountain ridges., turning slowly upward shocks to the red plate rose 0.88%. Index, 4 contract three futures were reflected in a nearly far weaker feature, volume and position have increased. Huang Miao believes that, in terms of funds, although the balance of the two financial rebound, but the rebound is not strong and still below 900 billion yuan, reflecting the rebound in the market still has a strong concentration of caution, short-term trend is difficult to do more force. However, taking into account the current market valuation has a higher margin of security, superposition of speculation before the two sessions, the market is also very small downward probability. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

期指V型反转 短线走势偏强 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   □本报记者 张利静   昨日,三大期指日内探底回升,由绿盘转为红盘。截至收盘,IF1603合约收报3039.8点,涨幅1.11%;IH1603合约收报2010.8点,上涨0.96%;IC1603合约收报5881.8点,上涨1.41%。基差方面,IF1603较现货指数贴水69.74点,IH1603贴水30.59点,IC1603贴水229.24点。   成交持仓方面,昨日沪深300期指成交2.23万手,总持仓4.48万手。上证50期指成交7532手,持仓1.89万手。中证500期指成交1.54万手,持仓2.55万手。IF1603合约上,主力多空均出现增仓动作,多头增仓更为明显。IH1603合约及IC1603合约主力席位整体出现增仓。   中州期货认为,从盘面情况来看,昨日个股多数飘红,终盘报收带长下影阳线,短线技术形态显强。短线市场有望继续向上拓展,但暂且还是依照超跌后的反弹来对待,谈反转为时尚早,近期应该还有反复。短线参与为宜。   广发期货分析师黄苗表示,昨日市场全天弱势震荡,沪指早盘低开后虽有所上冲,但力度不足转向下跌。不过峰回路转,午后沪指再遇转向,缓步震荡上行以红盘上涨0.88%收报。期指方面,三大期指的4个合约均体现出近强远弱特征,成交量和持仓量都有所增加。黄苗认为,资金方面,两融余额方面虽有回升,但回升力度不大且仍位于9000亿元以下,反映出反弹行情下资金依然有较浓谨慎情绪,短期难形成趋势做多合力。不过考虑到目前市场估值有较高的安全边际,叠加两会前的炒作预期,市场大幅向下概率也很小。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

seeing the cat feces coffee in Indonesia got fame around the world 叶家五少爷

Shit like coffee hot to add cat feces coffee black history lead: seeing the cat feces coffee in Indonesia got fame around the world, Thailand also action, in a Canadian businessman under the leadership of the whole shit like coffee, $1880 per kg, than the cat feces coffee is cheap, okay drink aside, full of gimmicks. Pay attention to the public number "have the tune", see more wonderful original content! If you drink a cup of coffee, you have to toss the elephant. Why don’t you go to heaven? Although cat coffee has caused strong protests from animal activists and has been cancelled in many star hotels around the world, it does not affect the appearance of coffee like crap. Consumers who are willing to pay high price for novelty always need something to pay for it. The workers picking coffee like shit how elephants are selected? In Thailand, Burma and Laos bordering the Golden Triangle area in addition to poppy also opened up a new business, a 44 year old Canadian Blake Ding Jin (Blake Dinkin) aimed at the life here in the elephant, spent 9 years in the Thailand national treasure of gastric juice and intestinal made coffee like shit. Blake said he was aiming at the civet cat coffee, but as the market demand continues to rise, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other places to produce cat feces coffee quality has been much worse than before. And with the massive production of cat coffee, musk cats are confined to cramped cages and forced to swallow a lot of coffee, which is not very environmentally friendly. In selected as before a new generation of elephant poo coffee producers, Blake also considered the lion and giraffe, he said because of drought in Southeast Asia elephants when would find coffee beans to eat only picked it simple and honest. Think carefully, can hold back, let giraffe bow food, or find a few people willing to follow behind the lion to pick up feces than waiting for elephants difficult to do. An elephant at the Asian elephant base in Golden Triangle is eating coffee berries (picture source AFP) Anyway, which is the selection of elephants. But it’s much harder to get gold from an elephant poop. At first Blake thought processing like shit coffee like to open the refrigerator door into the door with the elephant so simple, but the original products simply can not swallow terror. First of all, the elephant grass and fruit to eat beans soak in the gastric juice was digested into coffee stones, then coffee stone into the intestines long time fermentation in the digestive process as long as 17 hours in the acidic digestive juice away the bitter taste of coffee. The coffee beans are excreted with the faeces, staff picking, washing, drying, baking, even made coffee like shit. Pick (source AFP) like shit coffee while feeling than the cat feces coffee in high yield, but also there are unhappy, because you couldn’t get into after all the elephant cage, that once again not environmental protection is not. Blake said, the elephant in the morning when bathing in the water, occasionally conveniently by the way, those coffee beans even white blind. Elephant dung gold (source AFP). (source AFP) training as feed the elephants, wife from elephant dung in picking up the coffee beans, seeing the benefit of.

象屎咖啡热腾腾地来了 续写猫屎咖啡黑历史   导语:眼看着印度尼西亚的猫屎咖啡搞得名利双收走遍全球,泰国也行动起来了,在一位加拿大商人的带领下整出了象屎咖啡,每公斤1880美元,不比猫屎咖啡便宜,好不好喝搁一边,噱头十足。 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   喝个咖啡还要折腾大象,你咋不上天呢?   尽管猫屎咖啡已经引起动物保护人士的强烈抗议,并在全球多家星级酒店被取消供应,但这并不影响象屎咖啡的横空出世,毕竟那些愿意花高价猎奇的消费者总是需要点什么去买单。 工人挑拣象屎咖啡   大象是怎么被选中的?   在泰国、缅甸和老挝三国接壤的金三角地带除了罂粟花还开出了新商机,44岁的加拿大人布雷克-丁金(Blake Dinkin)瞄准了生活在这里的大象,花了9年时间利用泰国国宝的胃液和肠道做出了象屎咖啡。   布雷克说他本来瞄准的是麝香猫咖啡,奈何随着市场需求量的不断上升,印尼、泰国、越南等地出产的猫屎咖啡质量已经大不如前。而且随着猫屎咖啡大量生产,麝香猫们被关进狭小的笼子,填鸭式地被迫吞下大量咖啡果,实在不够环境友好。   在选定大象作为新一代便便咖啡的生产者之前,布雷克还考虑过狮子和长颈鹿,据他本人说是因为在东南亚大象遇上干旱时本来就会找咖啡豆吃才选中了憨厚老实的它。仔细想想,可憋扯了,让长颈鹿低头进食或是找几个愿意跟在狮子身后捡便便的人都比伺候大象难度大吧。 金三角亚洲象基地的一头大象在吃咖啡果(图片来源AFP)   Anyway,就是选中大象了。但是从大象便便里淘金比想象中难得多。一开始布雷克以为炮制象屎咖啡就像打开冰箱门把大象放进去再把门带上那么简单,但是最初的产品根本恐怖的没法下咽。   首先,大象就着鲜草和水果吃下的咖啡果泡在胃液中被消化成咖啡豆果核,随后咖啡果核进入肠道长时间发酵,在长达17个小时的消化过程中,酸性消化液带走了咖啡本身的苦味。最后咖啡豆随着便便被排出体外,工作人员挑拣、洗净、晾干、烘焙,象屎咖啡就算弄成了。 挑拣(图片来源AFP)   象屎咖啡虽然感觉上比猫屎咖啡产量高,但也有不如意,因为你毕竟没办法把大象也塞进笼子里,那一下子又不环保了不是。布雷克说,大象早晨在河里洗澡时偶尔也会顺便方便一下,那些咖啡豆就算白瞎了。 象粪里淘金(图片来源AFP) 晾干(图片来源AFP)   训象人喂大象,老婆从象粪里捡咖啡豆,眼看着造福一方。只是没人问过大象的意见。   每出产1公斤象屎咖啡,大象需要吃掉33公斤咖啡豆及其他植物的混合物。稀缺性才是品牌的最大卖点。   经过9年尝试,2015年,布雷克收获了第三批成功的成品,向市场推出150公斤象屎咖啡,取名黑象牙咖啡(Black Ivory Coffee),售价每公斤1880美元,一小杯大约13美元。 布雷克在基地所在地金三角安纳塔拉度假村内与大象合影(图片来源AFP)   泰国金三角亚洲象保护基地的负责人John Roberts曾对象屎咖啡持怀疑态度,但随后也转为支持,他说“未经煮沸的咖啡豆不会释放出咖啡因,所以大象吃点问题不大”。黑象牙咖啡销售收入的8%将捐赠给该基地,用于支付兽医治疗费用和动物生活设施修建。而负责收获咖啡豆的训象人也会拿到工钱,看起来皆大欢喜。 本文导航 版权声明:原创稿件,如需转载,请严格注明出处新浪时尚。   象屎咖啡好喝吗?   有了老前辈猫屎咖啡饱受诟病的黑历史,象屎咖啡的受众们头脑还是冷静的。巴黎一家咖啡店主说象屎咖啡的噱头大于口感,“好咖啡的关键在于咖啡豆的发酵过程,如果在动物肚子里进行那就没谱了。象屎咖啡或许有趣,但不是最好的产品”。   在金三角安纳塔拉度假村内服务生用一套19世纪法国咖啡器冲泡象屎咖啡,游客表示尝出了焦糖和巧克力的味道,而且“一点儿也不苦”。   猫屎咖啡的黑历史   象屎咖啡的灵感源自猫屎咖啡,这种浪漫的饮料据传说是在殖民地时期的印度尼西亚由种植园里的工人意外发现的。当时不允许种植工人从咖啡树上采摘食用自己种植的咖啡果实,他们只好收集那些溜进种植园偷吃成熟咖啡果实的麝香猫的便便,从中提取咖啡豆。麝香猫的消化系统给了咖啡豆独特的香味,冲出来的咖啡更香滑。荷兰来的种植园主们很快成了猫屎咖啡的死忠粉。   过去10年间猫屎咖啡在媒体和影视作品的发酵下一路走红,在世界各地赢得了粉丝和票房。 在欧美城市,喝上一杯猫屎咖啡大概要花30至100美元,1公斤咖啡豆的售价也在1300美元左右。   猫屎咖啡的生产者表示物以稀为贵,这么好的东西年产量不过500公斤,能不贵吗?但有报道指出,这个数字纯属胡扯,每年从印尼、越南、菲律宾等亚洲国家流向市场的猫屎咖啡多达50吨。   从偶然而得的自然界产物变成商人逐利的工具,麝香猫成了牺牲品。栖息于丛林地带的麝香猫食量不大,本来只会挑选那些完全熟透的咖啡果实来吃。沦落为生产工具的麝香猫被关进狭小的笼子,每天被喂食大量的浆果以便产出更多的咖啡豆。   牢笼生活使麝香猫极度烦躁压抑,甚至出现咬断腿的自残行为。扭曲的饮食模式也使麝香猫不断生病甚至丢了小命。   故事的开始要倒退二十多年。1991年,作为英国皇家泰勒公司的咖啡总监,Tony Wild最先将猫屎咖啡引进西方,他私人购买的一公斤猫屎咖啡迅速引发关注和报道。2003年猫屎咖啡上了奥普拉秀,2007年还在电影《遗愿清单》中露面。   后来Wild陪同BBC在苏门答腊岛拍摄纪录片时发现了麝香猫监狱般残酷的生活环境,开始呼吁抵制猫屎咖啡,劝人们不要再为了商业利益伤害动物。一些原本为了追逐有趣或是附庸风雅的经销商和消费者开始认清了猫屎咖啡背后的阴暗面。   即便不选择人工养殖的猫屎咖啡,野生版本也存在隐患。专家称,很难判断在野外采集的麝香猫粪便暴露了多长时间,如果超过24小时,里面的咖啡豆有可能被真菌污染。想确保安全,除非派人整宿跟着麝香猫随时准备采集。   有这功夫,坐下来喝杯正常的阿拉比卡不好吗?   当时XXX老汉的台词是:猫屎咖啡是世界上最稀有的饮料。 本文导航 版权声明:原创稿件,如需转载,请严格注明出处新浪时尚。相关的主题文章:

因一旦上指再跌穿此关 长江职业学院成绩查询

BS Securities: the city is to be changed in 10 antenna consolidation then lost thousands of thousands of hot column capital flows on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Finance client: making the most of the investors are more obvious in Hong Kong stocks rebound by level2 through market mechanism cards A shares yesterday, the Shanghai index first morning with 2688 points out, followed by buying support gradually pushed to the morning, when only 11 dollars, that has rebounded 66 points to 2754 points. But so, the market – the atmosphere is still concentrated, because one day still failed to more 2850 points and 3000 points before, believe that the market atmosphere will continue at Prudential. In addition, the Lunar New Year is approaching, traditionally, before the holiday, investors in the market sentiment will be relatively low, coupled with the mainland economy is still downward temporarily, without too big hope on the vision, I believe A shares will be repeated consolidation. Only one thing to note that support the January 27th low of 2638 points of not losing, because once again fell below refers to the customs, the technology may be further tested under 2500 points to 2550 points of support. Look at the big city of Hong Kong stocks, since January 21st began the 18534 low point rebound, subject to temporarily see yesterday’s high of 19770 points, but the market potential is a little to see again, but only 19500 points in the tug of the Hang Seng index near it, that is to say, as long as the city continued on 19500 near, but technically have the opportunity to further push up. However, in the present climate theory, any technical pumping is only above the amplitude. In addition, the HSI has on Friday successfully more weight 10 antenna, so the whole downward bottom in the morphology has been slightly dyphylline. Just the lack of power, difficult to hold too much hope on the vision. We should see 10 compact antenna support, because once the line lost, that the whole city will be to try again in the bottom bottom continued in. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

耀才证券:大市正处整固待变中 10天线忌再失 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   A股昨日作较明显之反弹,上証指数早市先以2688点开出,其后在买盘支持下逐步推上,至上午11时止计,上指已一度反弹66点至2754点。但需如此,市场之观望气氛仍偏浓,因一日上指仍未能成功重越2850点及3000点之前,相信市场之气氛仍会续处审慎之中。再者,农历年将至,传统而言,在此大节日之前,投资者之入市意欲均会较偏低,加上内地经济暂仍处下行之中,在无太大之上望憧景之下,相信A股暂会处反覆整固之中。惟有一点要留意,1月27日低位2638点之支持切勿有失,因一旦上指再跌穿此关,技术上可能会进一步下试2500点至2550点之支持。   再看港股,大市自1月21日低位18534点开始之反弹,暂见受制於昨天之高位19770点前,惟市势虽稍见反覆,但恒指却只是拉锯於19500点左近而已,即是说,只要大市能续紧扣19500点左近,技术上确有机会再作进一步之推升。但以目前之大气候论,任何技术上之抽升均只属波幅性之上落而已。   另外,由於恒指已於上週五成功重越10天线,故整个不断往下寻底之形态该已稍為喘定。只是动力不足下,暂难抱太多上望憧景。目前宜睇紧10天线之支持,因一旦此防线有失,即表示整个大市可能又会再次重陷欲试底续寻底之中。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

动力煤品种交易手续费标准由4元 手调整为6元 手 刘的组词

Five times a week! Zheng Shang three degrees up the steam coal charges hot column fund flows thousand stocks, 1000 evaluation stocks, diagnosis of the latest rating analog trading client We want you! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Fund, insurance, securities and other financial institutions ability to manage information, which is better? Please click on the vote to select the strongest organization in your mind! The price of coal futures and spot prices soar, regulators once again resorted to the control of the hand. Zheng Shang announced today that since late October 31, 2016 evening trading, the power coal varieties intraday trading standards for the current warehouse transaction adjusted to 24 yuan hand, non intraday trading standards remain unchanged. This is the third time within a week to raise the power coal daily trading fee. 24, Zheng Shang announced that night trading time, the power coal varieties transaction fee standard from 4 yuan hand adjusted to 6 yuan hand; 26 days, steam coal daily flat warehouse transaction fees raised to 12 yuan hand, non intraday flat warehouse transaction fees remain at 6 yuan hand. According to this calculation, the power coal daily open transaction fee has risen 5 times a week. The futures and spot prices soar to capacity in the coal industry at the same time, also led to local supply issues. Whether the futures or spot market, coal prices have recently as a runaway horse. Futures, as of Monday closing, steam coal contract 1701 rose 1.42%, to 629.2 yuan tons. 26, the price of steam coal once touched a record high of 662 yuan per ton. The spot market price is almost equal to 700 yuan per ton. According to the China coal transportation and marketing association data, as of October 30th, Qinhuangdao port 5500 kcal low sulfur steam coal prices rose to 660-670 yuan per ton, the highest level since July 2012. As of October 26th, the Bohai coal price index (BSPI), which is known as "coal price vane", closed at 593 yuan, rising by 17 weeks, and again the highest annual record, rising by 54% over the same period. 24 port specifications and varieties rose all the way. Advanced production capacity release failed to ease the rise, to curb the irrational rise in coal prices, the national development and Reform Commission began to introduce measures in early September, but no obvious effect. With the practice at the end of coal negotiations approaching, development and Reform Commission is the two meeting held last week in gas emergency meeting. According to the NDRC news in the 25 interface, meeting the requirements of the advanced productivity of mine has been approved by the release to production as soon as possible; do not want prices continue to rise, the price to stabilize in appropriate security for the release of production conditions; encourage coal enterprises signed a long-term contract with the user next year the amount of a price. 27 day conference on accelerating the promotion of medium and long term coal contract signing. In a detailed report to the 27 meeting on Monday, Reuters said the NDRC asked major miners, such as China Shenhua, to limit prices at current or lower levels in 2017 supply contracts. According to Reuters estimates, the NDRC price requirements equivalent to 5500 kcal of coal 660 yuan per ton, 500 theory

一周涨五倍!郑商所三度上调动力煤手续费 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   煤价期货与现货价格齐飞,监管层再度祭出调控之手。   郑商所今日宣布,自2016年10月31日晚夜盘交易时起,动力煤品种日内平今仓交易手续费标准调整为24 元 手,非日内平今仓交易手续费标准维持不变。   这是郑商所一周之内第三次上调动力煤日内交易手续费。24日,郑商所宣布当日夜盘交易时起,动力煤品种交易手续费标准由4元 手调整为6元 手;26日,动力煤日内平今仓交易手续费上调至12元 手,非日内平今仓交易手续费保持在6元 手。   按此计算,动力煤日内平仓交易手续费一周已上涨5倍。   期货与现货价格齐飞   在煤炭行业去产能的同时,又衍生出局部供应紧张的问题。不管是期货还是现货市场,动力煤价格近期都如脱缰野马。期货方面,截至周一收盘,动力煤主力合约1701上涨1.42%,报629.2元 吨。26日,动力煤价格一度触及662元 吨的历史新高。   现货市场价格则直逼700元 吨。据中国煤炭运销协会数据,截止10月30日,秦皇岛港5500大卡低硫动力煤平仓价格涨至每吨660-670元,为2012年7月以来的最高水平。   截止10月26日,素有“煤炭价格风向标”之称的环渤海动力煤价格指数(BSPI)报收于593元 吨,环比已连涨17周,再次刷新年内最高纪录,同比上涨了54%。24个港口规格品种全线上涨。   先进产能释放未能缓解涨势   为遏制煤价非理性上涨,国家发改委从9月上旬开始接连出台措施,但并没有出现明显效果。随着惯例的年末煤电谈判临近,发改委更是在上周两次召集煤气召开特急会议。   据界面新闻,发改委在25日会议要求,已经批准了的先进产能矿井要尽快释放产量;不希望价格继续再涨,希望各家在适当释放产量保供的情况下稳定价格;鼓励煤企与用户明年签订有量有价的中长期合同。27日会议上研究加快推进煤炭中长期合同签订工作。   路透周一对27日会议的详细内容报道称,发改委要求中国神华等各大矿商在2017年供应合同中将价格限制在当前或更低水平。据路透测算,发改委要求的价格相当于5500大卡煤炭每吨660元、5000大卡煤炭每吨600元。   但平抑煤价并非易事。界面新闻援引一位长期关注煤炭市场的业内人士称,“煤价并不是个别部门希望不涨就能不涨的,目前的涨势很难控制。”   海通证券吴杰、李淼认为,由于先进产能释放较慢和非法产能的减少,今年的供需矛盾发生了较大变化,尽管管理层已多举措增加供给,但短期效果仍不明显,短期煤炭仍将维持强势格局。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

even lower than the valuation 克莱尔之颤光剑

UBS: the weak job market Euro dollar global foreign exchange market Co. February 6th — waiting for the January U.S. payrolls data released, jobs increased by 151 thousand, far less than the estimated increase in 190 thousand, but a number of eye-catching performance of the breakdown of the data. UBS (UBS) analyst team on Friday (February 5th) the author said that yesterday’s U.S. payrolls report confirmed the risk of Euro dollars to slow upward. The specific points are as follows: the January payrolls report is under recession report, the unemployment rate fell to 5%, the number of 151 thousand new jobs, an increase of 0.5%. Data show that the current U.S. dollar will continue to stay in the value zone. Analysts say the report is very consistent with our monetary expectations. Labor market signals show that the euro dollar decline is limited. The dollar appreciation pushes the euro dollar to parity, even lower than the valuation, which will leave a mark on the American labor market. However, the next few months, the possibility of the euro or yen dollar depreciation is still high, in our view, this development is still the basic situation of our. The Japanese central bank or the ECB needs to make a clear response to ensure that the yen or the euro falls against the dollar. The weakening of the US employment market and the softening of the Fed’s keynote laid the foundation for further easing monetary policy by the European central bank or the boj. Before the announcement, the euro dollar once rose to 1.12 of our recommended speculative trading stops. With the stop loss triggered, the transaction is currently locked in small gains; the opening level is at 1.15. We believe that the euro dollar will be traded in the range of 1.12 to 1.051, and trading investors use the strategy to lock in the revenue within this range. On the other hand, UBS lowered expectations on the Fed’s interest rate hike this week, which is fully in line with the bank’s modest expectations. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

瑞银:美国就业市场疲软 欧元 美元跌势有限   环球外汇2月6日讯–市场翘首以待的美国1月非农就业数据出炉,就业岗位增加15.1万,远不及预估的增加19.0万,但多个分项数据表现抢眼。瑞银集团(UBS)分析师团队周五(2月5日)撰文表示,昨日公布的美国非农就业报告确认了欧元 美元转而缓慢上行的风险。   具体观点如下:   1月非农报告绝非衰退报告,失业率降至5%之下,新增就业人数15.1万,周薪环比增加0.5%。数据表明当前美元将继续停留在超值区域。   分析师们表示,这份报告非常符合我们的货币预期。劳动力市场信号显示,欧元 美元跌势有限。美元升值进而推动欧元 美元走向平价甚至低于评价将给美国劳动力市场会留下印记。   然而,接下来几个月,欧元或日元兑美元相对贬值的可能性仍然很高,在我们看来,这样的发展仍然是我们的基本情况。日本央行或欧洲央行需要做出一个清晰的回应才能确保日元或欧元兑美元贬值。美国就业市场疲软及美联储基调软化料为欧洲央行或日本央行进一步放宽货币政策奠定基础。   非农发布之前,欧元 美元一度升至我们推荐的投机交易的1.12止损水平。随着止损被触发,交投当前锁定小额收益;开盘水平位于1.15。我们认为,欧元 美元将交投于1.12至1.051区间,交易投资者使用策略在这一区间内锁定收益。   另一方面,瑞银本周下调了对美联储加息的预期,该报告是完全符合该行持有的适度期望。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: