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Health Carpet feels so nice to walk on, especially when it has a nice cushy underlay. Lounging on the carpet in front of an open fire is one of the best feelings you can have in winter that is if it is clean and smells fresh. Having spent a sizeable amount of money buying and having the carpet laid professionally, it makes sense to ensure it is subject to a regular vacuuming and cleaning schedule. Not only will the carpet benefit by this, but your finances will too because it won’t need to be replaced for quite some time. All areas of the home need regular attention, especially kitchens and bathrooms where food spills, grime and soap scum can quickly build up and cause problems. Floors too are high priorities for the homemaker, as dirt tracked in by pets and kids by not using mats to wipe feet, can rapidly become ground in if not removed quickly. Because floors are high traffic areas, they need more constant care to stay clean and fresh. This is especially so for carpeted areas as children often sit in front of the telly munching on a variety of snack foods, and consequently crumbs end up deep in the carpet pile. Unless carpet cleaning is regularly performed this little feast will attract cockroaches, ants and possibly silverfish which will enjoy eating your carpet as a second course. It is even more important to have carpet and upholstery cleaning carried out where indoor pets form part of the family unit. Cats and dogs constantly shed hair and can cause allergic reactions like hay-fever in sensitive people. Keeping dust down by regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning will also benefit asthmatic people. Dust is one of the worst things for people who suffer from this illness. The other drawback of indoor pets in carpeted homes is that carpets tend to absorb unpleasant doggy odors over time where they lie down. This is quickly noticed by visitors and can be quite off putting for many. Have odor control carried after your carpet is cleaned to keep it fresh smelling. Regular cleaning benefits your carpet by giving it a longer life, your family because it minimizes the risk of allergy attacks and your home because it smells fresh. The home environment will be something that your family and friends will feel happy to be in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: