Carolina Burgler Ring Brought To

Home-and-Family A few weeks ago, a large and highly organized ring of burglars was finally brought down in North and South Carolina. The group had been operating throughout both states for several years, having committed hundreds of home invasions. The suspects had been under investigation for a while and federal indictments were finally issued for eight men and one woman. The news story was reported by a number of media outlets. One media agency claimed that the burglars were so organized that they actually worked in shifts. Victimized counties included Randolph, Rowan, Montgomery, Stanly, Union, Davidson, Moore, Anson and Cabarrus. Many houses were hit over the years; there’s simply no easy way to estimate how many had a home security system. It is easy to guess that the answer was probably very few, especially given some of the victim testimony. One of the victims in Davidson County was Randy Myers, who came home one to find he’d been robbed of as much as $17,000 worth of property. He told reporters, "I noticed that both my four wheelers were gone. That was obvious. Everything that was worth anything was gone, even a carpet shampooer." Evidently many items were sold by the burglars to Stallings Salvage Company in Albemarle, which is where Myers later learned that one of his ATV’s had ended up. "It was sold three times since it was stolen from me," he told news media. Jodie Fleischer, a reporter from, spoke with a victim who had a shoe print on her door from where the burglars had kicked it in. "I was totally violated," she said. While a steel door isn’t the best home security system, Ebert thought it would keep out intruders. She said she was only gone an hour and upon her return, they had stolen her computer, and momentos from her mother, including a 100-year-old family heirloom. Not only that, but they had trashed her bedroom. Even more surprising is the fact that these burglars hit two other houses on the same street that same morning. Police eventually found a getaway car weighted down with loot, including a flat screen TV, a computer, cameras, and Ebert’s jewelry box. Police said the burglary crew had more than 20 members. Despite the fact that police have finally brought down this large group of burglars, one can be fairly certain that interest in home security has been ignited by the hot bed of criminal activity in the region. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: